Archeology – The Wave of the Future…

*Swearing and some blunt language – if you’re sensitive to this sort of thing, don’t read it.*


March 19th

Yo Book!

Living life in the fast lane on the road?  Oh, fuck no, I’m out here in the middle of fucking Kalimdor in places that I haven’t been in years.  You say, Why are you out there Dawnglory? Well, I’m out here digging in the dirt for some extra pay and artifacts. One of our more brilliant goblins at the office decided that this was the “wave of the future”  – Oh fuck no! It’s wave of the past, you’re out here digging up stuff that people might not give a fuck about – however, I have found some neat stuff that I might hang onto myself.  A few shinnies to dress up the house at my farm wouldn’t hurt anything.

I had planned on spending some time in Orgrimmar, which I did, spending some time going through some things at the office with Faendra. Spending some time with Faendra wasn’t all that bad, however, she started looking at me like a deer caught in the light of a torch at night.  So, my next thought was going over and spending some time with my sister, Felessa, however, I wasn’t fast enough on my feet before that little green monster caught me.

 Yep, Zippie, the money taskmaster.  I guess Fnor already gave his approval on this idea and Zippie wanted me to test it out.  So, off I went to go explore places that I have already been to see if I could find any of these artifacts.  Oh, I found plenty and found plenty of annoying things that kept trying to bite me in the ass while I was digging, not to mention a few strange ghosts that wanted to give me a hug and eat my soul. 

I’ll admit that it was fun for the most part, however, it was getting rather tiresome towards the end.  Now, she wants me to see what I can dig up in Panderia because that’s where the real fucking money is.  Okay, I’ll give that a shot but I told her that I would have to do it after I attended to my duties as a Ranger and after I did things on my farm.  It wouldn’t be a constant influx of shit.  She seemed to take that in stride although I could tell that she thought I was an idiot for not jumping at the chance to make a shitload of money. She should be happy that I was willing to be a test subject and go out and get what I did bring back for now.   I looked at the earnings sheet and I made some damned good money without having to work real hard for it – guess, she needed that to show the other employees that it was easy money if they wanted to do it.

I didn’t mind spending the night in Desolace either.  Yeah, right and I think I have a bridge there that leads to “nowhere” that I could sell to some asshole moron.  I’ll admit that it was peaceful and the Inn did have clean sheets, even if the place is run by a bunch of Night Elves.  I got the sighs and the rolling of eyes when I went in to get  a room for the night and the girl at the desk kind gave me the once over after looking at Dawn funny.  The only drawback was the fact that there was no booze, the other drawback was – no other customers.  I guess she should have been kissing my feet for paying up front and going to my room without asking for anything.

March 20th

Well, I guess while I was gone, Fnor decided that he’d had all that he was going to take of being a desk jockey and has decided to start going out with the troops on patrols.  I wondered how long it was going to take for him to get fed up with the paperwork shit and the kowtowing to the higher ups. It actually took him longer than I thought it would because I know how much he hated doing that sort of thing when we were in Dalaran and kept shuffling it off onto his sisters and anyone else that came close enough to get roped in. 

I know that it’s going to be a real riot when he starts riding with my group because we use the old fashioned means of travel and we know how to be real Rangers, not these, “oh, is there a flight path to take so that we can make our destination a lot shorter.” kind of people.  Oh fuck no!  How in the hell can you get an idea of what is going on with troop movements if you’re not scouting on the ground? Honestly, some of these people seem to think that we’re up here for a hobby – kiss my butt!  We’re up here to win a fucking war so that we can all go home before that idiot can figure out a way to get us all killed.

Okay, I’ll have to admit that I am at the farm right now because I wanted to put my new shinnies away so they wouldn’t get lost or broken.  Got some really nice glass animals that weren’t all broken and a few Kaldorei treasures that have enough design and gold on them to make them look nice sitting out.  Farm looks good even if I haven’t been here in a few days. The only place I had trouble getting artifacts was around the dwarves – man, those are mean little bastards when they think you’re stealing stuff – which I was. 

I felt sorry for the town drunk though and let him move in to help while I was away.  So far, it looks like he is living in the irrigation pond and drinking like he did at the market.  I may have to rethink that idea, however, he looked so sad when he asked me if he could come stay for a few days. Poor ol’ Jogu, he really does know how to weave a sob story and I bought it.    It does look like he has done some things though, which is more than I can say for the Head Tiller dude.  At least the dog seems to like him.

I think I’ll hang out here for the rest of the day and head back to camp in the morning, early.  I’m still on my “own time” so to speak, so, there’s no real damned rush for me to head back this afternoon.   I think I’ll get a bath and head to the Inn to see if there are any sociable people up there and have dinner.  I don’t feel like cooking tonight. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky and find a nice woman to spend some time with.  Can’t blame a fellow for still looking and trying, you know.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Panderia



I think I’ll get one of those fancy stamps to sign this shit with, makes it look more professional, doesn’t it?



4 thoughts on “Archeology – The Wave of the Future…

    • He has already been surprised a few times and had some imprompu RP a couple of times which was kind interesting. Now that he’s seen how the shinnies make his house look better – he isn’t grumbling about it as much. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

    • Fnar Dawnglory is my resident socially inept Blood Elf. If he thinks it, it comes out in his journal and heaven forbid, sometimes his mouth in RP. He has no buffers in place that halt that process. He has always been a womanizer and outspoken, which I will probably let him run the gambit with that. Glad you enjoyed it.

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