Making Changes In Game Play Style – Slow Down

March 21st

Well, I have decided to take my game playing down a few notches and just start back at the beginning of just enjoying the game. I have pulled all of my characters back into my “vanity guilds” so that I don’t feel the pressure of trying to compete with anything other than myself.  Kind of like playing golf – you don’t really compete against the other player – you compete with yourself and the golf course – keeps it at a happy medium.

I loved being in a very active guild, however, due to the fact that I am changing my game play style a whole lot, it was best that I removed my character to a more relaxed environment.  I knew that I was not ever going to catch up with “A” team for raiding again and it always made me feel guilty when I couldn’t tag along.  No gear, no raid – it’s always been that way, you know. 

I loved the people in the guild, awesome people and I hated leaving them behind, however, it was time for me to just “stop” and take the time to enjoy the game.  I will miss them all and hope that we will continue to be friends. It definitely wasn’t their fault that I fell behind, I had some RL things that were holding me back for a good long month and then some.  I’ll miss you all, if you read this, however, this is for the best. Love you all and I’ll miss seeing you.

Now, I will be playing at a more relaxed pace and not feel so driven which was really starting to take the fun out of the game. I always felt guilty when I was off roaming around on Azeroth and I wasn’t playing that particular character.

If you ever want to get with a very active group of people, put in an application to Ginger Snaps – Wrymrest Accord – awesome bunch of folks, just a bit too fast paced for me right now. 

14 thoughts on “Making Changes In Game Play Style – Slow Down

  1. I totally agree about slowing down,and not being in such a rush to do before others..Too many people push themselves trying to be the first what ever ,and pretty much lose sight of what the game is about. I would rather take my time, explore , do things at a leisurely pace, rather burning myself out trying to keep up with the ratrace.. Been there , done that, never again..

    • Oh, I allowed it to happen and it’s happened before, however, I’m just going to take my time and do what I want to do at the pace that I choose. I’m not all about being first at anything, life is too short and the game is a blast if you take your time.

  2. I’ve pretty much been just me in my guilds (one Horde, one Allaince) on my server since towards the end of WotLK. Sure I miss the company sometimes but I certain don’t miss either being a very small and mostly ignored cog in a large guild machine. I enjoy not being at the beck and call of other guild mates who want you speed up levelling so they can use you to fill out the numbers of heroics or raids. I get to level at my own speed and I get to see a lot more of the world than I would do if I was racing to get to max level so I can get in on guild activities. 🙂

    • I’m really kind of enjoying the changes I’ve made so far. Yes, I definitely miss the company of being in a guild with other people because they were a great group. I still have people on my RealID and Battletag that do invite me to do things with them from time to time. 😀

      However, I do enjoy going at a much slower pace now, getting to actually enjoy all of the neat stuff that I am now finding that I sped past earlier in my goal of hitting “end game”.

      There is a certain amount of freedom that I have now to where I can pretty much play as much as I want and when I want. The only stress I have now in-game is what I allow to happen and force it on myself.

  3. You are very much going to be missed in guild chat. I hope you remember that anything you need, you just have to ask. *hugs* I’m glad you’re having fun again, and have the best memories of your time spent with us. ( Screenshots, too! )

    • I do miss you guys a lot, however, I’m just not speedy enough these days to keep up with everything and it was stressing me out. I know that I have some great memories of the time that we spent together – it was great fun and enjoyable. Who knows, I might pass that way again sometime in the future – right now, my pokey pace would drive people nuts. 😀

      Naturally, I’m still following all of the blogs – I may not be there in gchat, however, I am following the storylines anyway*hugs*

    • Oh yes, indeed, we can still RP, I haven’t fallen off the planet yet.. One thing is that I noticed that once again a bug has occured with my RealID and I’ve lost some people. I’ll need to get yours from you again. *hugs*

  4. Hey, wait! Who is this? Did you know Lesara from Silent Rain is on this server too? When you started liking my stories, I started visiting here from time to time and only just now in fully reading this post, realized you’re on WrA too. Now I’m wondering if I’m just slow and you knew…possibly guided to my site by Phaa? Maybe? I don’t know hehe.

    For some reason I just didn’t expect to find out you were on the same server…it always seems I make connections with new RPers who rarely turn out to be on my servers (Steamwheedle Cartel US for horde, Wyrmrest for alliance).

    Awesome 😀

    On topic…I’m fond of withdrawing into vanity guilds as well. Heck, I’m part of an extended, multi-person vanity guild that shares multiple connections to people in Ginger Snaps (Scattered Lights), they even let me sneak on their roster once for the nice exalted rep status perks my vanity guild will never get ❤ Awesome folks! *sneaks off with Phaa*

    I even have my own secondary vanity-bank-rp-guild, Delari Sylvae.

    I feel really clueless now for only just realizing we share more than a love of wow storylines in common ^^"

    • Oh yes, I was with Ginger Snaps for quite a while and they are awesome folks. I’m sure that they will let me sneak in there occasionally. You may know from the connection in the guild as Kaaldor which was the character that I had in the guild. No, had no clue that you were on Wrymrest too and the name sounds familiar and nnot at the same time.

      Currently I have one guild on Horde side under the name of SafeHaven and my Alliance guild is SafeHavenII – I named them both for the reason that they are my safe havens when I get stressed out and want to play at a slower pace. The first guild was actually a gift from someone that was wanted to abandon their guild and guildmates to go onto better things and active guilds – it was a Level 1 guild that hadn’t had any activity in it for quite a while. The second guild I made just because I wanted to play on the Alliance side for a while and was getting hammered with guild invitations from the moment that I hit starting area until I had enough gold accumulated to start a guild of my own.

      • Kaaldor looks familiar. I joined with Renawyn, my husband and son also became cookie temps (Morbius and Latius). Which name sounds familiar though? When I referenced Lesara from Silent Rain, I was talking about the story you’ve been liking on my blog, Silent Rain, though Lesara is a character on my roster at WrA, not very many would recognize her. I haven’t played her a whole lot since WrA was born and I moved here trying to start a campfire storynight RP event from Delari Sylvae.

        I didn’t think you’d recognize any of my character names from wow though, just the story you’d been liking on my blog 🙂

        Awesome to find out we’re on the same server too.

      • Kaaldor was with the cookies for quite a while actually. Once upon a time he was a little goblin that was faction changed into his tall Night Elf self. I used to roar with laughter when he would “discover” a new spot that he never made it when he was Horde side – mostly on Kalimdor.

        The names sound familiar, however, there are so many members in the guild that it was hard to keep up with everyone – so many alts and mains that you had to check the roster to find out which character belonged to which main. I’m sure that we’ve met at some point.

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