Meeting Old Acquaintances

March 23rd

Dear Journal,

I almost feel like I did when I woke up in Ironforge that last time this morning. Almost for the same reason, however, it was well worth it. Who would have thought that I would run into some old acquaintances in One Keg.

Kae and I had been out scouting around in Kun Lai and decided that we needed to pick up a few supplies, which really wasn’t needed as much as we didn’t want to have to make the long trek back to our main camp.  So, we saw One Keg off in the distance and decided that it wouldn’t hurt to go through there and stop for the night.

The Inn there isn’t very big and the place was indeed very crowded with people from Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms and predominantly Alliance. Neither Kae nor I are crazy about crowded places, however, we did enjoy the Inn for  a meal and a few drinks. As we were sitting there quietly talking to one another, I heard someone call my name.  That really surprised me, it’s not often that you run into someone you know when you’re out in the field away from the major cities – One Keg is definitely not a major city, it’s barely a village.  

It happens that a few people that I met in Stormwind a long time ago had decided to come to Panderia as civilians  to explore the land and I assume to do whatever profession they have.  It was nice to be able to talk with them again after all of this time with no one other than Kae to talk with.  Of course, all that talking makes one thirsty and the rounds of drinks started circulating amongst the group. 

Oh, it was a marvelous time and I think that Kae got to see a side of me that she’s never seen before. Here I was away from the Sentinels and I was acting like just one of the people.  She’s never seen me in a completely social setting and I think that she was genuinely shocked and pleased.  Of course, we were all trying to tell one another what all we had been doing since we had gotten to Panderia and laughing about some of the old times back in Stormwind. Kae was very quiet during all of this and it finally dawned on me that she might actually be a little bit shy when you take her out of that Sentinel environment that she has grown accustomed too. Naturally, we didn’t mention what we were doing in Kun’lai other than some hunting and gathering pelts for the family business.  Some people don’t care for Sentinels sometimes.

We decided to stay the night after all of the drinking and talking.  The big problem with that was the fact that there were no rooms at the Inn.  Kae and I decided to pitch our tent outside and hoped that it wouldn’t be that much of a problem for Innkeeper.

Oh yes, we had both had a few drinks and pitching that tent was an exercise that I will definitely remind myself that it isn’t a good plan to put up a tent when you’ve been drinking.  After we got the tent up we both went inside to escape from the winds that had started blowing off the mountains.  It was a very chill wind and reminded me very much of Northrend.  That smell of snow was in the air and we were in hopes that the snow wouldn’t follow the wind.

I’ll admit that it was really cold in that tent and we had no trouble snuggling up next to one another for sheer body heat.  No nothing happened, we just lay there under the furs and slept like we didn’t have a care in the world.

At least we had the Inn where we could eat breakfast this morning after we broke down our tent and got our supplies packed away to start another day of scouting. The other guests were still sleeping as we made our escape from the area so that we could get back to work.  I had fun last night and I think that Kae had a good time too although she hasn’t said very much about it this morning.

I’ll admit that our relationship has changed a lot since we had that emotionally charged conversation a few days ago.  I find that I am noticing more things about Kae, her long white hair that reminds me very much of my Mother and how her tattoos aren’t so heavy that you can’t see the beauty of her face for them.  She even makes me a little nervous sometimes with the way that she looks at me and gives me a small smile.  Oh, we’re still friends and we still talk quite a bit, however, I think we are both aware of the physical tension that is playing games with us right now too. Sometimes full disclosures of the kind that Kae gave me will make you feel a bit awkward afterwards for a while.

Kae and I have been together for quite a while as friends and co-workers and we haven’t given in to the physical needs that we both have…yet.  I know that it is coming just as sure as I will wake up tomorrow in those snow-covered mountains.  There is definitely a bond and feelings between us that goes beyond the working relationship with the Sentinels. I think that we are taking things very slowly because neither one of us wants to overstep our bounds in the relationship.  I think that those bounds have shifted completely and that’s why I feel so awkward at times.  We will just have to wait and see how things have changed as time goes on, I’m not rushing into anything and I don’t think that Kae is either.

I’m getting “that look” from Kae right now because she is already finished her breakfast and I am just sitting here in the Inn prolonging the stay while I write this down. I dread having to go out there and start working with my head feeling like it is going to ache all day, however, that’s not what we are paid to do.  I need to get this packed away and start traveling yet again.  Yes, I know, I really should not drink because there are times when I overindulge and my headache today is a result of that.


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