Mind Ramblings On A Stormy Night

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

March 24th

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here in my tent in Kun’lai and listening to the winds howl down the mountainside.  The shuddering of the canvas tells me that this is going to be more than just a chill night and the smell of the snow reminds me so much of Northrend that it almost brings tears to my eyes.

I was able to make some coffee and grab some of my cigarettes from the packs before Pan and I came back into the tent.  Chill air is very numbing and since I had taken off my armor for the most part, it was indeed very harsh. I had to laugh at myself a little bit when one of the other Rangers was coming out of his tent and at first glance, he reminded me of the Scourge with the way he staggered when the wind hit him. I guess I am one of the few that had decided to bring a camp stove with me, I don’t have to brave the elements to have some of my creature comforts.

As I am leaning back in the furs and sipping my coffee, I realized that these furs were last used like this when Amyn and I went to Feralas for a few days.  There it was the cold rain that drove us into our tent and here it is the icy wind and snow coming off the mountains.  I know it was a trick of the mind, however,  I swear that I could almost catch her scent on the furs. Oh how my mind wanted to dwell on the nostalgia of that trip and the intimacies that we shared.  However, I am learning how to turn those thoughts off rather quickly because they only make me more depressed about the amount of time that has lapsed since I saw my beloved.

I am out with another group of Rangers this time and will probably join up with Dawnglory’s group on my next trip.  I am enjoying the observations that I am making of my men and their commanders when they are out in the field and looking for any flaws that I can see to be corrected.  At least the last two groups that I have been with have learned to keep their scouts closer in to the rest of the group.  I don’t know why they had felt compelled to send these men roving out so far in advance, it would have been very easy for a scout to go through an area and have a group of Alliance come in between him and his squad without his knowing. Scouts go out first to scour the terrain, followed by the point guards and the main body of the squad, it’s very easy.  If the need arises for those groups to collapse back together for a defensive action, it is very easily done.

I did find the note from Kal next to the well, however, I almost missed it.  I can’t tell you the joy that I felt when I read Amyn’s note that was enclosed. She is here in Pandaria and apparently not far from Halfhill or she thinks they aren’t that far – Poor love has some rough terrain to cross to get there and I’m sure that she isn’t even aware of it.  At least I know that the Jade Forest isn’t fraught with the dangers like it was when we first landed. All I want to do now is to find her and just hold her in my arms – my whole body, mind and soul aches for that moment when we meet again.  I guess it’s unimaginable for a husband and wife that have been together as long as we have to still have these feelings for one another, however, we have never taken each other for granted as some couples do.

At least her note told me that the “children” were fine which definitely caused me to breathe a sigh of relief.  I know that Vashlan is still in Stormwind and knowing my youngest son as well as I do, he probably is almost oblivious to the war action here in Panderia- if it doesn’t deal with magic, he kind of ignores it.  My two step-sons are probably making their Grandparents crazy in Dolonaar, which is something that I am sure those adults would have nipped in the bud.  Oh, they used to really keep Amyn on our toes constantly in Dalaran because they didn’t have that much to do with their schooling and had too much time on their hands – they got into mischief to keep themselves entertained and to give Amyn and I more gray hairs.

 I won’t ever forget almost going to jail when they kept using explosives in the sewers to catch fish – I think my belt caught their attention rather quickly the last time I had a guard come to the door in regard to said explosions.   Ah well, I won’t ever have to worry about things in Dalaran any longer since we’ve been ejected from the city. I’m just happy we were able to escape before the more serious trouble started there. I wonder if all of our friends made it out of Dalaran safely?  I know some of them had made it to Shattrath, however, I wasn’t able to make the time to find them when I was there at Winter Veil.

Of course, after going out on patrol these last few times, I still had a plethora of paperwork to wade through when I got back to the camp.  My request for more troops was denied which made me furious. I quickly fired off another request and have actually made the decision to slow down on moving the majority of my troops out of the South and pushing them North.  If you’re going to leave me with a minimal number of men, then, the troop actions will be minimal.  I think that I am going to have to go back to Orgrimmar, again, and try to talk some sense into those morons.  They sit there in the city and expect a gallant group of Sindorei to be able to do the impossible – I won’t ask it of myself nor will I risk my men by having them spread out so thinly that we can’t protect ourselves.

I’m a little bit concerned about some of the inquiries being made about Dawnglory from Silvermoon.  Whomever this young man is making these requests, I will definitely have to admit that he is persistent.  I’ve talked to Dawnglory about the inquiries and he is almost clueless as I am as to whom this young man can be.  The kids age and everything that I have been able to uncover so far definitely puts him in the time frame to be conceived while we were stationed in Silvermoon.  I suppose that I could get Dawnglory’s sister to do some snooping around, however, I hate to ask her to do that because I don’t think that she has gotten over her infatuation of me just yet.

I did laugh when Dawnglory told me that he thought his sister had a young man that she was interested in and that her description of this young man was uncannily like me at that age.  I guess we will just have to wait and see about this Hanllan Darkstrider and Felessa’s new beau.  Both are Rangers and I know that they are being pushed through their training and I know they will end up in Panderia eventually. I have a strong suspicion that this Darkstrider may be related to Dawnglory somehow, he was seeing quite a few women at that point in his life and this might be a product of his endeavors.  I even broached the subject to Dawnglory and he just shrugged his shoulders although I could tell that I had planted the seed in his mind that he might have offspring back there in Silvermoon.

To be blunt, I would probably laugh my arse off if Dawnglory had a child.  After all of the ribbing that he has given me for my children, it would be a great payback if it is true. I just can’t imagine him as a Father but I have seen stranger things happen in this life. Of course, my own children would be different from any of us for the simple fact that they are half Sindorei and half Kaldorei – makes a huge difference in how they have learned to lead their lives.

One thing about this “war” in Pandaria that bothers me is that I can’t foresee it ending anytime in the near future.  Maybe not even ending in my lifetime providing that isn’t cut short for some reason.  It just doesn’t seem like I foresee the end like I could with the other conflicts that I have been involved in.  At least, back in the day, the objectives were a lot clearer and the Sindorei weren’t being used for cannon fodder at the level that we are in Panderia.  I know that my race is not exactly prolific for all of the extraneous relationships that I have seen, however, if Garrosh wants to snuff out the race that enabled him to start this war, making us the scapegoats, I think he might be in for a surprise.  We may be few, however, we are a strong people.

Ah well, seems like the wind is dying down a bit and I need to get some sleep before we head out again in a few hours.   I know that I am going to have to retrain Pan about his sleeping habits before Amyn arrives to spend some time with me.  He is definitely getting to where he feels like the only place for him to sleep is next to me.  I haven’t scolded him too much about it and maybe I should.

Fnor Morningstar









4 thoughts on “Mind Ramblings On A Stormy Night

  1. This blog caught my attention after I received a notification that wowstorylines had ‘liked’ the first post on my new blog Game Content; thanks !
    This is a fantastic blog, and I can see that you are a fantastic story-teller. But if I can point one thing out, it is the misspelling of the new Azeroth continent Pandaria (throughout this post it is spelt Panderia. Despite this, however, I will be following and reading previous psts to find out more about these characters!

    • Oh my, sorry about that – I was writing before my brain and spellcheck clicked in – pre-frist cuppa. Glad you enjoyed the blog and thank you for point out the errors. I just went back and at least my error was consistent throughout – I’ll make note on future posts.

      I’m not a professional author, however, I enjoy a good tale and I hope that you’ll fogive any grammar errors or spelling – it’s been a while since I was in school and my grandkids tell me it hasn’t changed.

  2. But…but,, its COLD out there! .. I can totally see Pan giving Fnor that look ,when Fnor tries to retrain him. Cats are funny creatures, people don’t seem to think they have expressions but they do ,,and when they start giving you the what for, you know you are getting put in your place .. at least in their minds. Awesome read to wake up to .

    • Yeah, Pan has gotten spoiled with being Fnor’s constant companion like the old days. I’m sure it’s going to be interesting when Amyn and Finally meet up again in Pandaria. Of course, Amyn’s cat will be there too and that’s one of Pan’s favorite kitties to be around. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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