Seeing Another Side of Life…


March 26th

Dear Journal,

I am really happy that we decided to stop at One Keg the other night because it definitely gave me a look at another side of Kal.  He actually has a sense of humor and he really has friends from his days in Stormwind and beyond.  I’ve never seen him so relaxed and enjoying himself, he didn’t have that guarded and pensive look in his eyes.  I learned a lot about this man that I have befriended just by watching how he acted with those people.

Oh, it was really crowded in the Inn and I’ll admit that I felt a bit awkward being around all of those strangers as they related tales of Stormwind and their times here in Pandaria.  I caught myself laughing at some of the tales, especially the one where Kal had met some of them for the first time in the hills above Stormwind.  Exploding sheep – who’d have ever thought that something like that would have scared my big Kaldorei?  I guess he was still relatively new to Stormwind at the time and was looking for people to make friends with.

I know that I have never seen such a mixture of people that were just enjoying life.  They weren’t there on a mission of any kind that I could observe, they were just there enjoying everything they could.  Rogues, warriors, hunters and mixture of Paladins and priests – all there because they wanted to be there, not because they were ordered to be there.

If this is the kind of life that Kal had before he joined and was put with the Sentinels, I can see how happy he was.  That freedom to come and go as you would want and to make friends with anyone that you chose to do so.  I’m finding myself actually envious of that freedom.  All I have ever known is the Sentinels and you know how that can be, constant upheavals with a group of women.

Oh, we both drank entirely too much and I’ll admit that I haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time.  I know that I felt a little awkward when Kal introduced me as his partner, not girlfriend or roommate, partner.  Naturally, he wasn’t going to introduce me as Sentinel Nightshade – that would have put a damper on the evening right away. It was nice being able to drop that role for a while and just be one of the people.

I know I don’t have that many friends outside of the Sentinels and I wonder if they even realize what a wonderful life it could be to be away from that structured existence. Oh, there is the pride of being part of the organization and being a part of the structure, however,  I saw a side of the world that I had truly never realized existed. I know I liked it and I want to see more.

I know that you’re a Sentinel for life, however, you can walk away from it for a while.  Kal’s Mother did it and has a wonderful family from what I can understand.  I haven’t met them yet.  I’ve seen his Father and he is definitely good looking man for a Sindorei – come to think of it, I haven’t seen an ugly one ever – they must keep them in Silvermoon or something.  If the people I met at the Keg are a sample of how people outside of the organization, it isn’t such a bad life.

Some of them even talked about their families some and the children that they have.  I could see Kal laughing at the antics they described with their children and he shared tales about his siblings.  Oh, how I envy them having families like that.

I can see a little bit of how Kal is the way that he is.  That humor and the way that he lets things just roll off of his back if it is unpleasant – these are things that he learned by living out amongst the rest of the population.  I never realized how one-sided the view is from my world of just knowing the Sentinels.

Oh, I’m sure that there were more than a few lawbreakers in that group, I’m almost sure of it, however, that night wasn’t for duty, it was for fun. If our Commander at the base camp knew what Kal and I were doing with criminals and common folk, she would have a hissy fit.  No, I’m not reporting any of this back to her either.  What I do on my own time is none of her business.  Nothing was said or done that would indicate that these people were traitorous in any way – they were just enjoying the freedom to live their lives the way that they want.

I know that I will be thinking about taking some time away from the Sentinels when the time comes.  If Kal decides to leave after his enlistment is completed, I may just tag along to see what I can see.

Yes, things are a little awkward and tense with Kal and I right now, however, that is to be expected. We’re working our way through it and I think that we both have stronger feelings for one another because of the disclosures.  I know my feelings have grown much deeper for him than before.

Kal had such a hangover the next morning when we left One Keg that I knew we weren’t going to get very far with our scouting, which we didn’t.  Normally we will be moving and observing things until well into the night, however, we stopped and made camp fairly early in the afternoon.  I dug around in my packs until I found some potions that I thought would help his headache.  They did help the headache, however, they weren’t known for tasting good.  I’ll admit that I laughed out loud at the grimace he made when he swallowed the one down.

We are heading towards the Binan Village today and will start our trek back to our group to make our reports before we head home to the farm for a day or two.  I think that we are both tired and have seen enough Horde to last us a lifetime.  We were able to avoid a lot of confrontations just by sheer luck, I think.  There is a large build up of Rangers here in Kun’lai which kind of surprised us both.  Maybe that’s where Kal’s Father has been disappearing too when we haven’t seen him for days in Halfhill.



2 thoughts on “Seeing Another Side of Life…

    • Kal is teaching her a lot of things, one thing is to break out of the mold of being a Sentinel all of the time – take some joy in just living around other “normal” people. She isn’t sure where the relationship is going just yet, however, whether Kal realizes it or not he has a “true” friend for life whether he wants it or not.

      Hehe, thanks for reading the blog and commenting – there are times when we write these stories and wonder if people actually read them or not. *hugs*

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