Just an FYI – “Bugs” have struck my account again


March 26th

Just a quick note to let some of you know that I have been struck with a number of “bugs” lately in-game.  Oh, the missing mounts thing *knocks on wood* seems to have subsided for a while and I hope it stays that way.

One problem that I was wanting to point out is that a couple of months ago, I had people mysteriously disappear from my Battletag and RealID – finally figured it out when I knew some of the players were very active and weren’t showing up like they normally would.  No, they hadn’t removed me and I hadn’t removed them – it was another “bug”.  Luckily, I had saved some of their many character names off to my friend’s list – so, we were able to reconnect.

Recently, within the last week, I have had another round of “now they are gone” from my RealID again.  I have been able to recover some if not all of them.  No, I hadn’t removed them and I hope they hadn’t removed me for some reason or other.  I don’t normally post my Battletag out in public, however, I hate to lose contact with people that I have known for a long time – Jaxom#1569.  I had a few people that I had just started interacting with via this medium and if you were removed from list, I may not have made note of the character you were on at the time.  So, if you want to reconnect, please get in touch with me, if not, I’m sure you’ll be missed eventually if I can figure out who you were – I hate losing “acquaintances” like this.

I lost a few companion pets this time too, which makes me sad but they are recoverable in-game.  One thing I also found out the hard way – I had shared my Lucky Quilen Pet from the Deluxe MoP with all of my other accounts and, suddenly, he went “unshared” and was blocked from other accounts other than my main one.  Apparently, the pet was only to go with accounts that had the Deluxe version and that was changed for some reason.  Oh well, no biggie, just another surprise.

2 thoughts on “Just an FYI – “Bugs” have struck my account again

    • ROTFL believe it or not, I tried that and it was still fubar – it happens, I guess. I think I’m only missing like three or four people now, hopefully they will realize that I’m missing from their lists as well.

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