This Is War…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

March 27th

Dear Journal,

Oh Dear Light!!  I think I almost gave myself a heart attack last night.  Yes, I was with some of the men in Kun’lai and we had been doing our scouting patrols as per usual and we happened to run into a group of Sentinels.  I don’t know if we were their target or not, however, the following confusion in the darkness was that we really couldn’t tell was friend or foe. The fighting was fierce and at times was totally in your face – close fighting is something we try to avoid, however, this time it was something that was bound to happen.

Each time I drew my bow and fired, my heart was in my throat.  Please don’t let any of these people be my wife or my son – it became a mantra for me as my heart pounded in my chest.  This was going to be a fight to the death and we all knew it.  The battle was fierce and swift on both sides and suddenly it stopped – not because of the fact that we were defeating the Kaldorei, they just melted away into the night like the ghosts that they can sometimes mimic.

What was so bizarre is the fact that we were nearing Binan Village to start our trip back to Krasarang to wind up this stint of scouting.  We usually stay out in the field for four days and then head back to report in on what we have found.  This had been a standard trip, we’d observed the troop movement of the Alliance and I am sure that they were watching ours as well – that’s why the Sentinels were up here.

We lost three men last, three men that we could ill afford to lose and we killed at least four Kaldorei, three women and one male.  Of course, the men were grieving the loss of their companions and I can understand that but one of the things that I have never condoned or tolerated is the mutilation of the corpses.  I know that the commander of the group was taken aback when I yelled out that the bodies would go untouched – no scalps were to be taken as trophies – nothing was to be touched.  Yes, gear they could have but there were not going to defile the Kaldorei corpses.

My real reason for this was that I feared in my heart that one of these bodies could belong to my wife or my son.  I know that my heart was in my throat when I carried a torch with me to visually check the slain.  The three Sentinels each had tattoos on their faces and I knew they weren’t my beloved – the male was a bit shorter than your average Kaldorei male or maybe it was just the way that he had fallen – I know that I could feel my chest tightening as I rolled his body over to see his face – he had the same color of hair as my son, that long mane of hair that looked so much like his Mother’s hair. Thank the Light it wasn’t Kal, it was a much older man that had long white goatee.

I know that several of the men were following me as I viewed the bodies and I could hear some of the comments as they were spoken. Sure, these men had heard about my friendliness with the Kaldorei in Halfhill and that my loyalties were in question, however, I was still their commanding officer.  If they wanted proof that I had mixed emotions about this war, they got their proof last night.  I’m sure that this young Lieutenant Commander will be firing off a letter to someone in Orgrimmar about my behavior, however, I think I have gotten to the point, after tonight, that I just don’t care.

I made arrangements to have the Kaldorei bodies covered with rocks so that the carrion would not make a feast of the remains.  I know that I caught myself whispering a prayer,  that Amyn had taught me a long time ago,  for the dead. We don’t usually do this for the foes that we have killed – another black mark against my name was noted, I’m sure.  We have stumbled upon some of our fallen in times past here in Pandaria that the corpses were mutilated almost beyond recognition. Scalps are taken as trophies, genitalia removed  – total obliteration of some bodies to where they weren’t even recognizable as sentient beings any longer.  We have two legged animals serving both the Alliance and the Horde with a total disregard for the humanities.

I checked the corpses of our lost men and made arrangements for them to be carried back to Krasarang. They were all young men that had their lives in front of them, some had wives and children.  I recognized one young fellow and could feel the tears welling in my eyes.  He had been one of the up and coming young fellows and a great Ranger – he had a love for the life of a Ranger that reminded me very much of how Dawnglory and I used to feel back in the day.  He will be sorely missed.

Now, it’s time for me to stop writing in my journal and start writing those letters of condolence that I hate so much. I’m just relieved that my wife and son were not amongst the fallen.

Yes, this is war, this is how it always will be in times of war.  Only this time, I have far more to lose when I pull back my bow – my wife and my son or my own life.

Amyn and I have faced one another many times over the years on a battlefield.  However, one trick that has never failed either one of us is drop down like we’ve been hit and our pets have been trained to follow us with the action. Keeping one eye open to make sure that one of “own” hasn’t taken up the cause in making sure that we are truly dead.  We’ve cheated death many times.

Fnor Morningstar

2 thoughts on “This Is War…

  1. Omg! Poor Fnor, that must have a nerve wracking his life hangs in the balance along with the lives of his family.Given the state of things, there will always be others that will do anything to ensure their own agendas ,and think nothing of reporting his actions, if it means a promotion for themselves. Great read.. I always look forward to reading these.

  2. Oh, he was quite shaken with everything that went on, although he tried not to show it. It has finally dawned on him what this war could cost him the long term and he’s not real sure how he is going to handle things. Rest assured, there are changes running through his mind while he is writing those condolence letters. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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