Let’s Go That Way…

March 28th

Dear Journal,

Oh, I think we’re going to be slogging through this Jade Forest forever. I keep looking around and I think I have been going in circles because things are starting to look familiar to me.  I can see why the Rangers mounted up and ran through like they had their pants on fire.  Nope, I have to be one of the foot soldiers that gets the pleasure of seeing every inch of ground.  I am going to put a mark on one the trees near a path that seems to be well trod by these plate-shod feet of mine and if I pass that way again tomorrow, I’ll know it. Are we in some kind of holding pattern?  I know I have killed so many Alliance and Hozen that I know Stormwind has got to be a ghost town by now.

I think I’m grousing about stuff because I think that Ty and I want to move further afield and not see the same things every single day.  How many Hozen do I have to stomp to see the other side of that particular hill?  Besides, one would think that the Alliance would stop parking that big barge in the sky and having their people parachute in every single day if they know we’re just waiting down at the landing zone to stomp their butts?

I can see a big Temple off in the distance and I want to get there and see what the rest of it looks like – the spire is like a beacon for us to work towards.  Nope, we fight all day, get recalled back to the same village and we do it all over again.  Hello!  Are we going to spend the entire war in the Jade Forest?

Ty and I are both becoming rather disgruntled with the Inn at this point.  Okay, we have to share the sleeping accommodations with a lot of other people and to be honest, I never have been one to like the barracks life.  There is always some fool that has to put his stinky boots where the air hits them and the odor wafts under your nostrils all night long until all you can smell is “stinky freaking feet”.

Oh, we’re doing our jobs and we’re doing what we are told to do, however, I can see the rebellion building up in Ty as much as I feel it in myself.  We want more, we want to see more and we definitely want to get out of this village.  Oh, the people are wonderful, however, I am starting to recognize the kids because I think they wear the same clothes every day or maybe they are different kids with the same clothes.

I think the reason our group is stuck here is because the Orc that leads us is getting laid by the Innkeeper, that’s my thought and the ugly bugger hasn’t ever been laid that much in his life.  Nope, I’m not going to become a settler in this Valley – I want out!

I want out of Jade Forest – I want to see what we’ve been told about.  No, I’m not bored, I’m just pissed.

Oh, I have to say that Fuzzbutt is getting to be a real fixture with Ty.  He likes to sit outside at night and plays with her. I wanted to make sure that he has something to care about if something should ever happen to me.  We really have become quite dependent on one another and I would think that he would miss my sarcasm a lot if something went wrong.

Oh, Light be praised  or whatever.  We’re going to be going in a different direction tomorrow.  Woot! We have a new Orc leading us too, wonder what happened to the hump happy one that was here before?  Oh well, it’s not my job to question things – I’m just getting kind of all giggly inside to think that we might see something different and get to kill something different.  Oh yes, my Dooker has been well protected all of this time.

Great! Now we have a new group of grunts coming in to try to find a place to sleep.  Oh, this place smells to high heaven.  One more fart in the room and I’m lighting a match to see if the building blows up.

I have to laugh, I didn’t realize that I make noises when I’m writing and Ty just told me that the growling was start to grate on his nerves a bit before he reached over and gave me a peck on the cheek.  Well, that was nice.  You growl, I’ll give you a kiss, the kitten purrs, I’ll pat you some more.   He’s learning.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Go That Way…

  1. Oh, she’s really starting to get antzy to get out of where she’s been stuck for a few weeks. I’m glad you like her, she’s a fun character to write for and she was my very first DK and character on Wrymrest Accord. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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