Happiness Can Be Fleeting Moments In Time…

Kae was sitting quietly at the table in the house at their farm in Halfhill, gazing at the pages in her journal as she sharpens her quill and opens her bottle of ink.  So many thoughts racing through her head and so many doubts as to her own place in this house. With a soft sigh, she pulls a blanket over her shoulders to help keep the dawn chill from penetrating her shoulders too deeply.

Kal is sleeping soundly in their bed, his body stretched out full length with one arm over his head and the other holding on to a pillow that Kae had placed in a strategic location so that his sleeping mind might think she was still there – he did like to hold her when he slept and was extremely tired. He was almost like a small child with the way that he would hold onto her as if she were a stuffed animal that he held for some kind of security – she truly loved this huge man when he exhibited some of his childlike habits like this.

Gazing around the house, she could see all of the love that the two of them had put into it.  The way that each picture frame was set so that they could view them with just the natural light coming through the windows, the way that Kal had placed the statue of Elune next to the very tiny replica of the moonwell that they both loved.  It was a house that reflected the people that lived in it. This was a home, not just a place to sleep as so many others treated their abodes.

Lying on the table in front of her with the candlelight flickering was her journal, bottle of ink and a broken arrow – it was a Sindorei styled arrow, the fletching was rather intricate and some of the work put into making this arrow reminded her of the way that Kal would make his on occasion. There were tiny strands of silver wire wrapped around the notch, nothing that would weigh the arrow down nor inhibit the flight of the arrow as it was released from the bow.  Just someone’s unusual taste and care when they were making this arrow, someone that had a lot of experience with fletching. The black feathers were ruffled a bit from the handling they had received from the person that had retrieved the arrow from the battlefield in Kun’lai, however, she could still see the black feathers were neatly trimmed and placed in such a manner that would make it fly swiftly through the air – the black feathers were what concerned her the most.  She had only seen one quiver of arrows like this before in the market on the back of a man that she had admired – Kal’s Father.

There had apparently been a skirmish with a group of Rangers scouting the area outside of Binan Village shortly after she and Kal had passed through there. Sentinels had been killed and a few of the items retrieved after the battle was rather curious – this arrow was a prime example.  Allia had picked the arrow up whole, she had only wanted the silver tipped arrowhead so that she could sell it – she felt that it would be worth some money, more than your average arrowhead that would have been attached to another shaft and reused.

The other unusual thing that Kae heard the Sentinels talking about was the fact that the bodies of the fallen Kaldorei were laid out and covered with rocks, almost as if a burial ceremony had been held to honor the fallen.  The bodies had not been defiled in any way – which was very unusual with the Horde. No scalps or ears had been removed, the bodies were laid to rest as if there was some care involved and not left out to where the carrion could feed on them as per usual.

Kae knew that she and Kal had missed being a part of this skirmish by just a matter of minutes and they had taken another route due to the fact that they had seen so many Orcs in the village filtering out to the plains.  They had been very lucky.

She gazed over at the sleeping Kal and starts writing in her journal. A journal that she had only recently started keeping on any kind of regular basis because she felt comfortable with this man and knew that he would respect her privacy and not read it if he happened to find it.  He kept a journal too and admittedly, she hadn’t returned the courtesy of not reading it from time to time before they had had their disclosure talk – she was curious about the man and wanted to learn more things about him – the journal had proven to be a treasure trove of information.  It gave her a deeper insight into the man, his feelings, his wants, his desires, his dreams and most of all into the type of person he truly was, not the persona that he presents to those around him.

March 29th

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here this morning starring at a broken arrow that one of the women had brought back to camp from a skirmish in Kun’lai.  Apparently there was a conflict within a matter of minutes after Kal and I had left the area, which we barely escaped being involved in.  Rangers versus Sentinels.  The women that were talking about it were not from our group; however, they stopped at our camp to let us know that they had defeated a large band of Rangers and to brag about it.

I actually suspect that their group ran into the usual band of Rangers that we’ve seen up there that could be counted out at about fifteen to twenty men spread out over a large area of ground.  No, it wasn’t the fifty men that they were bragging about.  If there had been fifty Rangers out there against the twenty Sentinels and their companions – there would have been more Kaldorei casualties.  I did notice that not one of these people were brandishing around any of the usual trophies that they take, the scalps and things that just turn my stomach when I see them. A few trinkets, a belt, a bow, some arrows and yes, even an empty money pouch that was decorated with simple jewels – not worth much if you sold it.

I know they were all full of themselves because they were bragging that the Sindorei fled in such haste that they didn’t have time to loot the corpses of the fallen like they normally do.  One of our senior Sentinels called foul on this and called them out for it.  The truth came out then, they had escaped from the encounter and went back to the area after the Rangers had left to find the four corpses of their comrades respectfully covered with rocks and marked so that they could be retrieved.  So, there really was no epic battle as they were trying to spin the tale for their own glory.

I’m glad that Kal wasn’t in camp last night; he had opted to stay at the farm rather than have to go into the camp and have to listen to the usual derision that usually greets him.  Questioning his manhood and his loyalties to the Alliance to inflict personal pain on him like the spiteful children that they are.  It gets old after a while, however, I will admit that it isn’t as harsh as it once was because I lied to our Commander and told her that we were, in fact, sleeping together and I am positive that she told a few of the women that, just to get the gossip curtailed.  Oh, I hear the remarks made about me – Horde lover, Horde whore and the like.  It hurts sometimes, if they only knew the truth, then, they would really be the fools, not I.

I saw one of the women in the other group with a few arrows sticking out of her quiver that weren’t the usual Kaldorei design and we started talking about what the differences were.  She and I had met a few times before when we first landed in Pandaria and were in Paw ‘don.  Her name is Allia Stormstrike, a few years younger than Kal and I.  She said that the fighting was pretty intense and was extremely happy that they had been able to withdraw with so few casualties.  I was admiring the arrows that she had retrieved – some were more for show than they were for damage, leave it to the Sindorei to add flair to a thing that should be more for utility than appearance.  I was looking at one arrow in particular, black feathers, black shaft and a black arrowhead with a tip covered in silver.  It was really beautiful.   I offered to buy it from her because I was curious about it and thought it would be a nice trophy to add to our growing collection at the farm.  She said that she wanted to sell the arrowhead because she needs the money from the small amount of silver that was there and quickly broke the arrow and handed me the rest.

I brought that broken arrow home with me and compared it to some of the arrows that Kal had made recently and almost started to cry.  Kal had made up a few “dress-up” arrows as he calls them to put in his quiver for when he went into town all dressed up – places like Stormwind and Darnassus. Yes, he does like to look the part and wants everything just so, that’s the Sindorei showing up in him.  Silly man.

I had wanted to show Kal the arrow to see if he thought the same thing that I did, however, he was already asleep.  Now, I don’t think that I am going to show him the arrow at all; I’ll just put it away where he won’t find it.  I know where his Father has been disappearing too now – am I going to report that we have this Sindorei neighbor that is a high ranking officer in the Rangers disappears frequently and is gone for several days and reappears?  Why would a Commander be out in the field like that, it’s not uncommon, however, one would think that he would have had a larger contingent of men with him than what was indicated once the truth came out.  No, I’m not saying anything to anyone – the Rangers are shifting their people around just like we are.

I know that some of the officers in camp have been talking about finding Horde officers and holding them hostage for either money or the release of captives.  Kal hasn’t heard that talk and I think that I am going to tell him about it so that he can warn his Father that there might be other dangers lurking here in Halfhill than what he might want to think about.  Halfhill is supposed to be a safe area for both factions, however, that doesn’t mean that things don’t happen because they do.

I just had to write all of this down so that I could clear my thoughts a bit.  I was torn as to what I should do.  Tell my officers about this fellow that lives next door, although, I’m sure they are already aware of him being here and to show Kal the arrow to prove that his Father wasn’t sitting in some base camp somewhere giving out orders from behind a desk.  His Father is out in the field just like we are.

I definitely don’t want Kal to start hesitating when we’re involved in a skirmish with any Rangers out there because one of them might be his Father.  That could be “death” very swiftly for the both of us.  I’m sure the thoughts flash through his mind anyway; however, I don’t want to feed those thoughts.

I already know that I am more than just falling in love with Kal and I don’t want to see either one of us inhibited by the thoughts of someone in his family might be on the receiving end of an arrow when we fire it.  Its war and we’re both aware of it; there will be casualties and death on both sides.   I wish that Kal’s Mother would hurry up and get to Halfhill or the base camp in Krasarang with her group of Sentinels.  If anything would happen to either of his parents, it would destroy the man that I love.  Why does there have to be a war right now? I have finally found a home and a man that I would be more than willing to call my mate.  Does he feel the same way?  I’m not sure.








2 thoughts on “Happiness Can Be Fleeting Moments In Time…

  1. Yikes! just like a war to complicate matters..I think kae is starting to understand the stress that Kal and his parents are going through right now . Great Read!

  2. Oh, I think that she already knew the stresses before, however, this broken arrow that possibly could belong to Kal’s Father really brought it home. LOL, II think they should all run away and find a “happy place” for a while – so much stress building there. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting. *hugs*

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