A Trip to Goldshire…

March 31st

Dear Journal,

You can definitely tell that the Spring season is upon this morning.  I awakened sneezing and woke up Oak.   We were going to stay in the Inn at Goldshire, just for fun; however, it was so crowded with people that that idea went quickly out the window as we pushed our way through the masses of people and other things.

We had left our home in Darnassus early yesterday morning to come to Stormwind for a visit.  It’s been a very long time since we have been here.  Well, not since Winter Veil at least.  We’ve been too busy with our pack and with our own hunting to do much of anything else.

I can’t believe all of these people here and around Goldshire.  We had thought that we would come in a couple of days early to check out the place before the celebration for Noble Garden started on the morrow.  Ah well, after looking things over, we’ve decided that it would be more of a effort in futility to try to gather those eggs as we have done in times past – so, we’re just going to spend a few days close to Stormwind. We have both enjoyed the hunt for those eggs in Gilneas before the changes – it was always fun and sometimes, you would find a few little treasures along with the eggs.

I have never seen anything quite like the Inn in Goldshire.  It’s as if the place had been invaded by demons and anyone that stayed within the confines of those walls for very long might become possessed and start doing lewd acts out in front of everyone without any care for decency at all.  I think that it embarrassed Oak too much to even ask for a room, he just grabbed my hand and we left.

We found an unoccupied cave, actually fairly close to Stormwind.  Well, it’s unoccupied now; the critters that were living in it have long since been vanquished since our arrival.  We both laughed as we started to unpack some of our bags to settle in for a while.  We had come for the celebration, primarily; however, we wanted to see how the packs were run in this area.

Oh, our little group is very good at what we do although we’re only number four and we have survived quite nicely in Kalimdor.  We just wanted to see how the other packs were around Stormwind and a few of the smaller towns in the area.  Of course, with the holiday and the masses of people that we have seen so far, we may have to go further afield to find any other worgen in their natural habitats. Oak is already aware of the fact that not all Alphas are male – we have been surprised a few times already.

What we’re hoping to do now is to return to Stormwind in our human forms and see how the other Gilnean are faring in that city.  It’s been wonderful in Darnassus for us, however, we want to see how many people may have survived the Curse and have fitted themselves in with the rest of the humans. Oh we heard that distinctive accent a few times as we traveled through the city; however, we were in the mind, at that time, to get settled in Goldshire and then return.

When we left Goldshire, I know that neither one of us spoke for a while.  I know that we both had to let what we had seen get filtered through our minds.  I’ve never seen the like and would have liked to stay a few minutes longer; however, Oak would have none of it.  He said he hadn’t ever seen so many naked people in his life anywhere and he had traveled quite a bit before we were shipped off to Darnassus with the elves.   I think that part of my wanting to linger was the fact that I hadn’t ever seen so many people acting as if they had lost their minds and their decency in one place before.  Maybe the Inn had been turned into a temporary asylum for the insane or something – it was all rather awful.

I had thought that Oak was going to lose control of his wolf when we were in there because he didn’t know what else to do or that the shock was so great that it shook him to his very soul.

Oh, my parents were probably rolling in the graves, if they could see what I saw in a brief period of time.  I was a lady and all of the decorum that could be mustered was always observed in our home.  My Mother probably would have fainted at the sight of all of that nudity and debauchery and my Father would have probably tried to ignore it as best he could while trying to get his bearings to find the exit back outside.

Oak and I were rather surprised that the guards were just standing outside as if nothing were going on.  Maybe this is a common occurrence in the village now?  Oh well, we’ve decided that we’re not going back there for any reason, celebration or not.  One would have thought that the King in Stormwind would have put a stop to this kind of activity that is almost on his doorstep.

Oh, I’m sure we would have had our hands if we had brought Sonshine and Abigayle with us. Sonshine might have wanted to linger more than just a little bit longer than Oak – he’s a bit wilder and bit more open for that kind of thing.  Abigayle would have wanted to stay with Sonshine because of their relationship and she’s the most innocent of us all.

Oh well, so much for that holiday that we had promised ourselves.  We’ll stay close to Stormwind and see what we can find out before we head back to Darnassus and the peace, sanity and quiet that we have come to enjoy there.

I made a suggestion to Oak that maybe we could take a jaunt to Ironforge, just to see it again and he shook his head.  I think he was so appalled by what we’ve seen so far that he just might want to cancel everything and head back to Darnassus in the morning.

I am very disappointed with our latest sojourn in search of some just plain “fun” and a celebration that we both grew up with as children.  Oh well, there are things that have changed for the worse and for the better – I think that we won’t be passing close to Goldshire again for a very long time.

I have to smile.  Abner just gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me that he would make it up to me that we’re not going to be able to go to the celebration as we had hoped.  I had even packed my best gown for the trip and now, I probably won’t even get an opportunity to put it on.  Or, maybe not, I think that we may be going into town for dinner tonight, which will be a nice change of pace and what a better way to meet people than to go to an Inn – not Goldshire.

Felley Fitzpatrick

2 thoughts on “A Trip to Goldshire…

  1. Hehehe.. aw yes.. Goldshire..where one can lose their virginity without losing their clothes in the process.. I know it was the downfall of many of an adventurer. Poor Felley, what a way to be introduced to Goldshire. > A great read!

    • Poor Oak thought it would be a nice holiday for them and even though he was not extremely worldly prior to the changes in his life – it still left him unprepared for Goldshire. All that he could think of to see that he got poor Felley out of there as quickly as possible – maybe they will be able to find another place for their holiday.

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