A Very Close Call…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

March 27th

Dear Journal,

Well, it appears as though that little Lt. Commander didn’t waste any time in getting his report to Orgrimmar about my conduct on the scouting patrol. Apparently, he has called my loyalty to the Horde into question and someone back there must have had an ear for that information.

Luckily or unluckily for me, I had made arrangements to be out of camp when the papers were delivered and Dawnglory retrieved them.  I was actually on my way to Orgrimmar to check up on things with Faendra and to get away from Pandaria for a while.  One longs to get away from things even if you love the area – I needed a change and was planning on spending the day with my sister, Faendra.

When Dawnglory handed me the sealed envelope and I saw the red seal unbroken, I will admit that I could feel my heart dropping to the bottom of my feet.  If I had been turned in and found guilty of treason, the guards here in Orgrimmar would definitely be watching for me.

What would treason mean for me and the rest of my family?  Well, for one thing, any properties that I owned and any monies that I have in my accounts would be remanded to the State – meaning in Garrosh’s coffer and any outstanding debts would be paid at his discretion, which means that they wouldn’t be paid and whomever was a survivor would be held libel.  There is a strong possibility that any of my family members could be arrested and/or possibly killed.

I know that I looked at both Dawnglory and Fae before excusing myself and going up the stairs into the apartment that we have there.  I know that my hands were shaking as I broke the seal on the envelope and actually had broken out into quite a sweat before I started even reading the official notice.

I’m sure that my laughter must have alarmed the people downstairs but it was almost hysterical laughter of relief on my part.  Apparently, I was being ordered to the Council to receive a commendation of some sort for services rendered on behalf of the Horde and was ordered to report to the Council Chambers. I handed the letter to Dawnglory with a wink and smile before I sat down at Fae’s desk to scribble off a reply.

Okay, this could have been a trap of some sort; it isn’t every day that a man in my position is arrested for treason, especially with the war going on.  So, off I went.

The Council members had gathered quickly once I sent word back that I would be attending the meeting this afternoon at their request, I had taken a day away from my duties to attend to some family matters in Orgrimmar and would be happy to attend.

Oh, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses at the meeting and the Lt. Commander had filed a formal letter to the Council that I be removed from my Command and investigated for treason.  I was very calm when this information was given to me and was asked for a response.

“Sirs, the reason for my behavior was called into question by a less experienced Ranger.  His reasoning behind his complaint is most assuredly unfounded.  I am a man of Silvermoon and therefore, some of the things that I honored that day in Kun’lai were some of the respect that I have often given to my enemies in the past.  A proper burial of the fallen is not unheard of – it was to honor not only the Kaldorei that were killed but as a salute to the Sentinel’s that had fought so bravely against my troops.

The young man in question is one of those young people that have not been steeped in the traditions as I have through the years.  This was an uncommon practice on my part and one that is not done with a great deal of frequency.  I understand that some of my men were calling my loyalty into question and you might be wondering why in regard to that.

Pure unadulterated greed, Sirs.  The Sentinels were well-equipped and some of the men have grown accustomed to defiling the bodies of the dead for sheer profit.  They were allowed to take gear and weapons of the fallen; however, the defiling of the bodies was something that I forbid that particular day out of respect for the Kaldorei for a battle well-fought. Scalps, ears and other unsavory items sell for a great deal of gold on the black market – some use them to show their friends what a courageous soldiers they have been with these trophies to display, some of these people have never left the confines of Silvermoon.

As for the Lt. Commander that has filed his grievances, with all due respect, I do wish that he had come to me with his concerns and I would have explained my reasons to him.  I will be more than happy to explain all of this too him upon my return to Pandaria in the morning. I will also ask him if he wishes to remain under my command due to his questioning my loyalty to the Horde or he may put in for a transfer.  If he chooses the transfer, I will order him back to Orgrimmar to await his reassignment.

No, if he is questioning my loyalty, it would be better that he be transferred to another unit, perhaps one more to his liking and sensibilities.  I don’t think that I could trust him to carry out my orders if he doesn’t trust me in all things.

As for any friendliness that may have been observed between myself and any of our foes in Halfhill – that is something that can be easily explained away.  Informants, Sir.  I have always gotten information from my foes in such a manner and it has never been called into question.  Not all informants are hidden away in some clandestine place to meet with me – Halfhill is an open community and we are constantly exposed to the Alliance there, what would be a better place to find out the information needed to advance our cause?

On that note, I have brought a small contribution to be added to the coffers to enable our war effort with a small financial token.  I have also brought another request for my release from service, my resignation.”

They didn’t even take very long in their deliberation of what I had said, which surprised me or the money actually made them just kind of soak it all in faster.  I don’t care, I’m not in jail, I’m not being stripped of my rank and I am not going to be executed for what some would have considered a traitorous act.  Instead, I was applauded for my deeds and sent on my way with another worthless ribbon and medal to add to my collection.

I’ll admit that I was nervous that they wouldn’t buy this whole thing, however, they took it hook, line and sinker…I think the fifty thousand gold might have helped a bit.  It’s doubtful that all of that money will find its way to the coffers for the war effort.  Pardon my language; the bastards refused my resignation because my experience was needed to enable the war effort to move forward with my leadership.

Now I am sitting upstairs in the apartment over the warehouse drinking myself into oblivion and giving my thanks to the Light, Elune and any other deity that may give a damn about what happens amongst these two legged animals.

I think that I have slipped through the fingers of Fate, yet again.

Fnor Morningstar

2 thoughts on “A Very Close Call…

    • He’s always been a silver-tongued devil and very quick on his mental feet. Hehe, helps that he’s also an Ambassador For The Horde, so, his conduct with possible informants was..not questioned. I think the poor fellow has just collapsed with relief at pulling off this meeting in his favor. Wonder if the Lt. Commander will like his new regiment? Thanks for reading the blog and commenting, it’s definitely appreciated.

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