So Close And Yet…So Far Away

April 1st

Dear Journal,

I know that as each day collapses in upon itself that it seems like I may never get to Halfhill. I know that my heart skipped quite a few beats today when I was playing with the children at Dawn’s Blossom.  Of course, there are Horde that come through the village from time to time, however, they weren’t interested in causing any trouble with a lone Sentinel playing with a small group of children.

I know that this is how I pass my time when I’m not on duty.  I get tired of hearing about the sexual conquests that some of these women seem to thrive on and it only makes me realize how much I miss my Sindorei. Occasionally I will see a group of Rangers taking their leisure at the Inn here in town and I always give them a glance or two to see if I can recognize any of them.  They all seem so young and filled with the romantic thoughts about the glories of war. One never knows where that scamp Dawnglory would show up. Of course, I can never act like I understand some of the words that they are using, which aren’t very complementary sometimes.

I know I was taking a few of the children down to the pond below the village to do some fishing and possibly a little splashing around and realizing how much I missed my two youngest sons.  Oh, the Pandaren children are by far the most polite children that I have ever encountered, although sometimes they do catch me off-guard.

One of the little boys asked me if I was truly a Sentinel since I didn’t have those marks on my face.  I explained as best I could that I was indeed a Sentinel and that not all Sentinels have those tattoos.  I know that when I was younger, I wanted to get a tattoo like the rest of the women in my group, however, and luckily I suppose – the tattoo artists always do a “test” mark to see if you have any kind of reactions to the inks that they will be using.  I actually still have the scar from that mark which became more than a little bit inflamed and went further into my hairline with the resulting infection.

While we were sitting at the pond I saw a group of Sindorei heading down the pathway towards the Jade Temple and I almost fainted.  I know that one of the men in the group was my Sindorei, my husband and my mate.  I almost stood up and cried out his name, however, that would have been a dangerous folly on my part.  I could feel the tears burning my eyes and my throat constricting with the anguish of not being able to show my emotions.

I would recognize that stride anywhere, the long mane of black hair rippled down his back below his waist and the sunlight glinted off the silver that had started to accumulate over the years. Yes, it was my mate.  It took every ounce of strength that I had to hold myself back and not rush headlong into what could have been my death. The other men in the group would not have known that I meant them no harm and would have thought that it was just some Sentinel going berserk and attacking them.  Their number would have been more than sufficient to have ended that rush into my beloved’s arms.

So, now, I am sitting back at camp, hiding in my tent and weeping.  At least I know he’s alive and doesn’t seem to have suffered any injuries since I saw him last.  He was so close and I was unable to even signal him of my presence.  This is a heartache that I haven’t felt for many years, not since we were in the Barrens together before we had our children.

At least I did get a letter from Kal today in our mail-call. Inside the letter was a small note from my husband and a tiny silver star pendant.  I will wear that pendant to remind me of the morning stars that appear just before the dawn and to remind me of the man that I love.

Not only has Elune teased me with the glimpse of my husband in the distance, she has also shown me that it is going to be harder for us to slip away as we had back in Kalimdor to be together.  We will find a way. Oh, I hate this war and it’s cruelty and I hate it that it is keeping our families apart.

At least I did some good news from our briefing today – we will be heading into the Valley of Four Winds – my destination will still be Halfhill – it is a large farming community and the largest thing that there is in Pandaria that might be considered a neutral area.  So, later tonight, under the cover of darkness, we will start making our advances forward.  So it’s back to field rations and going through more forest before we reach this valley.  We should reach Halfhill in less than two days if we go at our normal pace.


2 thoughts on “So Close And Yet…So Far Away

    • Oh, she was devasted and relieved at the same time to be able to catch a glimpse of her husband – I can well imagine the heartache this caused her to be able to seem him in the distance and not be able to rush into his arms. She’ll get here and I’m sure that there will be more adventures when they “do” get together.

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