Return to Duty In Pandaria…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

April 2nd

Dear Journal,

I will admit that after my trip to Orgrimmar and my meeting with the Council, I definitely did tie one on and suffered terribly for my transgression the next morning.  Oh, that trip back to Pandaria was one that I won’t forget for a very long time because it seemed that every movement jarred my head and my eyes felt as if they were being slowly burned from their eye sockets.

I’m all too familiar with having a hang-over from my younger days, however, I will admit that it has been months since I have gotten that drunk. I actually don’t remember getting out of my armor and I don’t remember getting into the bed at the apartment in Orgrimmar.  I’m assuming that it was Dawnglory that put me to bed, or I hope it was, because I don’t think my baby sister has ever seen me that intoxicated.  Poor thing was probably disgusted with her big brother for having a bit of a drunk.  Dawnglory was long gone by the time I regained consciousness the next morning, I know he had other duties to attend too in Pandaria. I’m smiling to myself as I remember all those times that I swore to myself that I would never drink that much again and how each time I broke that pledge, I’d make it again. Now, I don’t even bother with the promise any longer because I know that I’ll fall off the wagon and do it again.

When I got back to Pandaria and made my way to our camp in Krasarang, I was thinking of what I would do with the young Lt. Commander, if he were still in camp when I arrived.  My first thought was just putting him out of my misery and the second was to keep sending him out with greener and greener troops until they either fragged him or he was killed by the Alliance.   What I mean by fragging is that the men under the command of an officer that they have no respect for or they feel is not competent to lead, sometimes have accidents befall them – I’ve seen it happen many times over the years and sad to say, I’ve been a party to a couple of those “accidents” as well.  I’m not vindictive, I just get even.

As luck would have it for the both of us, the young man had apparently been ordered to report back to Orgrimmar for reassignment the same day that the meeting with the Council had been held.  I’m sure that he was surprised that he didn’t get rewarded in some other manner for his “report” of a traitor – except that he was rewarded in the only way possible – I wonder what will happen to him in the future, it’s doubtful that he will be seeing Pandaria for a good long time, even with the man shortage.

Naturally, the rumors had been running rampant in the camp before Dawnglory got back and apparently there was a bit of an altercation when he did arrive. Apparently, the young Lt. Commander was so sure that I would be found guilty of treason that he had the audacity to start having my belongings removed from the command tent – some things were given away, some things were just being boxed up or destroyed outright. I guess the young man had forgotten that Dawnglory would be given the command due to his rank as second-in-command as well as his longer tenure and experience with the Rangers.  Oh, I’m sure the fellow’s ego thought that he would be elevated beyond that.

I guess Dawnglory’s temper got the best of him and he got into a physical battle with the young fellow – armor and all, I’m sure there wasn’t that much damage done to either party except for the fact that Dawnglory’s upbringing in Shattrath really appeared in the forefront..  Poor little junior officer wasn’t expecting some of the gutter tricks that were exhibited and from what I could gather, he may never be able to sire children in the future.  A well placed shod foot can definitely cripple a fellow for a while.

The only things that I was able to note as missing were a few personal things, my second best dress uniform was retrieved before it was totally ruined after being thrown into the latrine pit.  My mount tack was retrieved from various people around the camp.  The only things that came up permanently missing were my silver-backed brushes and a couple of rings that were gifts from my wife.  The only things I regret losing are the rings, I’m sure that those have already been sold off and are long gone – I know that Amyn will be upset about them, however, she should be happy that I was able to survive this round of accusations back in Orgrimmar when I get a chance to talk with her.

I do know that my welcome back to camp was one of mixed emotions on the part of my men.  Oh, I got a few salutes that were unexpected and actually got a few cheers when I strode through the camp to the command tent.  Of course, there were a few that were unhappy that I had returned unscathed.  Oh well, that’s the way of it, you can’t be everything that everyone expects. Naturally, Dawnglory was all smiles, even with the black eye he was exhibiting.

It’s good to be back, however, I think that I am going to take some time to mend some fences with some of my other officers that appeared to be swayed by their young friend.

Still no word from my wife yet.  I am going to worry myself to death until I can see her face and hold her in my arms – to know that she is here in Pandaria is almost pure torture.  I just want her to be safe and to be with me as she should be.  Oh, I know that we are going to have to be extremely careful when we are together because I know that I will be watched by a few people very closely.

With all of the paperwork on my desk right now, it’s doubtful that I am going back out on patrol with any of the groups for a few days.   I think my next trip out will be with Dawnglory’s men.  I don’t know how he does it, as rough around the edges as he is, his men seem to worship the ground he walks on.  He is a good Ranger, there is no doubt in my mind, I just wish that he would learn how to curb his tongue sometimes.

I do know that there have been several changes with the troop movements.  We had already moved four groups to Kun’lai and had already been shipping some of the supplies to them – it seems that those supplies were commandeered to Dominance.  My men can’t continue to survive if they aren’t properly equipped and fed when they are that far away from our supply distribution points. This means that I will be making a personal trip to visit with the supply people. I think that they will remember where the priorities are when I’m finished with them.

I wonder how Hellscream thinks he is going to achieve any kind of victory in Pandaria if all he thinks about are his goals, not those of his army.  We need reinforcements, yesterday, we need supplies to be sent to the people that are fighting in the field – not to funneled off to where he thinks that they need to be.  Our Warchief is not his Father’s son in the eyes of many of us that are serving under him.  I don’t think that I am the only officer that is starting to question some of his reasoning and his purpose for the Horde.

Victory?  How can one have victory when there is no honor in what we are fighting for.  Greed, all I see is the exhibited behavior from a power happy Orc that was mistakenly given the power to order his people to defeat.  I see so many striations in the very foundation of the Horde – races being sacrificed for the Warchief – not for honor. It really sickens me when I start to think about it.

I know that there are underground movements that I have heard rumors of to remove this imbecile from power, however, what will replace him?  Will the Horde be fragmented beyond our comprehension and our ability to repair?  I honestly don’t know. I will follow the orders given, in my heart and my mind, my loyalty lies with Silvermoon and my people – I will do what I can to make sure that we survive.

Ah well, if I keep thinking about this I’ll give myself another headache and bad stomach.  One thing I am missing here in camp is my coffee supply and my cigarettes.  I won’t be able to make it back to the farm for a couple of days, however, I do know that Dawnglory will be there sometime tomorrow for a while, he has some things that he needs to take care of personally, it seems.  He’s probably meeting some woman, if I know him. I’ll get him to stop by the farm for me.

The coffee I can live without, the cigarettes, well…it’s an addiction that I am not quite ready to forego. Luckily, I have enough control to be able to ration out what I have left in my cigarette case to last me for today and tonight. I think this addiction is actually worse than the Fel.

Damn, I wish Amyn would hurry up and get her backside to where I can see her  – I miss her more than anything else in this world or the next.  Speaking of Amyn, I wonder if Kal has been able to find out where her Sentinel group is located yet?  I need to get to the farm for more than just cigarettes and coffee, I need to find out his information for myself, it’s not something that I would ask Dawnglory to do for me and risk him being turned into a scapegoat.

Fnor Morningstar



4 thoughts on “Return to Duty In Pandaria…

  1. * jaw drops * why that little.. * insert streak of dwarven profanity * he’s darn lucky that he hasnt’ encountered Andromedda, she would have him strung up by his nethers,and left to hang.. Talk about audacity!!

  2. *shrugs shoulders* Well, stuff happens? If Dawnglory hadn’t gotten back to camp I’m sure that Fnor would have lost more than what he did. At least the maority of his personal items are kept at the farm and away from camp – he’s been through similar things in the past, however, this time – there was no one he could punch in the face to get any self-satisfaction gained from it. Thanks for reading and commenting…we need to catch one another sometime for some RP.

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