Aftermath…It Was Still Fun!!

*Language and a few F bombs – please don’t read this if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing.*

April 3rd

Yo Book!

Well, I’m glad that Fnor got his name “cleared” in Orgrimmar.  That little fucker that sent his “formal” complaint in was all positive that they would take his word over his Commanders – dumbass.

I knew when I saw the sealed envelope from Orgrimmar in our dispatch pouch that it had to be something to do with that asinine trip that he had made with that little shithead from Silvermoon.  I knew that with him being in Orgrimmar, if the dumbasses there might have believed and he wouldn’t be able to get out of town before he was apprehended.  Well, maybe he could have, he’s pretty slippery and knows that place better than some of the people that live there all of the time.

I know that I grabbed that envelope before anyone else saw it and saw the “urgent” written on the front of the envelope. I took off like someone had set my ass on fire and took the next available transport to Orgrimmar.  I guess that Fnor hadn’t been there that long, he was just standing in the office talking to Fae and still wearing his field uniform.  Fuck, I’m surprised that I didn’t actually beat him there!

Anyway, I handed him that damned message and you could see the color drain out of his face until I know he was lighter than my sister, Felessa and she’s almost a damned albino.  I really wanted him to rip that thing open and read it right there, however, he just very calmly asked us to excuse him and he went into the apartment upstairs.

I just told Fae roughly what had happened in Pandaria with her brother and that I thought that this little upstart fucker had turned him to the Council here in Orgrimmar.  They might even have a warrant out for his arrest for all I knew.  Well, I guess I could have put it more diplomatically than I did because she almost fucking fainted on me.  Damn it, I hate it when fucking women start crying and that is exactly what she did and I ended up standing there holding her in my arms for a while.

We were both taken aback when we heard Fnor start laughing, it wasn’t like normal laughter, this was bordering on the line of sounding like he had finally slipped the rails on his sanity kind of laughter. He came downstairs wiping tears from his eyes and still laughing a bit.  He handed me the letter and I almost shit my pants.  They wanted to give him another fucking metal for his service in Pandaria in regard to his reports on the recent buildup of troops in the South and not in Kun’lai.  Oh, it went on with all of this shit about the fact that the Warlord wanted to congratulate him on uncovering the devious plans of the Alliance.

Fuck, it wasn’t devious when they are in the process of building a damned fort down there.  Oh, how fucking  hidden is that?  Dumbshits!  He is still being ordered to send some of the troops onward to Kun’lai, however, the main buildup would remain in Krasarang Wilds until more reinforcements could be sent to us.  I guess another battalion?

Anyway, I headed back to Pandaria and it’s a damned good thing I did.  Apparently, little Prance Lt. Commander had already started shit.  He was having all of Fnor’s stuff removed from the command tent and was letting all of his little friends have first go at the stuff before they burned some of it.  I guess they were a little bit surprised when I came walking into the tent and disrupted their playhouse.

I was really pissed when I saw the little bastard standing there with Fnor’s dress-sword from when we fought the Scourge – it was given as a reward for the duty served to the veterans that were there.   He had just got the words out of his mouth that he was going to see if he couldn’t get the Morningstar sigil taken off of it and have his own little brand put on it.  He wasn’t even someone’s wet dream when all of that went down.

He flipped around and saw me when one of his little toadies coughed and pointed behind him.  He also saw my fist heading at his face too.  Oh we had quite the battle and I ‘m sure that some of my men were ready to jump in if any of his people decided to interfere with things.  I didn’t even bother to take off my gloves when I just started beating the shit out of his little girly ass. Oh he got in a few good blows and he even hit like a girl – a very strong girl, just his swings weren’t exactly what I had expected.  He popped me in the eye and that’s when I just threw down on him.  Oh yeah, hair pulling, eye gouging, biting and any other nasty trick that I had learned in my life.  After a few swift kicks to the nuts, he just started puking and fell in it – I kind of helped put his face in it and ground it in real good.  When he started bawling, I stopped.

I had my men start shaking down his troops and we got a lot of Fnor’s stuff back right away.  We’re still shaking down people and finding a few things here and there.  I wanted to kick his ass some more when I saw one of Fnor’s uniforms in the latrine pit when I went in there to take a leak – instead, I threw his best little buddy down in the pit and had him get it out.  It’s going to have to be professionally cleaned and the brass replaced.

Anyway, things kind of started to settle down after all of that and I was trying to see if I could see any more of Fnor’s stuff was missing from the tent – I knew that some of personal items had to be gone, however, the majority of his good stuff, he had at the farm for safe keeping.  Fucking damned good thing he did that.

I guess things went well for Fnor in Orgrimmar because later in the evening, I heard screaming and more noise than usual coming from the area where the little asshole had his troops billeted.  Hmm, kind of odd that some of the people causing all of the trouble down there were dressed in Kor’kon uniforms.  Hmm, I know I was smiling when I saw the little bastard being escorted out of camp.  I don’t care if they string him up by his gonads, he just needed to be gone – permanently.  I think what I saw meant that he was going to be gone for a very long time and will probably be on guard duty in Silvermoon for a while.  Isn’t every day you see Hellscream’s little buddies wandering around a Ranger camp.

At least I know my men weren’t involved in any of this physical altercation, however, I am not responsible for anything that happened after my involvement with the little twit.  I know there were a few altercations and skirmishes but no reports were made back at the command tent.  Funny how that all worked out.  I guess the Blazing Glory group will be in camp for a while until we can find a replacement commander for them or they will be distributed to some of the other commanders – which is what should happen.  Disband the shameless little bastards and make them serve like real Rangers.

Fnor showed back up at camp early the next morning and I know that he was shocked at what happened with his belongings.  I could tell that he was disappointed that this fellow was allowed to go into the command tent and do what he did.  I know that there will be a meeting about it in the next day or two.  I could tell some of the fellows were disappointed that he came back and I know a lot were pleased to see him too.  I know that I was damned happy he was back, now, I can go back to being Dawnglory.

I felt bad when I found out that he had lost his monogrammed brushes and then I almost laughed when he said that they even took his canister of coffee and all of his cigarettes.  I told him I thought that he should just give up the filthy habit anyway and now was a good time as any to try it.  Oh, the look I got could have burned a building down.  So…I don’t think he liked that fucking idea, I’ll just tell Amyn I tried to get him to quit anyway.

I’m back at the farm and I have instructions to go to Fnor’s house and get some more of his precious coffee and some of this cigarettes before he bites someone’s ass off and tries to smoke that.  I’ll head back to camp in a couple of hours.

I had planned on spending the day here in Halfhill to get some things attended too.  I need to make sure that all of the monies from the veggies we have sold in the last week is making it into the proper coffer and not into Morningstar Enterprises.  Plus, I have to go find out what keeps killing my fucking chickens – well, they aren’t dying exactly.  A couple of them act like they are having fucking seizures and they keel over.  Sometimes they come back around and sometimes one or two won’t – which means we have chicken and dumplings out the ass. Jogu says they taste good with his carrots – I guess that is part of the salary for him along with a couple of bottles of booze.

I guess that Plantation is putting out enough for the war effort because I don’t have any people hanging around for our next crop to be harvested.  Naturally, I can’t get everything done because I do need to get back to camp before someone goes off in a tirade and gets into trouble.  It’s raining like there is going to be a flood, so, I can’t really check on some of the fences without being saturated to the bone.  I get rained on enough in Krasarang without getting the same crap here.

House looks good and the bed feels good to lay down on for a few minutes.  However, I need to get back before someone has a hissy fit for his fix. I can tell that Dawn is going to be a pouty bitch too because I could tell that she was getting ready to start her rounds and we have to leave.  Yeah, she pouts and sometimes she’s a bit more vocal with her complaining than she is at the moment.  She’s just making grumbling growling noises and glaring at me.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Panderia

P.S.  Still need to get that fucking stamp so that siggy looks right.

2 thoughts on “Aftermath…It Was Still Fun!!

  1. WOOHOO! Way to go Fnar!! You show that pansy waist what it’s like to mess with the wrong people.. I suppose I should get my butt in gear and lvl Romy, sounds the lads need some back up 🙂

    • Hehe, yeah, the guttersnipe showed up in Fnar with his fighting – totally lost his temper. Oh, they can always use some backup, just can’t seem to get everyone leveled up fast enough. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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