The Curse Isn’t All That Bad…

April 4th

Dear Journal,

Oh, I am still shaking my head about our trip to Goldshire.  I guess that some people have no inhibitions about their conduct; however, I know that Felley was a real lady before we came to Darnassus after the Curse and I wanted to protect her sensibilities.   I think part of her was shocked by it all and part of her wanted to stay and take in the sights – well, can’t blame her there because there were indeed some sights to behold.  I wasn’t all that embarrassed with some of because I have been out in the world a bit more than Felley has been.  Oh yeah, we were sheltered in Gilneas from a lot of things that went on out in the world, however, we weren’t exactly puritanical in things either.  Some pretty kinky things could and did happen behind that wall.

I know that when we got back to Stormwind, things seemed a bit more normal, well almost normal, at least the people had their clothes on and weren’t dancing on the tables like they were in Goldshire.  I am still sitting here shaking my head and trying to get some of those tantalizing images out of my head. I’m still a man and I still have those fantasies that parade through there, just never thought I’d see them in real life all at once.

We have met quite a few nice people in Stormwind and quite a few people from Gilneas. Oh, there are quite a few that appear to want to pretend that the Curse never happened and are trying to live their lives as they did before. It’s futile to deny the Wolf – however, you can learn how to have control over it more than just denying it.  Oh, for some people to deny it and try not to enjoy the freedom that that part of your life gives you is the biggest mistake you could ever make.  I’m not denying that I didn’t go through the same thing for a long time, however, once I accepted it, got control of it – I can see that I am a much happier fellow for it.

The more that I have talked with people here in Stormwind, I am realizing that the probability of my wife and daughters showing up in the future is almost slim to nil.  That makes me sad because I always had my hope to build some of my dreams on.  Now, I will have to start putting that dream behind me and get on with my life. Maybe one of these years my heart will heal from the loss of my beloved wife, children enough to make something more permanent in this life.

I have to count myself lucky that I found a woman like Felicity that definitely came from a better background than mine has decided that she wants to stay with me.  Oh, we have our differences now and again, however, she has to learn not only her way with her Wolf but she also had to do a lot of menial tasks that she never dreamt of doing before.  She’s learning and, I think that she is actually enjoying some of it, even though she will complain that it really does spoil her hands – doesn’t affect her paws though.  There are days that I just marvel that she is with an uneducated man like me – well, I’m not uneducated.  I guess that I should say that I lack the polish and social graces that she was raised with.  That sounds much better.

Oh, we had a great time in Stormwind.  I don’t think that we have ever taken the time to explore it like we did this time.  We had planned on being at the holiday gathers for at least a couple of days, which didn’t work out all that well, however, we enjoyed those days just the same.  We did walk the streets of Stormwind like we belonged there even though we probably had the Darnassus refugee stamp on us like a lot of others do.  We just walked, talked and actually had enough money to do a bit of shopping.

Why is it that women get all strange when they get to shop?  I mean, I’ve taken Felley shopping before and she is always the same way.  They have to look at each and everything in the shop before they can decide if they want to even buy anything or not.  Me, I already know before I walk into a shop , what it is that I want and get the item, buy it and leave – I don’t feel the need to look at every single thing in the store before I make my purchase.

We went into Old Town and that was an experience of itself.   We found a watch shop that was booming with business and the proprietor was definitely one of us. Oh, I thought that Felley was going to spend the entire day in there.

They had watches, trinkets and all kinds of things that were apparently crafted by artisans that worked for the proprietor.  I know Felley kept looking at the little clockwork animals that were in the window and kept going back to this little owl time and again.  It was rather intricately made with the way that its head would swivel, eyes blinked and it would flap its wings.  Let’s just say that the owl is now on the mantle over of the fireplace in our house in Darnassus.  She didn’t ask me to buy it for her, I bought it because I knew that she liked it – she doesn’t have many nice things and this might help her know that I want her to have things like she did in her past life.  Oh, there were a few things in the shop that I wouldn’t have minded purchasing, however, I didn’t need them either and our finances aren’t limitless. My old watch is rather battered and sometimes it doesn’t keep very good time, the case is much worn and you can see the where the silver has worn away to the base metal beneath.  One of these days I’ll get a new one, however, making Felley happy was more important to me than an old watch being replaced.

I’m sure that Sonshine and Abigayle would have had a great time in Stormwind, however, this was a trip for Felley and me to enjoy by ourselves.  Since we decided to form our pack, Felley and I rarely get those moments alone that we need to have. Oh, the others don’t bother me that me because I’ve known Sonshine since he and I ware boys, however, I think that the women get a bit jealous of each other every now and again.  Abigayle is still very young and she is one that craves the attention of the people around her and Felicity is more the lady than to expect it all of the time.  I don’t think that either one of them realizes that I’ve seen the not so playful nips passed between them when we are out in the field and Abigayle tries to get too close to me.  Now, Felley doesn’t have a thing to worry about because Abigayle is more like a child to me than anything else, I’ll protect her if the need arises, however, she’s just not my type and she’s supposed to be Sonshine’s girl.  I just thank the fact that we don’t all live in the same house together, that could get awkward.  My old Grandfather used to tell me that having more than one woman in the house at the same time was just asking for trouble – I think he was very correct in that especially if you have two that are of an age that they want a home of their own.

We are planning on going back to Stormwind in the near future.  I found a place that pays top dollar for the kinds of pelts that we have been gathering and I’m going to see if they would like to work with us on that.  We’re not pitifully poor, however, I’d like to be able to feel more comfortable than I do right now.  One can only mend a pair of boots so many times before it becomes a futile act.  I wouldn’t mind having a few extra coins in my pouch next Winter Veil for gifts and such.

Now that we’re back in Darnassus and settled in after our trip, it is going to be time for us to start taking care of our business more.  Spring is definitely showing up and that means that we are going to have more game and more pelts to gather.   I can tell that the rest of the pack is starting to get a bit restless and we all need to get out of the city to let the Wolves take to the field.

I know that people would think that I have totally lost my mind or sold my soul out to whatever power there is, however, I am enjoying the freedom that I have when we can be ourselves out in the woods.  I’m sure that not everyone can accept it, however, I am taking ownership of my situation and I will make the best of it.  I do have my own rules that I follow, I stay in my human form, which isn’t all that bad to gaze upon, when we are in the cities and when we escape from the confines of the cities, I’ll go into my wolf because it makes my job so much easier and I enjoy how it feels to be that powerful.   I think that Felley feels the same way even if she doesn’t realize it.

No, I don’t consider the Curse a blessing by any means, however, I’m learning how to accept it for what it is and I will deal with the things as best I can.  Oh, I’ve met quite a few that are more feral even while they are in the human forms than is absolutely necessary. I’ve even cautioned Sonshine about his actions more than a few times.  He was always kind of wild and I think that there are times when he isn’t in full control of his other self when he starts drinking too much.

Oh well, seems that Felley is in the mood for fish tonight and has decided that it would be a good thing for me to do while she is doing some other things around the house.  So, off I go with my fishing pole in hand to get some fish.


2 thoughts on “The Curse Isn’t All That Bad…

  1. Hahahah.. yep .. Oak, has seen the darker side of women, thankfully it’s only warning nips not outright bloodshed Great read.. worgen are always an interesting breed to rp.

  2. Oh, indeed they are fun to RP. My little pack hasn’t gotten out much lately, however, that is going to be one of my goals for the near future. Hehe, oh, he knows how women can be and he has been around animals enough, prior to the Curse, to be able to recognize that the two ladies could get violent if he doesn’t keep the lines drawn for them. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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