A Devious Mind..

April 7th

Dear Journal,

Well, that last visit with Fnor and Dawnglory didn’t go all that well.  Not with all of the drama with Fnor getting summoned to the Council and all that.  Plus, Dawnglory being more than a bit worried about what was going to happen with Fnor.

I know I was scared to death about some of the things that Dawnglory told me about the letter that Fnor had gotten in Pandaria and he felt compelled to race here with it.  Not only could something bad have happened to my big brother, a multitude of things could have happened with the rest of the family and our business. Of course, I don’t know all of the sordid details that happened, however, I did gather that it was something to do with Sentinels and whatever.  My brother’s soft spot for his wife is going to get him killed one of these days if he’s not careful.  Oh, I know they got married in the Sindorei fashion and all of that but it didn’t erase the fact that he is married to a Kaldorei, he’s a Sindorei and his sons are of mixed races. They got married when they were living in Dalaran, about damned time since the boys are almost grown men on their own now.

So far, my attempts at seducing Dawnglory have been a losing effort.  I don’t know what I’m doing wrong other than just not having enough time to get him aroused.  Oh, we’ve gone out to eat a few times when he’s in Orgrimmar, however,  there really isn’t anything all that romantic here.  How romantic can it be to sit in an tavern with a bunch of drunks barging in and out and shouting Lok’tar every few minutes.

I have a plan of sorts in mind that might work if there is ever enough time – going for a visit to see his sister in Silvermoon would be ideal and we could check on the properties there, although I now that Agatha is taking care of things admirably.

It shouldn’t be too much of an effort to slip something in a glass of wine there and I think I know enough to make things work even if he’s unconscious. It would be awful to lose my virginity to an unconscious man, however, I’ve talked to a few women here in Orgrimmar that have told me how to do it and they have even told me how to make sure that there is a baby.  I’ll have to work on this idea some more.

I’m sure that Fnor would make Dawnglory marry me if there is a baby involved.  I mean, he’s all about family and children.  I know I can make Dawnglory love me, that’s going to be easy, isn’t it?  Once he has realized that I am carrying his baby, he will have to love me because I’ll be carrying on his bloodline.  He’s an orphan and I’m sure that he doesn’t want that kind of thing for his child. Besides, I’ll figure out a way to be wherever he is so that he won’t forget his obligations to the baby. If he loves the baby, he will have to love me too because I’m the Mother. He has that farm in Pandaria and I can go stay there until this war is over and we can move to Silvermoon where most of my friends live – he would like my friends a lot, I think.

I’ve loved him since I was a little girl and I’m sure that the this Winter Veil, it was all a misunderstanding that can be fixed.   What wouldn’t a girl not love about him, all that golden hair and the way he is so vain about how he looks.  Oh, yes, I know about his womanizing too, however, I can change that. I’ll be so much the woman in his life that he won’t have time to look at the others.  I know enough about the feminine wiles that I can pull that off with no trouble, just have lots of sex with him. I don’t even know if I like sex, however, if that’s how you can control a man, I’ll do it.

Oh, back to work here, I’m just getting myself all flustered and distracted here.

I need to go talk to Zippie about all of these artifacts that she has people brining in.  Well, yes, they are bring in a lot of money, which is always a goblin’s goal, however, I’m running out of storage for them.



2 thoughts on “A Devious Mind..

  1. OOOO boy …not a good idea.. it could backfire and badly in your face.If you thought he was mad then,its going to be minor compared to how he’s going to feel once he’s found out he’s manipulated into marriage.

    • Hehe, she’s real young and thinks she knows everything, however, Dawnglory is very fast on his feet. He’s usually the seducer, not the other way around, however, Fae thinks she can change all of that – he’s going to be harder fish to land than she thinks.

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