Fun At The Faire…A Visit to Stormwind Too

April 9th

Dear Journal,

Oh, what a wonderful time we had last night at the Faire.  I had never been before, well, not since it supposedly has changed so much and I was pleasantly surprised.  Kal and I just walked the fairways, laughed and ate as much of the food as we could manage. I’m not surprised that we were able to get away from our duties for a while because I’ve never taken any time off since I’ve arrived in Panderia other than to spend the time on the farm when Kal is visiting his family.

I guess you could call this our first date.  Oh, he was very attentive and held my hand the whole time we were there,  when he could. I don’t think that I have had this much fun for a very long time and never enjoyed a man’s company as much as I did Kal’s.  Maybe it was because of the fact that I felt like I was with someone that cared about what I liked and didn’t like.  Oh, he almost choked at the face I made when he insisted that I tried the pickled Kodo’s foot.  Oh, that was nasty and the texture was like trying to chew on a dried jelly fish. We drank, talked and laughed the whole time we were there – the war was away from us and we could afford to forget it for a while.

We played on the carousel like a couple of little kids, trying to see who could race to the Murloc mount first.  Darn long leg of his, however, I’m sure that he did let me “win” a few times so that I wouldn’t feel bad or something.  Of course, he is a gentleman that way.  We even sat and ate near the food vendor for quite a while and had a few of the special Faire drinks.  Oh my, I know that we had to sit there for a while when we drank some of the Dark Moon Special Reserves.   I know that my head was spinning when Kal decided that we needed to go further down the fairway and I ended up having to lean against him for support to keep from falling over.  Oh, he teased me unmercifully about being a drunken Sentinel.  Oh, nothing would do that I had to try out the canon ride – it scared me half to death, I’ve been shot at with a canon before, I’ve never crawled in one and been shot out over the water like that one is set up to do.  Oh, it took me several tries to finally hit the target in the water and I was definitely starting to look like a drowned rat.

We even got to see quite a few people there at the Faire, both Horde and Alliance people.  Kal saw some of his friends from Shattrath and we had to stand around and have a good long chat.  They acted kind of surprised to see Kal with his girlfriend Sentinel – oh yes, he called me his girlfriend, not just his roommate like he normally does which usually causing a few raised eyebrows.  One little girl, a child of one of his friends kept tugging on Kal’s tabard that he had worn to keep his clothes a little bit cleaner – oh, nothing would do than for him to plop down in the dirt and talk to her.  I could hear some of what he was saying and he was reassuring the little girl that she was still is best girlfriend but he needed another grown-up girlfriend too.  He is such the heartbreaker, it seems.

I had never seen him just sit down with a little child before and I think I was more than pleasantly surprised at how he just knew how to say the right thing to her.  I guess that comes from having younger siblings too – he just made that little girl’s day when he kissed her on the tip of her nose and told her not to run off with some other guy while he was away.

We went and looked at all of the strange animals that were from all over Azeroth.  I told Kal that I hoped that I never ran into such a large elephant when we were out in the field and he just started laughing.  He said that his Mother had the same reaction too.  Oh, we rode the ponies all over the Faire too, jumping fences when we could and just racing around.  I know there were two very tired little ponies that we took back to the vendor.  Poor little things having to lug us around had to be hard on them, however, we had a great time.  We even rode on those little sandbox mounts too for a while and stopped and had some more to drink.

I was all for skipping over a trip through Stormwind, I didn’t want to run the risk of our running into Kal’s little Worgen friend.  However, Kal told me that we had to stop in Stormwind because he had promised that he would help the people from Fool’s Company put on their monthly show of “Ask the Dark Moon Guru” or some such thing.  It was a carnival trick thing, I suppose, although for the time that I stood there and listened, the fellow was able to come up with some very good answers to the questions.  Oh, Kal doesn’t take any money or anything for doing this sort of thing – he just likes to spend some time with some of his friends that he made while he was spending more time in Stormwind.

The whole thing with the Guru is that he has people ask him different questions and he will give them an answer, plus, his assistant will give them a prize afterwards.  I know that for the time that I stood there, I didn’t hear the fellow give any “wrong” answers to questions that he was asked, no matter how silly or trivial some of them were.  I was almost laughing out loud when a young lady asked him about a love interest that she had – something to do with mixed races getting together and loving one another.   I watched Kal’s face to see what his reaction was to the question and all I saw was a grin and rolling of his eyes. The Guru told the young girl that she should be with whomever she desired – hmm, I do hope that it wasn’t as bizarre of a match as it is with Kal’s parents, that could be troublesome if there are children involved later on.

I guess there was a market going on while the Guru was trying to do his show, so, rather than stand there and miss out on the rest of the stuff going on, I took a walk around the stalls to see the wares that were for sale.  I bet that Kal and I could make a fortune with the leather goods that we make and I know my herbs would sell like mad.

I was getting very tired by the time that the show was over with the Guru and was really ready to head back to Pandaria – I even suggested that we stay overnight in Paw ‘don.  Well, Kal just looked at me and laughed and told me that we could spend the night at the apartment over the warehouse that his Mother owned here in Stormwind.  Well, I have never seen so much stuff in my life – I now know where all of the leather is being sent when Kal and I ship it to Stormwind.

Oh my, the apartment is huge and has several bedrooms and the bathrooms – I was astounded at the bathrooms. They have huge bathtubs that you can almost lay down in and there is plenty of hot water thanks to Kal’s brother, Vashlan.  I guess being a mage, he could throw an enchant over the cisterns where we had instant hot water whenever we wanted it – that’s how they did it in Dalaran, I guess.  Oh, I could see the mixture of Sindorei tastes mixed in with the Kaldorei tastes of Kal’s Mother in that apartment.  It was very luxurious.

I did get to meet Kal’s brother, Vashlan.  He was quite the shock.  All done up in his mage robes, his hair is a very dark blue and he has a beard. If I wasn’t already interested in Kal, I would definitely give his brother a go.  Oh my, the robe he had on made him look so…regal.  He seemed a very nice fellow and he is a bit younger than Kal and I.  I guess he lives in Stormwind so that he can study with the mages there.  Kal mentioned something about High Borne blood running in their veins and that Vashlan was the family throw-back.  I was really surprised that they talked so openly about that.  Anyway, Vash’s eyes are more noticeably green than Kal’s and he said that it was from working with some Fel magic that had left a residual effect on them.  I just looked at Kal and he had a frown on his face.  I’m sure the brothers will be talking about this a bit more when they have the chance.  I don’t know much about mages, Vashlan is one of the few that I have ever met and he’s just a trainee, I guess.

Oh, Kal’s room is almost as big as our whole house in Halfhill.  I was really shocked at the furniture and the things that he had there.  He had moved quite a few of things from Dalaran to keep here in this apartment when they left.   I have never in my life seen such a bed – it was big enough for five or six people if they had to share that space. Yes, we both slept in the same bed and I will have to admit that the size of the bed had me pretty intimidated and I kept scooting over to get closer to Kal because I didn’t want to get lost in the bed.  I’ve never slept on silk sheets before either, I don’t know that I like them all that much, it feels too slippery.  Not to mention, the sheets kept making my nightgown ride up in the most embarrassing manner, I sure hope that Kal wasn’t taking any peeks during the night because when I woke up this morning, long before Kal did, my nightgown was almost completely off.  No, we didn’t do anything although it might have been a bit more difficult in that bed.

I met Magdamia while I was there and everything that Kal told me about her is true.  She’s a Draeni and very matter of fact as to how she wants things run in the business.  Kal told her that we would be sending some leather back when we got back to Pandaria, we hadn’t planned on coming to the Faire or we would have brought them with us to drop off.  I guess she is in charge of the warehouse and some of the contracts that are given out there for the employees to fill.  She even handed Kal a sizeable stack of contracts to look over and pick the ones that he thought we would be able to work on in our spare time.

I even saw weapons that were being sold there that were better than the gear that Kal and I have.  I wonder if we can get a discount if we buy any of it? Or if we can buy any of it?  It was kind of scary to see that there were weapons from the Horde as well as the Alliance being kept there. I haven’t ever asked Kal about his Mother’s company, however, after what I have seen in the warehouse, I think that I do need to start asking some questions.  At least I know how his family gets their wealth somewhat.

I also saw quite a few boxes that were partially covered with tarps in the back that definitely had the Horde symbol on them.  I wonder what was in those and why they are being kept in Stormwind or do the two companies run things back and forth between the two.  Am I involved with people that are smuggling goods to both sides?  I’ll have to be careful how I phrase my questions to Kal when we get home to Halfhill.  This worries me.  Is this the stuff that I should report to my superiors – I’m in a bit of a confused state of mind because this is a place that isn’t in Pandaria and I’m not on duty either.  It has nothing to do with us in Pandaria and its Kal’s personal family business.

Well, I guess we’re ready to pack up our things and head back to Halfhill now.  Breakfast was very enjoyable and Kal ate like there was no tomorrow.  Of course, he likes the food in Pandaria, however, he says that he still likes the food here in Stormwind.  We had some little tea cakes that were very delicately made that I knew weren’t anything like I’ve ever seen before.




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