Nothing Wrong With Having Fun…

April 12th

Dear Journal,

Oh, Kae and I had a great time at the Faire.  It was fun to watch her discover how to actually relax and enjoy herself without any concerns about someone else watching her.  I know I have never laughed so hard at anyone in my life, however, I did when I saw her climbing out of the water after her first trip in the canon ride.

Oh, the look on her face was fantastic.  You could see some of the shock and the surprise still lingering behind those tattoos of hers as well as a little kid that needed to have some fun for a change.  Poor thing looked like a drowned rat and still was beautiful to me, what does that say?  Oh well, she tried it a couple more times before she got her prize, however, she said that she had great fun with it.  She does admit that she prefers having a bit more control over her flying.

We did all of the rides, the games were not left untouched and we even rode the carousel more than once or twice.  I know that I haven’t ever been one to care for that particular thing and Kae kept wanting to go back and ride the Murloc mount again.  I think that is a favorite with people anyway because there were always several people trying to catch that mount when it was free.

I told her about my last trip here with the family and I thought she was going to laugh until she cried. She really laughed hard when I told her about my Father catching me with the girl in the tent and how I never did get the girl’s name, however, I did get the wrath of my Father rained down on my head. It wasn’t like I was bragging to her about a conquest or anything, it was just a funny thing that happened between my Father and I which I have never forgotten.  Come to think of it, I’ve been to the Faire since then and haven’t ever gone off with a girl like that since then, so, his criticism definitely was taken to heart.

One of these days she will get to meet the rest of the family if we ever have another family gathering again.  I miss those family trips that we would take now and then because it was more fun than staying in some city somewhere and just hanging out.  I will admit that my parents are a special couple, however, they have really put the family first more so in the last year or two.  I suppose that I could take her to Dolonaar to meet the little guys and my Grandparents sometime in the near future.  I think she’d like my Grandparents and would enjoy the little guys as well as long as they aren’t being their devilish little selves.  I’ve already warned her about the fact the boys like to pull pranks too.

I think that Kae was really shocked about the warehouse and the apartment above it when I took her to Stormwind after the Faire.  I think she was mostly shocked about my room and how large it was, which made me happy that she had never seen my room in Dalaran which was almost double in side. I think that she had a problem with the size of the bed more than anything.  I don’t know why Mother ever got a bed that big for me, however, it is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in because you can just roll around in it and never have to worry about it being crowded if someone happens to be in there with you.  I know that Kae kept moving onto my side of the bed because she said that it was “too” big and the silk sheets were too slippery.

She got to meet Vashlan while we were there and I think she was really surprised – she knew he was a mage, however, I think that she was just surprised at how he really was kind of standoffish and a definite bookworm.  Oh, Vashlan was very nice to Kae and offered to show her some of his magic tricks if she would like to see them.  I think magic makes her uncomfortable though. Poor Vashlan spends all of this time with his studies and still doesn’t have a girlfriend although he was quite taken with Kae.

We didn’t get to see much of Stormwind because it was too late, we’d had too much to drink and we were both too exhausted to feel like touring the town.  Of course, one of the main reasons that I avoided that was because I didn’t want to run into Josie or Harrier.  I think that would have been a more awkward situation for all of the parties concerned.  Josie would probably be upset and Harrier would have probably been very rude to Kae because of his dislike of Sentinels.

We got back to the farm in Halfhill without too much trouble the next day and it really felt nice to be able to get comfortable in our own house again.  I had even suggested that we stay an extra day in Stormwind and go back to the Faire, however, Kae just wanted to come back to the farm.

I think that Kae was very impressed with the stuff that we had in the warehouse in Stormwind although I did catch her looking at some of the Horde supplies that were there.  She hasn’t asked about it and I haven’t mentioned it.  We will sometimes get in supplies that were ordered from Morningstar Enterprises as a part of a contract – we gather the materials and have them shipped to Orgrimmar by whatever circuitous route that Magdamia orders in order to avoid any kind of conflict with the Alliance officials.  I know that money oftentimes crosses hands to get people to look the other way.

I don’t think that it is any kind of traitorous thing because we do the same thing the people in Orgrimmar.  If we can’t fill the contract with items in the Eastern Kingdom, it’s sometimes easier to get them from the other side.  I know that Kae had kind of a weird look on her face when she was looking at the boxes with the Horde symbols clearly stamped on them.  I’ll explain it all to her when she asks about it, until then, I’ll just keep my mouth shut and I don’t think that she will report it to the command post here in Pandaria. Other companies in our line of work do the same thing, it’s not like Shadowmoon Enterprises and Morningstar Enterprises are any different from the others with the exception that the two owners are married to one another.

Unfortunately, our time off from our duties is almost over and we will have to get back to it.  I know that I always wonder about where we will be sent to do more scouting.  I can almost bet money that we will be given another one of those long distance assignments which means that we will be out in the field at least four or five days, which I dread.  Maybe when we get back to the command post, my Mother’s group of Sentinels will have reported in already.  I don’t know what is taking them so long coming through the Jade Forest because there surely can’t be that much fighting going on in that area.

I guess that we’re going to take another jaunt to the Jade Temple so we can get some laundry done before we have to head back out.  At least there we have some protection from the Horde and also protection from some of the wild life that roams the area outside the confines of the walls.

I’d like to watch the monks training for a while too to see if I can pick up on some of their moves. They seem to have such graceful movements and patterns that they make while they are practicing.  However, I know how deadly those moves can be in a fight, I’ve seen some of them in action and every time I am just amazed at how deadly they can be.  Kae thinks it has something to do with their muscle condition and all that meditation that they do.  I wonder if they would be willing to give us some lessons sometime. I don’t know if I could get a handle on all of that “inner peace” that they keep talking about though – that seems to be contrary to what we’re doing here in Pandaria.




2 thoughts on “Nothing Wrong With Having Fun…

  1. With all the stress they have been under, they need a little time to relax .and unwind..especially with all the shenanigans the Commander is pulling on them.

    • Oh yeah, I’m sure that the commander will have all kinds of goodies in store for them in the future, however, the time at the Faire was a good break from the routine. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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