Looks Like I Made It…

April 14th

Dear Journal,

I’m extremely exhausted and happier than I have been in months.  I know I’m sitting here with the biggest grin on my face and my body throbbing from being well loved by my husband.  I never realized how much we had missed those intimate moments until we saw each other for the first time yesterday.  Yes, I think it was yesterday or my mind is telling me it was so.  I’m mentally fuzzy headed at the moment with exhaustion and happiness. I don’t think there is a single part of my body that hasn’t been touched or kissed at this point and it feels marvelous.  Such pent up passion between two people was released that I am surprised that the house is still standing.

I’m actually hiding in my husband’s little farmhouse because it wouldn’t be safe for me to be seen leaving it.  I don’t mind being “stuck” here at all.  In fact, I wouldn’t mind sitting here in one of his robes for the rest of my days.

We finally made it into Halfhill after what seemed to be years of wandering around in the Jade Forest and the accompanying countryside.  I know that my heart was just singing at the prospect of actually getting to see my Sindorei again, although, I had to keep my true happiness hidden from the other Sentinels in our group.

When we arrived, I think that we were all relieved because we have been promised a few days respite here in the farming community so that we can get some well earned rest from our traveling through this beautiful strange land.  I know that the first place that I wanted to go too was the market place; however, I made sure that I had a room at the Inn, just in case, and a place to store my belongings and gear.   I know that my heart was just pounding in the anticipation of possibly getting a glimpse of my Sindorei.

I wandered through the stalls in the market place very slowly, sampling some of the wares that were being sold as well as just standing there and listening to some of the people talking.  I knew that it was a gamble that I might get lucky and hear someone mention a certain man, however, I didn’t want to be terribly obvious in my inquiries about him either.   I heard almost nothing except for a few rather scruffy humans gathered around the brewer sampling his wares – he was giving away free drinks to the people that wanted them.  They were talking about the number of Rangers that had started coming into the community more frequently and were wondering about that.  I glanced around and could see some Rangers, not many, and I know that we outnumbered them, Sentinel to Ranger ratio, at least five to one.  However, I already knew that this was a neutral area of sorts and that there shouldn’t be any outbreaks of violence unless these scruffy people decided to fight about who had the last drink.

I know I was getting a bit dizzy with all of my head turning to see as many people as possible without being obvious.  However, I do need to remember to breathe when I am doing that sort of thing, that’s why I was dizzy – I think it was the anticipation and the stress building up.  I know that one of my closest friends in our group had been watching me and came over to ask me if I was okay because she could tell that I was upset about something.

Lilia is another older Sentinel such as me. I know that she has had her moments with some of the younger women when they would seem to get out of hand.  I know it has been rather an emotional trial for all of us to be in this strange land and away from our families, however, fighting amongst ourselves over whose turn it was to make use of some of our male companions is no reason to pull a knife and have a go at one another.  I can’t say that Lilia nor I could care about that sort of thing, we both have mates and we’d much rather have our needs met by them than some young buck of a Kaldorei that travels with a group of Sentinels for two purposes.  I know that I was trying to put on a brave front as we stood there in the market when I told her that my son was already here in Pandaria and I was hoping to catch a glimpse of him and have a chance to talk to him for a little while.  She just beamed a big smile at me and patted me on the back and told me not to get so anxious about it – I would find him soon enough and then I would be complaining about how much he’s changed since he’s been away from home.

I decided that I needed to get out of the crowd for a while and take a walk with Lumina.  The area seemed safe enough.  I had only seen a couple of wolves when we were crossing that final bridge and it looked like there weren’t any real dangers this close to a bustling little village like this one was.  I know that it was very crowded in the market – the noise alone was starting to give me an excruciating headache and the anxiety that I was feeling even made it harder to bear.

It is a beautiful area.  Lots of farmland and little individual farms dotting the landscape here and there, plus, quite a few places that seem to raise livestock.  I guess that not all of the people that come into the community decide to take up farming and are just as happy to stand around the market and barter for the things that they need.  It has its only special kind of beauty to it even with all of the people around; however, it isn’t comparable to the peace of the jungles of the Jade Forest that we have spent so much time in since we arrived in Pandaria.

I know I had walked a good distance and noticed quite a few Sindorei out in their fields farming the land.  I also saw quite a few other races out there working away.  I never knew there were so many farmers in Azeroth, if they farmed like this at home, there would be no starvation in the cities.  I know I walked down this one lane and decided that whoever owned this farm must spend a great deal of time doing the aesthetic things – the little house looked immaculate from the outside and there wasn’t a single thing out of place.   I already knew that this little farm probably was owned by someone that took a great deal of pride in its appearance and the production.  It almost made me laugh at how precise everything was placed.

I wandered in closer to the house and decided that Lumina and I could take a rest by this huge tree that was growing there throwing out a lot of shade on this very sunny day.  I just had gotten myself settled and was going to just lean back against the tree and relax for a few when I heard some noises out in the fields.  I turned my head to see what was going on and I think I almost fainted.

It was my Sindorei working out in the field.  I would recognize him anywhere, especially since he had stripped down to be only wearing a pair of light pants and shoes.  I know that I felt like I was almost paralyzed as I watched the sunlight glisten off the sweat on his body and watched the muscles rippling on his back and arms as he started pulling up this huge weed or whatever it was.  Oh, yes, it was definitely him because I haven’t heard that very fine Orcish swearing in quite some time, as he tugged and cursed some more.  I know that I was almost speechless watching him.

I finally did call out to him and told him that if he swore less, the weed could possibly be pulled out fairly easily.  I know that the look on his face, mouth hanging open and his actually losing his balance and falling into the dirt made me laugh almost uncontrollably.

I know that once he regained his footing, rubbing his eyes and looking at me for the third time, we both started running towards one another laughing and crying at the same time.  Oh, that first kiss was unbelievably sweet and long.  I know that we were both holding on to each other so tight that it was very difficult to breath.  He smelled of leather, dirt, sweat and cigarettes, yes, cigarettes, however, I didn’t care – it was so nice to be back in his arms and to be able to hold him in mine.

I think we both came to our senses at the same time and realized that we were both standing out in an open field where anyone passing by could see our behavior.  No, it probably didn’t look like a Ranger and a Sentinel having a wrestling match – it looked very much like a man and a woman kissing one another with a great deal of passion.  I know that we both heard the laughter at the same time and whirled around to see whom it was that had discovered us in our reunion.

It was Dawnglory, naturally, and he laughed and waved at us, told me “Welcome to Pandaria” as well as telling Fnor that he would let the people know that the Commander would be indisposed for several days with a cold or something.  No, he would make sure that no healers would be making a house call to see about his condition.

We then went into the house and starting kissing even more as we quickly undressed one another.  This was something that we knew how to do as much as we did anything else.  Let’s just say that we made love for hours, we’d sleep, get up and drink something before we went back to bed.  Oh, I have heard about people having honeymoons like this, however, when you’ve been together for as long as we have there was no need to worry about discovering what the other enjoyed.  I know my hands have touched every part of my man’s body, feeling the places where he has new scars that I didn’t even know about or that he had been injured.

I think we have talked very little in these last few hours because we have just been enjoying being together and enjoying the release of our pent-up passions.  I know that we’ve constantly said how much we love one another before the passion would take over our bodies again.  Talking can come later, however, I see my Sindorei stirring in the bed and can see that bright beaming smile of his as he gazes in my direction and I know that he can see the big grin I have on my face.

I think that this journal is going to wait a while, I’m going back to bed with my man.


2 thoughts on “Looks Like I Made It…

    • Now there are quite a few strange noises coming from a certain little farmhouse in Halfhill…yep, two very happy people in there at the moment. It seemed like it was going to take her forever to get to Halfhill and her Sindorei – they are both happy now. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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