My Life is Complete…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

April 15th

Dear Journal,

I can’t begin to describe my emotional state at this point because I don’t think that I have ever been so happy or as relieved in my life.  My wife is here in Halfhill, finally.  All these weeks of waiting and worrying about her are finally at an end.

I know that physically I am spent and I think that we have made up for all of the lost time that we have been apart since Winter Veil.  I never knew that time could fly by and drag at a snail’s pace at the same time, however, this waiting has been a torture that I don’t think that I could endure again.

What my lovely Sentinel doesn’t realize is that while I was out there working in the fields, I was actually thinking about the fact that as soon as I got finished with my chores here at the farm, I was going to go find her.  I had had enough of the waiting and worrying, I was going to go where I thought her group of Sentinels might be and kidnap her if I had too – or make it look like a kidnapping. 

Oh, she scared me half to death when she was sitting in the shade of the tree watching me trying to get some weeds out of the field.  I know that I was just frustrated that I couldn’t get the work done faster because I wanted to leave.  When she called out to me to stop swearing and the weed might be easier to pull, I almost jumped out of my skin.  I know that I made a fool of myself, however, that won’t matter in a few years after she quits teasing me about it.

I know that I haven’t had that much joy in a long time.  I know that we were both laughing and crying at the same time as we raced into one another’s arms.  At that point, I didn’t care if the entire world saw us together – there she was, my wife, my love and my life – in the flesh and it wasn’t a dream.  It was a dream come true for me and I think it was for her as well.

I know that we made love like we used too before we had any children that would interrupt us.  It was heaven on earth for me – it was like having a honeymoon all over again.  I know that we have both satiated our passions for a while, that’s why I’m sitting at the table writing in my journal and watching my beloved sleep blissfully away in our bed.

I don’t think we have actually been out of the bed other than to get a bite to eat and drink and to take care of our other physical needs.  I just thank the Light that I had already had some indoor plumbing put in before she got here.  I don’t think people would understand seeing a Kaldorei woman coming out of my house to use the outhouse.  I know that we haven’t stuck our noses out of the house since she arrived.

Well, she is kind of trapped here until she has to leave because it wouldn’t do either one of us any good for her to be seen leaving a known Sindorei man’s farm, especially my farm.  I know that I have been celibate since I’ve been in Pandaria, however, there have been women here before, just not the ones that would have stayed overnight even if I thought about that, just a healer or two, possibly a couple of the female Rangers leaving messages from the camp.

Oh, I still can’t believe she’s here.  I know that I keep thinking that I am dreaming it and I don’t want to ever wake up again.  I know that we haven’t talked all that much since she’s been here, however, that will come in time.

One thing I do know is that I am going to have to cut back on my smoking considerably if we are going to continue this marathon in the future.  I know that I caught myself lying there panting like an animal that had been chased to ground at the end of a hunt.  Amyn would give me this worried look and then shake her head.  I had told her that I was going to try to quit and that didn’t happen, I guess she might understand some of that with the stress that we have both been under.

It’s raining like mad here at the farm and that means that there is absolutely no reason for anyone to be stopping by here unless you count the people coming by to pick up the supplies for the war effort. I’m assuming that Dawnglory has gotten word to the camp that I won’t be around for a few days due to some reason or other.  I know that he didn’t tell them that I was staying in my house because my wife was here and we were making up for lost time.

I just had a fearful thought cross my mind.  I haven’t noticed Amyn taking any of her herbs since we’ve been together.  I know that if there was any miracle on Azeroth right now it would be that she doesn’t end up pregnant again.  Oh, we have four children to look after, however, I do think the Sentinels might be a bit put off if she starts sporting a big belly when she hasn’t been with any of the men in their group or elsewhere for that matter.  It would definitely cause a bit of an embarrassing stir with all of those women trying to figure out who she had been with. I know women like to know these things and will go to great lengths to satisfy their curiosity.

Well, scratch that last remark about the four children.  My boys are almost grown men, Kal and Vashlan, and the two little step-sons are with her parents in Dolonaar. I know that Kal is going to be out of his mind with joy when he finally finds out that his Mother is here and has been with me since she arrived in Halfhill.  That boy definitely worships her as only a child could. I worship the ground she walks on, however, my worshiping takes many forms.

My mind is still a bit foggy from the brandy that we had last night.  Oh yes, we had the candles lit and we carried on like we used to do in Dalaran.  I know that I kept looking at her in the candlelight and marveling at how she never seems to age – she is just as beautiful as she was the first day that I saw her in the Barrens.

The furnishings here aren’t nearly as comfortable as it could be, however, now that she is here, we can do some redecorating.  We definitely could use a bigger bed, however, that would mean that we’d have to add on to the house which might be a bit noticeable.

No, she can’t stay with me all of the time, we both know that.  It is going to be back to the routines that we had when we were both in the military before.  We just need to see where she is going to be sent with her group and I will do my damnedest to make sure that I am in the same area a great part of the time.  I know that we really had to pull some shenanigans back in the day and I’m sure that we will make do like that again.  However, we both know that she will be able to disappear into a farmhouse here in Halfhill whenever she wants too.  We will just need to figure out a way to signal the other when we are at home.

Oh, I know that I am going to have a mountain of work for me when I do get back to the command post, which may not be for at least three more days.  Amyn needs to make an appearance at the Inn here too, she left her belongings there and I am sure that the Innkeeper is probably enjoying collecting the rent on the room even if it is not being used by the person paying for it. However, neither one of us want her Sentinel friends out looking for her either.

I do wish that I had the ability to just disappear from time to time, however, with my position, it would be impossible.  I know that I constantly have people tracking me down for things.  Damn it, I wish that Hellscream would take my damned resignation and let me live my life the way that I want too.

I know that I am planning on making a rather large meal for us this morning.  We need to keep up our strength if we’re going to continue at the pace we have been for the last couple of days.  I know that I feel like I have lost weight and definitely used muscles that I haven’t used in a while either.  Good thing the larder was filled with food before she got here.

We also need to sit down and talk.  I know that we have to make some decisions as to how we are truly going to handle this situation now that we are together again.  I know that I am not going months again without being with my wife. We have so much to talk about, however, she looks at me with those big eyes of hers and gives me that “come hither” look and all of the common sense I have in my head seems to take flight.

Pan wasn’t too thrilled with getting booted out of the bed a few times, however, there wasn’t enough room for one giant cat to fit in there with a man and woman being as active as we were.  He’s got Lumina to keep him company now and that seems to have satisfied his cuddling moods.

My mind is just jumping from subject to subject today.  I guess that it is time that I stopped writing in my journal because it looks like a jumbled up mess when I start to look back on the page.  Besides, I’m actually hungry for some real food and it might be a way to wake up my wife while enticing her with the idea of eating.  Oh, we’ve had food but I don’t think we’ve fixed a full meal in a couple of days.

Oh, yes, I feel like my life is definitely getting back to where it should be.  My woman is here, I can talk to her, see her and touch her again.  I am sitting here with a big grin plastered on my face and it’s a real smile – a very real smile for the first time in months.  I am a very contented man at the moment.


Fnor Morningstar

2 thoughts on “My Life is Complete…

  1. Hehe, yeah, Fnor was starting to get desperate there and was all set to take matters into his own hands to find her. Now, I’m sure that they will enjoy these few days together before they both have to come back to the realities again. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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