Strange Side Trip…

April 18th

Dear Journal,

I can’t begin to say how happy that I am that my Mother is here in Halfhill.  I ran into Dawnglory in the market and he slipped me a note as we were passing one another in the market place.  All the note said was “Mom Here With Dad” which was enough for me to know that they were together at last.  It was quite a relief to know that she was here and where she was.  No, even if I wanted to race over to my Father’s house and greet my Mother, it wouldn’t have been possible without half of the neighborhood noticing it.  Besides, I know what they are probably doing and I know that I wouldn’t be too thrilled with anyone interrupting that.

I know that I need to talk to my Dad at some length about something that recently happened too.  It involves Morningstar Enterprises and Mom’s company.  I got a note from Magdamia to meet some people in Iron Forge and to guide them through the Wetlands, catch a ship and lead them to a place in Mulgore.  Okay, I’ve done that before but not since I’ve been serving in Pandaria.  I mean, the money was good and it seemed like it would be a simple enough task.

Okay, I met the people in Iron Forge as I had been instructed to do and they were a motley crew. I hadn’t ever met any of them before with the exception of the leader of the group.  Well, that was fine, however, they were talking rather openly about moving supplies from Iron Forge to a group in Mulgore as if it were a walk in the park.  I know that there are quite a few people that are resistant to the Warchief that the Horde currently have, including my Father.  However, I wasn’t planning on getting involved in this kind of political intrigue.

What I thought was going to be a rather short trip actually took three days.  I had to do a lot of explaining when I got back to camp as to why my absence was prolonged and had to explain some of it to Kae as well.  Normally, I will be gone a day or two at the most, however, this was a day longer than it should have been without having permission from the Sentinels.  Guess I’m back on the “watch” list even if Kae isn’t involved in it.

Anyway, we made the trip from Iron Forge using mules and leading them the whole way.  I’ve done the trip a few times, however, I’ve never done the trip with people carrying contraband materials to a group planning on rebelling against the other faction.  I guess the purpose of doing this all overland was to avoid any undue notice by people, however, I’m sure that we were seen by various groups of people as we went through some of the settlements.

I was a little bit shocked when we arrived in Kalimdor.  We weren’t all that far away from Theramore and I could feel myself just getting totally uneasy with just being near that site.  The tall towers that I knew so well were gone and it looked like the Horde had a camp there guarding this unclean ground.  I know that it gave me such a weird feeling that I don’t think I’ll go near the place again for a very long time.  You could almost sense the spirits of the dead there and that they were definitely not at rest.

We did the trek across the Barrens and I guess this is why they needed me along.  I had been in the area quite a bit since the Shattering and knew my way through the area very well. I knew the shortcuts through the chasm and how to avoid the Horde patrols even with this large of a group of people and the slow moving mounts and mules.

I couldn’t help but notice that crates of goods when we would unload them off the mules to give the animals a rest.  They were the same crates that Kae and I had seen at the warehouse in Stormwind when we were there.  Oh yes, the Horde symbols were there for all to see when they weren’t covered with the tarps. It really made me uneasy and it also made me wonder why Magdamia didn’t send someone else with this group instead of me.

The delivery point was where it got dicey.  I guess the Leader of the group didn’t get the full instructions and the map that he had been using wasn’t all that great.  Luckily, I knew the places where were traveling and could kind of get the gist of where we were supposed to deliver the goods.  It was all supposed to be some clandestine drop point where the Horde rebellion people could pick them up without being noticed.

I know that I was extremely nervous when they started talking about caves near the pools where we were supposed to drop things off and told me that we needed to go North.  Well, my memory wasn’t all that faulty and I told them that there weren’t any caves in the North where they wanted to go and that it was much further South.  This is why it took an extra day to make the delivery and get back to where I was supposed to be.

Why we had to drop them off near an encampment seemed rather odd to me, however, I was there to guide these people and not to ask a lot of questions.  I led the party the way that I thought that we should go and to the area where we needed to drop them off.  I’m not very good at this sort of clandestine operation, however, it was something that I had done before the war and I didn’t think that we were going to have any trouble.

I guess that we were noticed crossing some areas of the Barrens and we had picked up a party of Horde scouts that were following us to find out where we were going.  Heck, we could have been taking the supplies to Ashenvale for all they knew, I suppose.

When we had arrived at the drop point and were unloading the supplies, we got attacked by the Horde scouts.  All Orcs and all just as savage as their counterparts in Pandaria.  These homegrown varieties were no different from the bands that rove the countryside there, however, they didn’t have the skills or the backup of having a group of Rangers with them either.

We had quite the skirmish there in the Barrens.  Luckily for us, we only had some minor injuries which were pretty much self-induced.  We had a dwarf that was just crazy about explosives and would lob off a bomb without a care in the world.  Sure the damage they did was very beneficial to us, however, the aftermath was a bit daunting.  We all suffered from a bit of hearing loss because a bomb had gone off in the close proximity of where we were fighting the Orcs.  Only one of the party actually had any real major hearing loss for a while, however, I think that she is okay now.

We were able to at least take one Orc prisoner that we questioned.  Well, the leader of the group questioned the Orc to find out if we had been sold out or if they were indeed just a scouting party that had picked up our trail.  Luckily, they were just a scouting party.

I was more than a little bit nervous when the people voiced the opinion that we might have been sold out because I knew where the information had come from not only in Stormwind but also in Orgrimmar.  These people were dealing with my family and didn’t even realize it.  Both sides of the family and the employees.   Luckily for me, I always keep the comlinks for the companies on my person – unless you know the codes, you’d just think that they were some other piece of equipment that some crazy Kaldorei had on his person.  I contacted the office in Orgrimmar and rattled off in my very faulty Orcish that the delivery had been made and was ready for pickup.

We weren’t that darn far from the gates of Orgrimmar, I could see the towers and I could see patrols heading in our general direction.  There was no time to bury the dead Orcs to cover our tracks and there was definitely no time to stand around and discuss the happenings of the trip at that point.  I told them that the people from Orgrimmar were on their way to pick up the supplies and we needed to get the heck out of there.

Let’s just say that I am very happy that there was at least one mage with the group and they could make a portal back to Iron Forge.   I don’t think I was ever quite so happy to see a city as I was when we got back.  Of course, I was thanked for my services and all that and I took off.

I got back to Pandaria and had some real explaining to do to the Commander and to Kae.  I know I rattled off some nonsense about a family issue that I had had to take care of and they seemed to buy that pretty much.  It isn’t that I am one for going off absent without leave without a good reason.  I just hope that my Grandmother doesn’t decide to make a trip to Pandaria anytime in the near future since she is now out of her deathbed. I’m not very good at subterfuge and lying to start with and it was the only thing that I could think of.

Of course, I’ll explain things a bit more to Kae when we are alone.  Damn, I don’t like getting involved in this stuff without knowing exactly what is going on beforehand.  I know that I am going to tell Magdamia what my feelings are on it too when I see her again.  Don’t ever send me out on something like this again, silly Draeni.  This was a little bit too close to the line for me of being a traitor to the Crown even if I do hate the war and everything it stands for.


2 thoughts on “Strange Side Trip…

  1. EEEP ! Talk about stress.. I can totally understand Kal freaking out,because anything that can go wrong will go wrong.. just Murphy’s Law…..I wonder if that applies in Azeroth too.. Great read!

  2. Poor Kal walked into this one totally flatfooted and had not clue initially that it was part of the “rebellion” that is going on undercover, so to speak. Oh, he knows there are people out there that are working the underground part of the war, however, he hadn’t run into it until nowj – I think he and Maggie are going to have a long talk after he speaks to his parents. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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