Family Business…War

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

April 20th

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here at the house in Halfhill, realizing that it wasn’t a dream after all, my wife was here and we had some very glorious days renewing our physical, emotional and mental relationship.  I don’t ever want to go that long again without being able to hold her in my arms and telling her how much I love her again. We both knew that these were indeed stolen hours and days and that they would have to come to an end.  She would have to report back to her unit of Sentinels and I back to the Rangers, which made each moment something to treasure.

We bid one another a fond adieu before dawn this morning and I’ll admit that there were tears in my eyes that were left unshed.  At least I know she’s here in Pandaria and we will have more chances to be together again.  We will have to make sure that we have our rendezvous away from the normal areas that are well travelled by both factions.  The farm is idyllic in its setting, however, it is too easily watched for it to be a regular rendezvous point for us, damn it all.

We got the chances to talk about the children and I’ll admit that I laughed until I cried more than a few times.  How I miss my two step-sons goes without saying.  Amyn keeps telling me that they are as bad if not a bit worse than how Kal and Vash were when they were that age, however, I wasn’t there for most of that and it is something that I will regret all the days of the my life.

I keep telling Amyn that they might be too much for her parents to handle and she gets that look on her face and tells me that they aren’t too old and that the boys are really keeping them young.  I know that they gave me more than a few of these gray hairs on my head when we were living in Dalaran. I always wonder what kind of trouble they will get into next and the answer is “wait, they’ll think of something” and they haven’t disappointed me yet.  I laughed when Amyn told me that she had had to make arrangements to have some more of the wooden spoons sent to her Mother because she had broken her old ones warming up their little backsides.  Good weapon of choice, they have the flexibility to give you two hits for one stroke.

I’ve been instructed to get word to Kal that his Mother is in Halfhill and will see him on her next trip through here.  Damn, I hate it when she talks like that, like some kind of clandestine meeting with me and an open relationship with our son. Oh, I don’t resent the relationship, far from it, I just resent this damnable war that prevents me from actually being a part of it publicly.  I’m proud of my son and I’m proud of how he has grown-up so much since he’s been in Pandaria.  He definitely has taken after his Mother’s people with his size, he towers over me now and I’m not exactly a short man by Sindorei standards.

I made an appearance at the camp yesterday for a while to show people that I hadn’t died or run off to places unknown, however, a few comments were made about the fact that I definitely looked like I had been ill.  No, I hadn’t been ill, just worn out by my enthusiastic wife and very fatigued.  Naturally, I couldn’t exactly come out and tell them that for the obvious reasons. For all they know, they know that I am married and that my wife is in Silvermoon or Shattrath.  I have tried to be extremely evasive as to where she might be at any given time. Let them think what they will, they won’t find a Mrs. Morningstar anyway even if they tried.

I saw Dawnglory while I was there and he looked like hell.  Well, actually, he looked like how I felt and for the same reasons.  I’ve seen those love bites before and he looked like he had been out with a group of cannibals or something with the marks peeking out from under his collar.  I’d say he’s had an adventure that only he could have experienced.  I wonder how many women he was trying to bed at the same time on this adventure.  We haven’t had much of a chance to talk yet, however, I’m definitely going to find out because my curiosity is getting the better of me.  I know that he was having a tough time just moving around and you can forget his being able to concentrate on any of the paperwork on his desk, that was indeed a moot point.  So, I sent him back to his farm to get cleaned up and to get some rest.  Little did he know that I was really ready to head back to my own farm to spend a few more hours with my wife before she had to leave again.

Naturally, I had a stack of paper on my desk that made the local mountains look like small hills. I brought some of it home with me last night, however, I had no intentions of actually working on them until this morning after Amyn left.

Amyn and I talked briefly about the war effort here in Pandaria and discussed how it was affecting our businesses.  Apparently, we’re increasing the staff in both areas, Orgrimmar and Stormwind, and the profit margins have skyrocketed.  War is definitely good for business, however, it’s not good for people.

We even discussed my involvement in some of the lesser known things.  I had run into a group of people in Orgrimmar that were slowly building a rebellion of sorts against Garrosh Hellscream’s leadership.  Oh, I know that it’s treasonous, however, if it will end this war any faster, I’m definitely behind it.  She said that her office manager had let her know that there several crates sitting in the Stormwind warehouse that had Horde supplies in them and I just smiled at Amyn’s stern look.

Yes, there were some crates there and they were going to be transferred over to the Morningstar staff as quickly as possible, they were part of the rebellion movement.  Let’s just say that my wife was not totally pleased with the involvement.  We actually got into a bit of a heated discussion in regard to involving “her” people in Stormwind with “my” people in Orgrimmar.   We usually try to keep the two companies separated as much as possible, however, with our line of business, there will be times that we are servicing both factions.  I don’t know why she feels that her staff is more important than my staff.  Both groups are paid employees and the majority of them have the intelligence not ask questions about some of the contracts that they are given.  I’ll just have to make sure that, in the future, that the Stormwind group is not as heavily involved, I suppose.  I have to make compromises in order to keep the peace in the family, I suppose.

I sure as hell didn’t tell her that I knew that I had recommended that Kal act as a guide for this group of people if Magdamia could tear him away from his duties in Pandaria for a few days.  I’m assuming that things went okay because there hasn’t been any news from Orgrimmar about any problems with them picking up the goods that were delivered.

Kal knows Kalimdor and he especially knows the Barrens with as many trips that he and I have taken down there in the past.  He probably knows that area a lot better than some of the Horde. I’m sure that if there had been any problems that Faendra and Zippie would have gotten word to me as quickly as possible.  Fae knew that Kal was the guide for the group because I told her and she would have been sure to let me know if anything had happened to her nephew.

Oh well, the whole thing made Amyn extremely angry and it took some time to get her settled down.  One thing about having an argument with your spouse is the fact that you get to make up afterwards. At least I was honest enough to tell her about that part of my life that has taken root since we’ve been apart.  I know that I did laugh a little bit at her when she snatched up her bow and told me that she would shoot me before she allowed anyone to harm a hair on my head for doing something to stop the insanity of this war.  Typical female logic, she’d kill me herself rather than let someone else do it.  That’s the fun part of being married to a hot-blooded Sentinel.

Oh, the house feels so empty without my wife here, however, I know that she will be back again, if not to the farm, we will be together again soon.

I know that I couldn’t go back to sleep once Amyn left this morning, so, I went out to check the fields and actually put a few plants in the ground before it started raining like there was no tomorrow.  Just barely made it back to the house before I got totally drenched with the rain – oh, the lightning show has been awesome, watching it play amongst the clouds is one of my favorite pastimes when the opportunity presents itself.   So, I’ve spent most of my morning writing and flipping through the paperwork that I brought home from the camp.

However, I think I am going to go back and lay down on the bed for a while and possibly take a nap until this rain stops.  Besides, I can lie there holding the pillow that my beloved rested her head on and take in her scent and feel like she is still there.

Fnor Morningstar


2 thoughts on “Family Business…War

  1. LOL, not a group of cannibals.just one ..but she’s more of a carnivore. I can just see Fnor’s face when he finds out that Fnar has found someone who can more than keep up with him ,but wear him out.Its nice to see that Fnor is getting some quality time with his lovely wife.They needed the time alone. Great read

    • Fnor needs something to tease Dawnglory about anyway – might as well take up his last adventure.Well, Amyn has gone back to her Sentinel group and the old man is about to report back in at the Ranger camp in Krasarang. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting – it makes it more fun to write then. 😀

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