More Trouble

April 21st

Dear Journal,

Oh Elune!! I wonder if Kal even realizes how much trouble he is in right or how much trouble that I am in because of my association with him?

When he got back from his little side trip that he took for three days, we didn’t have time to talk before we were called into the Commander’s tent to discuss his absence without leave problem.  Oh, they don’t mind if we disappear now and again for a couple of days as long as we don’t have duties that were assigned to us.  No, they probably wouldn’t have noticed under normal circumstances.

He told me he was going to Iron Forge and I assumed that he was going to go drinking with those dwarves again, which is okay, they are his friends and I’m sure that he needs a break from Pandaria now and then too.  He’s young, well, I’m young too, however, I tend to want to stay at the farm when I have time off.

Well, I guess that he had forgotten that he told me that he was going to Iron Forge and told the Commander that he was in Dolonaar and that his Grandmother was thought to be on her deathbed, however, she recovered and was expected to live.  I felt like such a fool because I had told the Commander that he was in Iron Forge, which is what he had told me.  I have no idea where in the heck the thing about Dolonaar came into his mind.

Oh, the Commander was right on that with her comments.  “Oh, Kae told me you were in Iron Forge and you tell me you were in Dolonaar at the same time.  That’s a neat trick to pull off and I’m sure that Sentinel Nightshade wasn’t mistaken with her information.  However, if you know how to be in two places at one time, perhaps you could share that information with our mages, it would be a great benefit to the war effort here in Pandaria and our troop movements. Imagine being able to be in two places at once, we’d have double the manpower on the ground. Please report to the duty officer, Shadowmoon, you’re on latrine duty for the next week where we can keep an eye on you, we need more pits to be cleaned out and new ones dug.”

They wouldn’t have even known he was gone if it hadn’t of been for Phaendra sending word to the farm that we were needed for scouting duty.  Damn that woman!!  I know that she still has it in for me after that fight we had about Kal already.  Now, I almost suspect her of spying on us when we are in Halfhill, which really wouldn’t surprise me.  She still tells the women that she wants some time in the sack with that extra large Sindorei. Oh, she makes me so angry!!

I had to report back to camp for the scouting duty without Kal and was questioned as to where my partner was and I told them he was in Iron Forge to visit with some friends while we were off-duty and I hadn’t wanted to tag along. So, there you have the beginning of the lie and I was totally ignorant of the fact that I was not telling the truth because that’s what he had told me.

We’ve since talked about what was going on and I am very upset with him.  I think we’ve had our first argument and he went out and slept under the house rather than stay inside with me.  He shouldn’t be getting involved with stuff like that.  A group of people forming a rebellion and he was happily guiding them along to drop off supplies for the Horde?  No, I don’t think so. The Sentinel in me tells me that I should report back to the command post and tell them about his involvement and the woman in me tells me to keep my mouth shut.

Now, he’s going to be stuck at the camp for the next week and I’ll have to go out on patrol with that guy that just thinks about how many women he can service for extra time off.  No, I don’t want to go scouting with someone that just wants to get in my pants so he can get a day off from duty.  From what I hear, he’s not even that good.  If I want to sleep with a man, it’s going to be Kaldor Shadowmoon and that’s just how that is.

I really want to go back to the camp and scratch Phaendra’s eyes out and kick her into one of the latrine pits that Kal is going to be cleaning.  That would definitely make me feel better.

I hope that when all of this is over that he will see the error of his ways and start sleeping in the house again.  It’s embarrassing enough to think that that bitch of a woman is watching us and for her to spread the word around the camp that he’s not even sleeping with me anymore.


2 thoughts on “More Trouble

  1. Oh boy! Sounds like someone is working overtime to make points with the commander, better be careful, Kae,and Kal, that viper sounds like she’s gotten in for both of you.

    • Oh, they both know that this particular woman can be rather vicious anyway – it didn’t help matters any that Kae and she got into that fight a while back, however, maybe this is her starting some kind of vendetta? Thanks for reading the blog and commenting 😀

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