A Few Words About Running a Business

April 22nd

Dear Journal,

Well, it certainly does seem like these people that I work for are just being a bit too particular right now and I am starting to get very furious with it.  It’s not that I dislike my job, it’s in Stormwind and the money is good, not to mention, it gives me a chance to mingle with the people.

Okay, I may have made a mistake by giving that guy the contract that I did for the delivery of the goods to that Sindorei’s company, however, I thought that he would be the best guy for the job.  He’s experienced and he is the son of the owner of the company, after all.  He’s done work like this before he got shot in the backside with romance and adventure and went off to war in Pandaria. As far as I can tell, he did a good job this time too, however, Mommy doesn’t think that it was such a good idea. I just got a letter from her telling me that I need to contact her if I want to send her precious son out on a contract like this again.  It really did make my day start out rather rudely – I don’t like rude.

I mean the fellow is a half-breed, where else is he going to find work like this and at the price he was paid for being the guide for this group of people.  Of course, he probably wouldn’t even be in Stormwind at all if it weren’t for his Mother anyway.

Here I sit.  A perfectly lovely Draeni woman with a good head on her shoulders for managing this company for this Sentinel and her Sindorei lover and this is the thanks I get for it.  How else could she go off traipsing after that Blood Elf in Pandaria and playing house with her son?  If it weren’t for me, they’d have to shut the doors.

Now, she sends me a Pandaren hunter to start sending out with the other hunters to learn the ropes.  By the Light, he’s a bear, can’t she see that?  Not to mention all of these Worgen people sending me their goods to sell – what is this, a zoo? I’m surrounded by Dwarves that sit here and drink themselves silly, Worgen that snort and growl at the other employees, now, I’m going to have to contend with a short round  Pandaren that can’t even find his way to the front gates of the city yet without a map. Well, he’s not the first Pandaren she’s sent to the office here for contracts – Panmoshu is another one of them and I suppose that she can get this Peiling started out on the right foot.  They speak the same language even if they are weird.

All of this “Slow Down” and all that stuff, that’s not how to make a profit and I know that.  I’ve heard of taking  a slower pace but these little furries are just so overweight that they have to take it slow or they will roll away.  Yesterday they brought another one of their kind in to see the office and to see if I had anything for him to do.  Great!  You let one in and the next thing you know, you have a whole crowd of them.  This one is a monk and I guess I have to listen to his philosophy when he brings in the jewels that he was hired to find. Changwu – what kind of name is that, sounds like someone ringing a doorbell.

Not only do I have to run the whole operation, now, I have to babysit the mage kid too.  Seems he is supposed to start doing some work for us as well.  Well, he’s another half-breed kid of the owner. If I was a lesser person, I’d turn the whole group in and call it well worth it, however, I don’t think that I could find another job where I can be in charge of everything at this pay rate, I’ve looked, trust me, I’ve looked.

I manage the office, run inventories and do the accounting, that’s a lot to do and trust me, it’s not an easy task.  Now I have all of these “things” to contend with.  I am supposed to hire an assistant, according to this letter that I got this morning.  Well, I tried that but how was I supposed to know that the little pink-haired gnome was a warlock – she didn’t put that down on her application.  You know how I found out?  Well, I suppose she thought that it was okay to let her familiar run free in the warehouse and he set a pile of boxes on fire – that’s how I found out.

Maybe I should take a few days off, it’s been a good solid year since I’ve gone back to visit my family and it might be a change that will help me stop being this way.  I don’t demand much of these people other than getting their contracts in to the office, completed, the forms filled out and the numbers added up before they hand them to me.  Well, that seems easy enough, however, the dwarves seem to think that it’s funny to add extra numbers in there so that I have to go check everything that they have brought in.  Oh, that Hammon even pinched me on the butt when I was checking his inventory.

I have to check all of these things before I start handing out money.  Doesn’t anyone know how stressful that is?  Not to mention, I do have a couple of guards that like to pilfer things now and again.  I suppose that means I have to hire more security to watch the security that I have already?

Running a business isn’t easy especially when it’s not even your own business.  I think that I am starting to come unraveled.

I didn’t mean for this journal entry to be just my ranting, however, what’s a girl to do?  I can’t sit down and discuss it with the employees without them trying to take advantage of me.  Maybe that Bitterbeer person is right, I need to find a man – not him, oh Light!  He even waggled his eyebrows at me when he suggested I needed a man.

There was even a party last night that I wanted to attend, however, I opted to stay in the office and work on the accounting.  I’m working too much, I need a break, I need to talk to my Mother and Father to see if they have any suggestions.  Maybe I should change professions?  I can just hear my Mother telling me “Maggie, just be patient, these people don’t have the intelligence that you do.”




2 thoughts on “A Few Words About Running a Business

  1. ROTFL! She sure isn’t full of herself is she? Sounds like a real handful but then again most Draenie tend to be high spirited and very blunt ; which I’ve discovered. I know my own Shiksa can be very opinionated, but she has learned after awhile to bite her tongue on occasions where before she would just blurt things out ,without thinking.Great read!

    • Maggie has been around the Shadowmoon business for a while and Amyn just kind of handed everything over to her and said “Make this work…okay, bye, off to war now, see ya” which left poor Maggie with having to manage the employees, paying off the officials from time to time;etc. Yep, she does have a very high opinion of herself at times and is just as blunt. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting – I’m sure that we will hear more from Maggie in the near future.

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