A Nightmare Too Real

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

April 23rd

Dear Journal,

After spending the better part of my day yesterday in the presence of the Warchief and in the privy meeting that was held with Council, it’s a wonder I am not suffering from a major hangover. Of course, when you get summoned to those meetings, it is a command performance and you have to attend or you get on a list for not kissing Hellscream’s backside.

I know that I would have much rather spent my time back in Pandaria doing the job that I am supposed to be doing instead of dancing this political dance and listening to the drivel and intrigue that is going on behind closed doors.  Surely, if people even had a remote idea of how the madman thinks, they would have deserted the army long ago.  This is not the Horde that I knew and respected for years, this is some sad little man wanting to prove to the world that he is as good a leader as his Father and Thrall were.  No, he will never live long enough to reach those heights and I would assume that Hellscream’s Father must be turning in his grave at what his son is doing in his name.  As for Thrall, the man has changed dramatically, I would have thought that he would have interceded in this madness and removed the fool that is leading the Horde currently.  I assume that he his spending his time with his wife and child and his philosophies and his people are far from his mind.

I think that my total dislike of Hellscream started at the very beginning of his reign as Warchief with his underhanded manner in which he murdered Cairne Bloodhoof. I know that there are many people that still believe to this day that the man was well aware of the poison that was placed upon that blade, Gorehowl.  It was despicable and a dishonorable thing that was done that day not only to the Tauren as a people, it was the beginning of the end of the Horde as we once knew it.

As a civilian at that point, I attended the burial of Cairne and have never forgotten it.  The dignity shown by Baine and the manner in which the people mourned and celebrated the death of the great man has always stayed in my mind. Baine is a very young Chief, however, he had as much training with the teachings of his Father and his strong belief in the Earth Mother that he has shown great wisdom beyond his years with his leadership of his people. I have a deep abiding respect for this young Chief and his people.  There are times that I wonder why they have been aligned with Horde as much as I question why the Blood Elves are in the same boat with them.

I think with all of the discussion that was had yesterday in the Council Meeting, the rehashing of the Blood Elf involvement with the Theramore disgrace and the second abysmal thing that happened in Dalaran just had my mind in the right place for the nightmare that I was forced to endure last night while I slept.

There is no secret about my love of Dalaran and the home that I still long for in that city.  I know that a part of me feels like it has died and there was no funeral held in its honor.  Anyway, with the discussion of Jaina Proudmore and King Varian going on at great lengths and the hints that Jaina may be doing more than just holding council with the King made me almost physically ill.  Yes, the woman is definitely in a powerful position with her people and the King seems unable to control the madwoman.  A part of me can understand that her grief over the loss of life and her city of Theramore did more than just unhinge her mind, it destroyed a city and people that may have been innocent of her accusations.  We will never know what really happened because the reports that were given after the purge were a jumbled up mess and no one gave a true concise report of the actions – it was a massacre.

I had a dream about the Purge of Dalaran that was more than a little graphic last night.  It has left me shaken this morning as I sit here and try to write in my journal before attending another meeting today here in Orgrimmar.

The dream was so vivid that I could hear the screams of the civilians as they tried to escape their Fate as well as the cries of the poor dragonhawks as they were senselessly shot down from the skies as they tried desperately to respond to their masters’ calls. So much carnage and loss of life was senseless and the people had no escape.  In my dream I saw many take the plunge from the walls of the city as well as leaping from the sewer exit – they fell to their deaths rather than to be killed by the mindless butchers that were roaming the streets of that once fair city.  I saw dragonhawks set ablaze by the fiery arrows of Kirin’Tor while their riders screamed as they burned astride their mounts. I could even smell the fire and smoke wafting under my nostrils while I slept while I must have been moaning and tossing about in my sleep.

I think that the thing that shook me the worst was, in my dream, I could see my beloved Amyn trying to lead the two youngest boys to safety away from the carnage.  The look of horror and the look of desperation in her face was almost more than I could bear.  I saw Sunstriders being shot down all around her as she ran with the children, their hands clenched tightly in hers.  I even saw her leading them down into the sewers to try to escape.  I know that in my dream I was there, calling out to her that the sewers were a deathtrap and not to go there. I saw the youngest boy go down with an arrow through his small throat and as Amyn knelt to pick up his little body a man ran her through with a sword before killing the other child with a dagger.  I know that’s where the dream got real creepy because as much as I wanted to wake up, I was forced to endure what followed.

As Amyn lay there dying with her children lying next to her, a young man strode up and spat on her, calling her a Sindorei whore before he lit her clothing on fire as she lay there.  I could hear her screams and watch her body contort with what must have been the most excruciating pain she had ever endured.  I woke up, drenched in sweat with the bed clothes almost torn completely asunder and proceeded to not only weep at the memory but to empty the contents of my stomach.

Let’s just say that I am still shaking from that dream because it seemed so real, the sights, sounds and the smells of a city under siege were almost too real.  Some of this I have experienced in my own life with the siege of Silvermoon by the Scourge so many years ago.  Yes, my mind was playing horrible tricks with my memories included to enhance the nightmare.

I know that this was all a dream because I had made arrangements for the family to leave from Dalaran long before this actually occurred.  We all went to Shattrath to setup our new lives there to escape the political unrest that had become a part of the daily life in Dalaran. I just thank the Light and Elune that I had had the foresight to get my family out of there before any of this actually happened to them.

Now, I have to get dressed in my uniform and go sit in the next Council Meeting and listen to that oaf pontificate about what his goal is for the Horde.  Damn his soul to an eternity of burning fire.  I hope that I can control my emotions better when I get to the meeting and not make the error of jumping up and giving my true opinion of the Orc.  Greed is driving him as well as his undying loyalty to his own grandiose ideals of Power.  Why can’t the other attendees see this?  I can’t be the only one that has these feelings. Light help of us all if he is able to harness the powers of the Mogu to be wielded as a new weapon against the Alliance.  The man doesn’t care about his people nor does he care about this new land of Pandaria – he only cares about himself and what he wants.

Fnor Morningstar


2 thoughts on “A Nightmare Too Real

  1. Poor Fnor, what a horrible nightmare! I know Sala and Dani are very much against this war..it sickens them to see so much loss of life..especially among their race, who can’t really afford to lose anymore. If Lor’themar took over as warchief,or even Baine, I know Sala would support them both without a doubt.

  2. Oh, yeah, he was visibly shaken by the nightmare and then to have to go to another meeting today is just the icing on the cake. Fnor never has been in favor of the war, he is honoring the Oath that he took in Silvermoon and hates every minute that he is being forced to do the things that he has done in Pandaria. ((hehe, I’d follow Baine in a heartbeat because I have a herd of Tauren characters to go along with it.)) Thanks again for reading the blog and commenting.

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