Thoughts About The Future

April 25th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that I am getting very used to waking up in Darnassus.  Just lying there in bed next to Felley is always a shock and surprise when I realize that it isn’t my wife of many years.  The feelings I have for Felley are very different from the love that I had with my wife, however, it is still a relationship that is growing and being nurtured as we get used to our new life away from Gilneas.

This morning was no different than other mornings since we’ve been together with the exception that I am getting to the point now that I have learned to accept the Curse for what it is and not keep trying to kid myself into thinking that someone is going to come up with a “cure” for it somewhere.  Oh, I’ll admit that I was one of those people that wanted to find something that would keep the wolf buried or have it driven from my body and was willing to do almost anything other than accepting it.

Since Felley and I have had our little pack together, things have changed.  I have started to enjoy my life again even if there are fleeting moments that I think about how things were in Gilneas.  I’ve finally stopped looking for my wife and my children, there is no way that they could have survived all of the horrendous things that happened. Felley is a good woman, kind hearted almost to a fault, however, when she takes on her inner beast form, there is no one more vicious out in the wild.  I know that she and I work together as a team and the pack follows.

It does seem as if we’re getting quite a few more people in our little group, however, there are a couple that concern me with the way that they will go out independently from the pack and sometimes cause trouble to come back to my doorstep.  They’re young and they hadn’t really gotten the attention that they needed from their families back in Gilneas, I suppose.  However, I don’t intend to raise them as my own children, that’s not what I am here for.  I don’t know if the two youngest males are going to be able to make the transition with the pack, they seem too headstrong and are constantly fighting with any other males they run into, with the exception of myself.  Oh, they’ve challenged and I’ve met the challenge. If we truly followed the way of the beasts, I would have driven them from the pack with their first defeat.  There can only be one Alpha male in the pack and it is my right to lead until such time that I show that I am not capable of looking out for their best interests.

We’ve been able to make quite a bit of money with our trading and with the sales that we have made to the company that we found in Stormwind, so, I hope that we will be able to leave the confines of the fair city and get on with our lives.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love Darnassus, the place is almost like a fairytale city with all of the architecture, however, I would be just as happy having a little house of my own somewhere away from the dreamlike city.

I was just thinking about something that Felley said the other day and we might take our little band of people and move to Stormwind.   There seems to be a much larger group of people from Gilneas there than there are here in Darnassus.  Of course, I have enjoyed the hunts that we have been able to have on the mainland, however, I know that Felley misses the social aspects of the humans.

Sonshine asked me the other day if I was going to marry Felley and I know that the idea just about floored me.  I can’t say that I have given it much thought.  It hasn’t been that long since I lost my wife and children and I think that I need time to mourn that loss. 

Besides, I’m almost afraid that Felicity might say “no” if I asked her.  She comes from a much more educated family than mine and she might think that it is beneath her to marry me.  I was a hunter and leatherworker by trade before all of this happened and she was a society lady. The idea of asking someone to marry me and them saying “no” really does put a fear in my heart that I don’t think that I have felt since I was a very young man and asked my wife to marry me.  My feelings for Felley are growing, however, I’m not sure that she feels the same way.  Yes, I’m sleeping with the woman, what man in his right mind wouldn’t if he had the opportunity? It wasn’t something that we planned on happening, it just happened.

Oh well, I need to think on that business a lot longer than just running out there and getting things started that may or may not work out.  Marriage is a pretty serious step, I’ve been down that road already and I’m not sure that I want to do that just yet, again.

I’ve checked our finances and it looks like we might be able to make that move to Stormwind in a few months.  As to how many of our pack will want to make the change with us will be up to them.  I’m sure that Sonshine and Abigail will go with us if they have the gold, if not, Felley and I should be able to loan them a few coin. I think that we will be fine visiting Stormwind more frequently and finding a place to live there will be the top priority before we do anything permanent. We may decide that Stormwind isn’t where we really want to be either.  Damn it, I wish that we could go back go Gilneas and have it be the way that it once was, however, the place is a ruin now.




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