This Should Be Fun…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

April 26th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that I am sitting here in the command post tent and I am barely able to contain myself.  Oh yes, I do have a sense of humor and there are times that it takes precedence over the other more serious side of my nature, thank the Light. I know that I am sitting here just anticipating someone’s reaction when they discover that someone they didn’t anticipate arriving here in Pandaria is definitely here and definitely has been assigned to our battalion.  I think that the initial shock is going to be well worth it, however, I’m not going to be the one to do that.  I’ll just let Dawnglory find out in his own time and way – it should be well worth the wait though.

I know that when Dawnglory came back from that overnighter in Northrend, we all kind of speculated at how many women he had been with and even put down wagers on how many.  We all lost our wagers because there wasn’t a plethora of women as we suspected, it was just one woman that had our Dawnglory worn out and marked up.  I suspected that she might be one heck of a woman; however, I was not anticipating the one that I had met last night either.

Luckily he had given me quite the description of this woman that was pretty accurate – from the long red hair to her other endowments that he didn’t go into a lot of graphic detail. She was definitely everything that he had described and then some, however, the thing that gave her away was the huge white bear that she had with her. Of course, I wasn’t expecting this person to be the woman that my second-in- command was sleeping with when I got the notification that we had new reinforcements coming in.

At least they were sending us some actual veterans in this group and not just a batch of fresh green recruits that haven’t learned how to do a lot of the work that is needed here in Pandaria without worrying about if their appearance was okay. I know there are times that I am amazed that some of these people actually make it through their initial introduction to this land – at least the ones that survive the initial landing are skilled with their weapons enough to where we don’t have to send them home in body bags.  It’s a wonder that we are even getting raw recruits; it’s a miracle indeed when we happen to get some veterans that know what they are doing too.

I haven’t shown the roster to Dawnglory yet either, evil man that I am.  I want this to be the biggest surprise that he’s had in his whole life.  He’s been busting his backside trying to get everything that he has outstanding caught up so that he can take several days off to go back to Northrend to be with this woman that has been able to keep that fire of his burning for longer than a single night. After meeting her, I’m not surprised.

Oh, she’s not one of those social butterflies from Silvermoon by any close chance.  She’s got that hardness of spirit and body that only comes from actually being in the wilds and surviving by our own wits.  She’s every inch a Ranger first and foremost, almost to the point of being a full-blooded Sentinel that has taken the oath to her service.  It’s a scary thing to run into a Sindorei woman with all of the traits that I admire in my wife.  The fire and the skills to survive anything that may happen to her in her life as a soldier.

I’ll admit that the shock of his woman being in Pandaria is going to be huge. He’s always been flamboyant about the women he’s seduced, however, I think that this time it might have been a mutual seduction and she seems like she might even be an equal to him with his own sexual appetites.

One thing I am envious of is the fact that he will be able to walk around openly with this women while Amyn and I have to sneak around to be together.  Oh, it’s not that we haven’t gotten used to it over the years, however, it is definitely not something that I would recommend to the faint of heart. I still miss the times in Dalaran where Amyn and I could take a stroll in the evenings, holding hands as we walked together in the city. At least we can still do that in Shattrath when we finally get to go back there again.

I really miss Amyn a lot since she’s gone back to her Sentinel group, however, I know that she has her duties as I have mine.  Still those few nights that we’ve had recently were absolutely wonderful and I am sure that we will make more arrangements to be together too.  At least we’re here on the same continent now and I can catch glimpses of her now and again at the market in Halfhill. I know that sometimes just the nearness of her can be a torment, however, we will do whatever it takes for us to be together – we always have.

Oh well, I had better get busy here and see what else is in this stack of paper that I need to attend too.  I know that I am going to be here in camp as much as I possibly can because that first meeting between Dawnglory and his woman is going to be hilarious.

Fnor Morningstar


2 thoughts on “This Should Be Fun…

  1. Heheh, Oh things are definitely going to get interesting,and perhaps a bit educational for some,and I’m just going to leave it at that. That was a great rp session between them the other night.

  2. Oh Fnor has a real sense of humor and he enjoys getting his best bud in paybacks for practical jokes that they have played on one another over the years. I think that the upcoming meeting should be rather interesting.

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