What A Difference A Day Makes…

The soft fog was lifting from the valley floor as the young couple lay in their bed, the covers pulled up to their chins as if they were more than cold.  Kae stirred slightly as the chill air touched her face and gazed longingly at the young man lying beside her. He always liked to sprawl over the bed, one leg pinning hers as well as one arm wrapped around her holding her close to his chest. All she could do was to try to slip from the grasp of the man lying there with her without waking him.

Kal had returned to the farm late in the afternoon the day previously and to all that knew him, they would be able to tell that he was suffering from exhaustion as well as some form of depression.  Gone was the prideful bounce in his step and gone was the way that he held his head high in the air as he gazed around the farm. This was a man that was at the point of physical exhaustion and emotional collapse.

Kae rushed down the steps of the farmhouse to take him in her arms and welcome him home. The argument that they had had prior to his going back to the camp to serve his punishment duties was all but forgotten with her relief of seeing him again at the farm.  At first, Kal didn’t respond and when he did, she was taken aback by the ardor with which he kissed her. This wasn’t  the warm friendly kisses that a man would give a close friend, these were the kisses that a lover might give another.  As they stood there in the front yard of the farm, a decision had been made – their relationship would take a higher step than it ever had before.

As they held hands entering the house, Kal gave Kae a long searching look as if he wanted to talk to her about what had happened in the camp.  There was really no need, she already knew the details.  If not anything else that the Sentinels did, the women loved to gossip and the news that her man had been pressed into the more intimate side of his service, the news had traveled swiftly.  Of course, Kal had been lucky, he had been chosen by the strange girl from Dolonaar that never wanted the men to do anything with her, just touch her intimately with their hands and to talk to them.  She knew that Kal was probably confused as all the other men were with this particular woman, however, it was part of their duty. Kae was just happy that it hadn’t been that bitch of a female, Phaendra, that had drawn his number for service, which gave Kae some pleasure in the knowledge that the woman was probably furious that she hadn’t gotten the first try-out of the over-sized Sindorei as she always bragged about her intentions.

She knew that Kal had always taken stubborn pride in the fact that he would refuse to go along with this activity that the other men just took as a matter of course.  Kal hadn’t been raised like the other Kaldorei males, he had been raised by his Sentinel Mother and his Ranger Father.  The prideful side of him was definitely something that she did attribute to his Sindorei side.  Of course, Kal’s pride was more than likely damaged somewhat by spending an entire week digging and cleaning latrine pits – that would have been demoralizing to anyone with his upbringing. Punishment or not, she knew how cruel some of the women could be in the camp as well as some of the men.

As Kae slowly extracted her body from the grasp of her lover and slid neatly from the bed without waking him, the cold air hit her nude body which caused to gasp sharply and shivered as she grabbed for the nearest robe hanging over the screen that was beside the bed. She padded on her bare feet into the kitchen to prepare herself some hot tea and was being as quiet as she could as she prepared her drink.  However, she couldn’t help but grin to herself and almost purred with happiness as  to what had finally transpired between the two of them.  Oh, it hadn’t been the very special moment that she knew that Kal had wanted to happen for them the first time, however, it was a man needing a woman desperately and his passions were almost more than she could handle.  She rubbed her hand over the love-bites that were on her neck and her breasts and almost winced at the arousal that it brought back to her. 

Yes, they had taken each other with a great deal of passion and she knew that they were going to be feeling those little nibbles for a few days not to mention, they had used muscles that they hadn’t used in quite some time. Yet, for all the passion that they were both exhibiting, she had never been with a man that was as gentle and kind as Kaldor Shadowmoon – it was definitely worth the waiting that she had done in her mind.  She finally had captured the heart of this large man.  It didn’t matter that he was a mixed breed – he made love with such passion and gentleness intermingled that it had made her head spin with the pleasure.  She had never been with a man like this before.  Sure, there had been passion in her life in the past, however, nothing in comparison as to what she had experienced the night before.

She quietly gathered her ink and pen from their little cubby hole and pulled her journal from its place on the shelf that was “hers” as Kal put it.  She always chuckled that the book was always as she had left it before, the little things that she did before she left the book there were always in place, which told her that Kal had never touched her journal, hence, that meant that he had never read it.   It almost made her feel ashamed that she sometimes would read a page or two of his…she needed to stop that, however, her curiosity sometimes got the better of her. She turned and went to the table, gazing at the sleeping man in bed and just smiled softly as she started to write.


April 28th

Dear Journal,

Oh, Elune!  It finally happened after all of these months of waiting and wanting it.  I know that I was really taken by surprise considering the argument that we had had before Kal had to go back to camp and serve out his “punishment” for taking that extra time off without permission.  He’s just lucky that he wasn’t killed outright, since he is always suspect with his heritage. 

I can only say that I have never been with a man that was so gentle and kind when they were making love.  He had his fierceness showing from time to time, however, he had the most gentle touch of anyone I have been with.  Maybe it’s the difference between the Kaldorei and Sindorei or maybe it was how he was taught by the women that he has been with before me. I am still sitting here remembering all of the things that surprised me and I am a very happy woman.

When he first got back to the farm yesterday afternoon, it almost broke my heart.  He was so exhausted and I had already heard about the involvement with the other woman, although that didn’t bother me because we all know how weird she is.  I knew there wouldn’t have been anything “real” in their physical activity if there was one.  I just know that Kal looked rather broken in his spirit when he got home – the way he didn’t hold his head high, the way that he wouldn’t really look me in the eyes like he always has had the confidence to do before. Pride!! Male pride is a very important thing for a man to have and when that is taken away, they feel that their worth is less.  Silly men.

I know that I raced into his arms like a giddy schoolgirl or some desperate woman seeking the arms of her man, however, I was not even remotely prepared for the response that I got.  I thought that he would still be angry about the fight that we had had before he went back to the camp.  With the way that he kissed me back, there was no anger there, there was just pent up passion and other feelings that he had never shown to me before. It didn’t matter to me that he still smelled bad from the work he had been doing at the camp, he was in such a hurry to get home.

We just let our emotions get the better of us.  It didn’t matter to either one of us that he didn’t smell the best in the world because our own passion just pushed all of that aside.  It will be one thing that I can tease him about at a later time.  How our first time together was so romantic, the way he smelled slightly of the pits that he had been digging and the way that he just smelled very musty as a man does when they have been sweating profusely.  Stinky Lover – I think that’s what I’ll tease him with.  I know I will make him smile that smile of his.

I know that I almost feel like dancing and singing right now.  I want to shout it to the rooftops that I have slept with the man I love, however, that wouldn’t be prudent considering they already think that we have been sleeping together.  It was all a lie until last night.

I know that it was just a one night thing, however, I have a feeling that it will be different now between us.  He may not realize it, he has cared about me as a person for a very long time and has finally started caring about me as a woman.  It will change some of the things in our friendship, I’m sure…I hope it doesn’t change too much.  I still want the old Kal, my best friend and now, as my lover.

We will have to be very careful not to let the others see our feelings though because I know that they will try to hurt us with that.  We will still have to act like the Sentinel and her scouting partner, no matter what the others do. 

No, I don’t look at Kal like some of the women look at their male partners as being beneath them.  I know that Kal is my equal in all things and in some things, I know for  a fact that he is superior.  He can control his temper better than I can.  I have never seen him hiss or show his teeth to anyone other than an enemy, I can’t say the same thing for myself.  He laughingly told me one time that he knew when I started acting like our pets, then he knew I was a Sentinel because he had seen his Mother do the same thing.  I guess we’re more alike than I ever thought about.

No, I don’t know that this relationship will ever get to the point that we will want to be mated.  I know that I am willing to take it one day at a time at this point.  We’ve overcome so many obstacles since we’ve been together and now all we have is time to build our relationship on.  Would I want to be his mate?  Oh, Elune, it’s the one thing that I am dreaming of.

There are several mated pairs in our group of Sentinels and they seem to do quite well with things.  No, the women that are mated do not willingly share their mates and the men definitely do not stray away from their women.  That is one thing that I would like to have with Kal.

I’m always afraid that he will leave me for someone else or just leave me behind when this war is over and it makes me feel very afraid.  I’m being silly, we’ve just started this part of our relationship and I am so afraid that this happiness will be snatched away from me.






2 thoughts on “What A Difference A Day Makes…

  1. YAY!!!! They finally did it!! Hold on Kal to this one .. she is soo totally your other half whether you know it or not .. Great read.. I was totally cheering for them both.

    • Hehe, the celibate lifestyle was getting to be rather bothersome since he’s a very normal male and the firey Sentinel was getting a bit antsy herself. They were best friends and Kae was and is Kal’s first real trial at living with Sentinels other than his Mother. He’s seen his Mom grab up a bow and actually shoot his Dad in the bum a couple of times when he was “misbehaving” – hehe, should be kind of firey in both households. Thanks for reading the blog an commenting.

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