This Could Get Complicated…

*Language and some inferred adult content  – please don’t read it if you’re easily offended.*


April 29th

Yo Book!

Fuck Me! I know that you could have knocked me over with a freaking feather when I stepped down off my mount and turned around to see Romy standing there in Krasarang.  I probably looked like fucking fool as I stood there with my mouth hanging open and total shock registering on my face.  Well, what the fuck!  The last time we had been together and talked, she was living in Northrend with her people and that was where I had planned on spending more time with her.

Here I had been busting my hump trying to get everything caught up to where I could at least take four or five days away from Pandaria and my duties and there stood the reason for me doing that – it was the last place that I ever expected to see her, here in my own fucking backyard, so to speak.

I know that every time that I have seen her, her beauty has always astounded me.  Those long red locks of hers were in a tight braid this time which only made those dark green eyes of hers even more noticeable, the way that her smile brightened up her whole countenance was truly amazing.  To say that we were happy to see one another again is a total understatement. I know that it was all that I could do not to just wrap my arms around her and haul her ass off to have my way with her, right then and there.

I know that walk across the camp to the command tent seemed to take forever and I know there were more than just a few stares at Dawnglory and this glorious redhead walking through the camp.  Romy is part of a group of reinforcements that we had requested from Orgrimmar – who would have ever thought it possible? I know that we lightly bantered back and forth as we walked, however, my mind was racing back to seeing her in Northrend the last time, that  glorious body of hers reclined amongst those furs.

 Let’s just say that I was already fired up before we even got to the command tent where I could have a little privacy with her, even if it was just for long kiss.  I knew that people were going to be curious as to why I would be taking a complete stranger into the command tent, she had just arrived here and she wasn’t one of the Senior Rangers.  Anyway, we could barely keep our fucking hands off of each other inside that tent.  I think that she knew how happy I was to see her with the way that my body was responding to her kisses.

I really need to talk to some of the men about their stealth tactics because they fucking suck. I’m in the tent with Romy, trying to talk to her and hold her at the same time and all I see are shadows against the canvas as a couple of them were trying eavesdrop on our conversation and activities inside.  Light!  If you’re going to be nosy, at least don’t be so damned obvious! I think I know who they were and I’ll fucking deal with them later.

I know that it probably wasn’t very prudent on my part but I spoke loudly enough to let them know that we were leaving the camp together so that I could show the new Ranger some of the ropes and areas that she would be scouting.

I know that it took everything I had to get to a place that I knew of where we wouldn’t be disturbed.  Luckily, no one was in the area because when we got off the mechanical mount that I had procured for our little field trip, we had already started stripping.  I know on the ride over there that Romy’s hands were already busy getting my arousal to a peak. It was all I could do to pilot the damned thing to a decent landing. I would say that I was somewhat distracted.

Few words were spoken between us when we first got inside that little house on the hill.  I know I’m still kind of smiling at myself even now when I think about how we used that table to get things going real well.  I’ve always laughed at some of the other men talking about how they had sex in various places and positions.  I think Romy and I fucking covered everything in those tales last night.  I know that we were both lost in the throes of passion and we didn’t just make love once – it was another marathon and I have the scratches on my back to prove how well it went.

As we lay in that big Pandaren bed, all snuggled up in each other’s arms, we just lay there talking.  It’s pretty damned unusual for me to do that because it’s always been “slam-bam- thank you Ma’am” and I throw my clothes on and leave.  With Romy, we lay there enjoying the afterglow and just touch and talk to each other. It’s a very pleasant and happy feeling to be able to lay there with a woman and just talk afterwards.  Is it love or lust? I sure as hell don’t know what the fuck it is but it makes me feel good not only physically but emotionally too. That’s a whole new concept for me.

Oh, we talked about how she had gone to Silvermoon to see her Father and some family estate that they were thinking about renovating. Poor woman must have stayed in one spot too long because she got served with her draft papers that I’m sure some dumbass clerk could have just as easily shipped off to Northrend. Anyway, that’s how she came to be here in Pandaria – I don’t know whether to be totally out of my mind with happiness or still wanting to punch that clerk in the face for rushing things along.

Oh, we talked again about the possibilities of having children since neither one of us is taking any kind precautions in that area. I don’t mind having fucking children, however, Romy and I both don’t want any strings attached.  Marriage is the last thing on my mind and if she can’t keep me with her any other way, it wasn’t meant to be.

I have no idea what kind of parent I would be to start with, I could be lousy.  Couldn’t be any worse than raising a kitten to a fully grown cat, I suppose.  If she happens to get pregnant here in Pandaria, arrangements will have to be made for her to be furloughed until after the baby is born because we are Rangers first and foremost. Oh well, each time we do it, it’s a gamble that adds some additional excitement to it.  We’ll just have to wait and see what the Fates have in store for us.

We also discussed the fact that we are going to have to be extremely discreet in regard to our relationship because she is a junior officer.  Let’s just say that it is kind of frowned upon by the higher ups for an officer to be banging one of his subordinates.

I had to laugh at the idea of me busting my ass to get the time off to go see her in Northrend.  Guess that idea is shot to hell and I can cancel that leave.  Maybe we can take some time off together when she has accrued some leave time – there are so many places that I want to show her.  This is a big beautiful land and it’s too fucking bad that the only reason we are here is because of a war going on.

Well, time for me to get my ass back to camp this morning for the briefings and to get the patrols out.  I’m just fucking happy that Fnor wasn’t in camp last night when I saw Romy for the first time. He would have probably busted a gut laughing like he did when I blew up the outhouse. I bet the bastard knew she was here and just didn’t tell.  Well, Morningstar, it’s time for another payback, I’ll have to think of something to pull on him.

Maybe I could hire a Pandaren to go to his house and act like he had sent for her – you know that furry love is something that the guys talk about a lot. I’m still afraid of the damned women, those thighs just make me think about getting my back broken or my whole body getting crushed.   That’s a thought, have the furry show up there if I know that Amyn is hiding in the house – man, there would be some major hair pulling going on then.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria





2 thoughts on “This Could Get Complicated…

  1. ROTFL! She’s definitely going to be having some pretty good dreams afterwards and probably sleep like the dead after their “exercises ” It was great rp, and I’m totally enjoying these two .Though I can imagine trying to get them married would result in the both of them bolting like wild deer. Great read, it certainly made my morning.

  2. LOL! Well, I think that Fnar is of the opinion that if the Rangers wanted him to have had a wife, he would have been issued one with the option of being able to take her back to the Quartermasters if things didn’t work out – kind of like a pair of boots that don’t fit just right. Glad you enjoyed the read and thank you again for commenting.

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