Never Giving Up…

April 30th

Dear Journal,

I have just about decided that it’s time for me to start thinking about packing up and heading to Silvermoon to see if I can figure out a way to get that blonde headed Ranger in my bed.  Of course, I’ll have to listen to Felessa babble about her little Ranger boyfriend that looks just like my big brother.  Well, it probably wouldn’t hurt to find out whom this fellow is either – who knows, it might be a by-blow to one of Fnor’s escapades when he was younger and in Silvermoon.

I have written all kinds of letters to Dawnglory and I have yet to receive a response from him.  I am really starting to get angry with him again.  It’s just rude not to answer your mail.  I don’t care if there is a war going on and you’re busy – you really should answer your mail if someone has taken the trouble to write you a letter, you should respond.

Fnor keeps telling me that Dawnglory isn’t the marrying kind, however, if I have a baby – he will have to marry me, right?  I haven’t discussed my plans with my big brother yet because I don’t think that he would approve, however, after I’m married to his best friend, he’ll have to approve of the match. 

I know that Fnor has been trying to make a match for me with one of those little fops in Silvermoon because I have gotten a couple of letters here in Orgrimmar from Lord whatever-his-name-is and a couple of invitations to events from other families that are in the hierarchy.  One would think that my brother of all people would understand that I don’t care about bloodlines and family names, I just want the man that I love.

I’ve already got the potions that I wanted to get from some of the women here in Orgrimmar and they told me how I would have to make sure that Dawnglory drinks the whole glass of wine and one lady gave me a potion to take the day before to make sure that I was especially fertile to get the baby started.

I even got desperate enough to go to a healer and talk to them about making a baby and she examined me. She laughed and told me that I was the first virgin at my age that she had seen in years.  Well, that’s because I am saving that for one man – and I also asked how badly it was going to hurt when he did take that away the first time. I was assured that it would be uncomfortable at first, however, if my lover was experienced enough, he’d know how to make me feel better right away.

Well, it’s no secret that Dawnglory is very experienced with women, that’s why I am having such a terrible time trying to get him in bed with me.  I know I’m not ugly and I think that if things had been just a little bit different at Winter Veil, it would have happened then.  We just had too many people visiting at the house for us to be alone long enough for me to get his attention aroused. I know that his kisses were very arousing for me at least and I wanted more.  We were constantly interrupted by his sister, Felessa, or one of my nephews.

I bet Felessa has already been to bed with that Ranger of hers.  I know that if she has, her brother will be furious because he’s been working on getting her married, just like my brother.  What is it with these men, they treat us like chattel to be sold off to the highest bidder? Oh, there’s an idea, I could write Dawnglory and tell him that she’s seeing this guy and that she might be pregnant – that would get him to Silvermoon real fast.  I’ll have to think on that a bit because it would probably cost me my friendship with Felessa too.

The last time that Fnor was here in Orgrimmar, we did get into an argument about his plans for me because I told him that I would tell everyone in Silvermoon that he was secretly married to a Kaldorei.  Oh, I don’t think that I have seen him ever get that angry before but it was well worth it to me.

 I told him that he got married because he loved the woman, not because it was “right thing” to do. I should be given that right too.  He told me to go ahead and tell people and he would cut me off without a cent to my name and I’d probably end up being a streetwalker or something.  Well, that really made me angry and I called him a few choice names.  He actually raised his hand like he was going to strike me and I dared him too – he walked out of the apartment and slammed the door and I didn’t see him again because he went back to Pandaria to be with that woman of his.  I don’t care if I hurt his feelings, he’ll get over it like he always does.

I like Amyn, I think that she is probably very nice for a Kaldorei woman and I know that she has given my brother two sons, however, that sure isn’t going to carry on the Morningstar bloodline in an acceptable fashion, is it?  Why should I become a broodmare for some man in Silvermoon that probably won’t even know how to treat me after I give him an heir. It’s just not fair.

I’ve already picked out the man that I want.  I’ve wanted him since I was old enough to know what it meant to be with a man.  I want that to happen with this man and I will make it happen.  When I was still in school in Silvermoon, the girls would always talk about the wild blonde Ranger that came to visit with my brother and how much they would like to do things with him.  I know that I would laugh and tell them that I had known him since I was a very little girl.  They would look at me like I had grown horns out of my head. Of course, we were all very young and quite a few of them made friends with me to try to get my big brother’s attention.  I suppose he’s good looking in that dark sort of way – all that black hair.

If I don’t get an answer back from Dawnglory with this last letter, I think that I will try to figure out a way to get to Pandaria.  I suppose I could think of a way to go up there with some of the shipments we send, that way I won’t become part of the military up there.  I just want to go and see my man. He is my man, even if he doesn’t know it yet.




4 thoughts on “Never Giving Up…

  1. ROTFL!! oooh boy.. is she ever going to be in for a shock, when she discovers he’s already involved with another woman, and doing the baby making dance with her. I have a feeling it could get ugly…. Great read! I was wondering what Fae was up to 🙂

  2. LOL I think that it should prove to be rather interesting when she does find out – catfight anyone? Don’t forget, Fae’s another redhead, poor fellow always seems to fall for the redheads. No, Fae really isn’t going to be too pleased and I think things might heat up a bit in the future for all the parties concerned.

  3. Oh yeah..there is nothing more dangerous than two redheads butting other than two territorial redheads butting heads.I think Fnor and Fnar had best duck for cover when those two ladies lock horns.

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