A New Beginning…

May 1st

Dear Journal,

Well, everyone around these parts seems to keep a journal or sorts to help pass the time or to write everything down in case they get a good smart blow to the head and they forget things.  I think I’m opting for the latter at this point.   I still have days where my short-term memory seems to be something that I don’t have a handle on sometimes.

Let me introduce myself because that’s always a good way to start.  My name is Jacob Jacobsen and I am from Westfall.  My friends usually just call me Jake. I’m 25 years old and unmarried, so are a lot of other people.  Currently living in Stormwind, much to my surprise. I used to be a farmer back in the old days, however, it isn’t something that can be done in Westfall these days win any moderation of success or getting yourself killed.  I used to hunt for food as kind of relaxation from plowing the fields.  Now, the fields that were as far as the eye could see are nothing more than a dustbowl memory. The farm that I used to work on is just a memory. I hope the Johnson family made it out alive and I sure don’t expect that last paycheck that I didn’t get from them to be arriving anytime soon.

Well, a fellow has to survive the best way that he can.  So, with bow in hand and my trusty wolf, Ghost, at my side, I set off for Stormwind.  Can’t say that I have ever had the inclination to visit the Capital before, however, there weren’t that many options open to a fellow like me.

 Stopped by ,briefly, in Goldshire and wonder when the lightning is going to strike that Inn and burn it to the ground.  I have never seen anything like what was going on inside that building in all of my days.  I could barely make it to the bar to buy a drink.  Oh, I didn’t mind the scenery all that much, I mean I am a man, however, after bumping into naked women and few breasts shoved into my eyes, damned tall Night Elf women, and get pushed from one place to another – I finally made my destination to get that much needed drink after that trek from Westfall.  I downed that first drink pretty quickly and kept trying to avert my eyes from a lot of the stuff that was going on until this woman jumped up onto the bar and started doing all kinds of lewd things while everyone applauded and cheered.   My thoughts were that if Stormwind ended up being like this place – I would continue on my travels until I found something that I was more accustomed too.  There were even people fighting in the streets when I left that Inn, well, they might have been fighting or they might have just been making use of the time while they waited to get into the Inn to take part in the debauchery that was going on in there.

Made it to Stormwind and after Goldshire, I thought that I had entered a cathedral.  I daresay that I won’t be heading into that little village again for a very long time.  Oh yeah, I’ve seen nude women before and I’ve been around people, even in Westfall, that would do things to a fellow for a few coin, however, I have never seen that much nudity all in one place. Even the men were dancing around in their birthday suits as if it was a normal thing. I’m surprised that the guards haven’t shut that place down since it such a den of iniquity.

Oh well, in Stormwind, Ghost and I were able to find an Inn in the Trade District for the time being until we can make other arrangements or I decide to move on.  The city is huge and I would like to spend some time here just doing some exploring.   I have enough gold in my pouch to last me a few days because I tend to save my money like a bloody miser sometimes.  I’m happy that I had my miserly ways when everything just went to Hell in a hand basket so fast back home.

I’m also going to be looking for work, if I can’t find a decent paying job, I’ll make my own job.  It’s not hard to start your own business when you know how to use your skills with leatherworking and skinning. I’ve already heard tell of a few companies that are hiring people like me just to bring in skins.  I might have a look at that later today and see what there is to offer.

I know that the Innkeeper told me that I’d be sharing my room with a few others, however, I was a bit taken aback when I woke up next to one of those Pandaren snoring for all he was worth and smelling like a brewery.  Oh, I wasn’t afraid or anything if you don’t count my fear of this fellow rolling over on top of me and suffocating me – it’s doubtful that he wouldn’t have awakened until after my demise. Luckily I had seen a few of those people traveling through Westfall or I would have been scared out of my wits.

Well, I guess I can keep this book safely tucked away in my backpack while Ghost and I do some exploring.  I think I’ll spring for some of that fresh bed I hear the fellow hawking for sale outside of the Inn and find some meat for Ghost.

Time for me to get out of here and find a job so I can find another place to live.




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