Making Arrangments…

*Blunt Language and few F-bombs – please don’t read this if you’re easily offended.*


May 2nd

Yo Book!!

Well, this whole situation has been totally fucked up as far as I am concerned.  Romy gets to Pandaria, we go off and have an evening that should be written up somewhere as a historical event and I get the short straw for patrols the next morning.

 Romy is off with her group learning the way of the wilds here in Krasarang while I got sent to Kun’lai with my group. That is easily a four day hiatus away from camp and I didn’t even have time to send proper word to Romy that I would be gone that long.  This fucking sucks.

I know that I was more than surprised to see her here in Krasarang and very delighted with what transpired shortly thereafter, well, that was just amazing and is still very much in my mind even as I went off on this trip.

It is going to be hard to keep our relationship under wraps, no doubt in my mind. I catch myself looking around the camp whenever I get the chance to make sure that I at least catch a glimpse of her.  I just want to be with her and that’s all there is to it.   Damn it all to hell! I know that I have to follow the protocol and she has to go with the newer groups out on patrol until she has learned enough about how we do things here before I can pull rank and have her under my direct command.  Until then, I will be doing my job and trying not to allow myself to become too distracted.

That damned Fnar has been laughing like a hyena at my discomfiture since Romy got here and we found each other.  The fucking bastard knew she was here and had known it since the first day that he met her and knew whom she was.  That’s why I didn’t see the rosters and didn’t get any kind of information on the new reinforcements until that chance meeting that we had when I got back to camp.  Damn him!!  A guy should have been a bit better prepared to find out that his lady was here in Pandaria instead of the “Oh Fucking Hello, I’m here!” thing that happened.  I hope he was able to at least get word to Romy that I was going to be in Kun’lai for a couple of days.

Of course, after Romy has been here a week, she will be able to take a couple of days off and I will make arrangements to be with her then.  Until then, I’ll just have to fucking slog through all of the necessary duties until then. 

We got back to camp late last night and I headed to the command tent to go through the reports that I knew would be there concerning the patrols that were out and how things went.   Of course, I found the reports on Romy’s group and she’s doing an exemplary job, which I didn’t fucking expect any less, she shouldn’t  have to be roaming around with a bunch of rookies to learn how we do things here. 

Yes, yes, I know the new reinforcements have to earn their way up the ladder and they have to also get used to the climates here in Pandaria.   Some of the people have never served any time in an area where the heat and the humidity – well, let’s just say the fucking rain that never stops and the mud up to your ass really does build fucking character.  Not!!

I got another fucking letter from Silvermoon in regard to that kid making inquiries again.  That little bastard just isn’t going to give up on trying to get information on me or trying his level best to meet me.  Well, Ranger Hanllan Darkstrider, you’ll meet my ass when you have earned a billet up here in Pandaria, I’m not making a trip to Silvermoon just to satisfy your curiosity.

I got another letter from Faendra and I’m not even going to open the fucking thing.  A few months ago, I might have been tempted to take her up on all of these invitations that she keeps sending to me. Since I’ve met Romy, I know the difference completely between a little girl and a real woman – I think I’ll stick with the woman and not the girl.   

Besides, I think Fnor has just about got her placed with a family in Silvermoon – the guy sounds like such a wiener that I told Fnor that I thought that Fae might just kill the little fop rather than marry him. He just informed me that Fae would do what she was told to do and she would marry whomever he found for her and like it. He said he would cut her off from the family wealth and she could find her own way.  I’m not fucking buying that either because I know how much he loves his little sister and he won’t see her suffer any kind of indignities. At least he doesn’t have to worry about marrying off his Death Knight sister, Felaran – besides, she would tell him to go fuck himself in no uncertain terms if she were even eligible to be up on the block for that sort of thing.

I got another letter from my own sister just telling me all about her fellow that she has met and I am going to have to take a trip to Silvermoon to put an end to that.  She sure as hell doesn’t need to be tying herself up with another Ranger.  It’s not what I want for her and she sure as fuck better not be sleeping with the little bastard because it will be hard enough to find a family to take her if she’s damaged goods.   I haven’t told her yet but I think I’ve just about reached a final deal on her dowry with a family of mages – that should keep her in the style that she’s grown accustomed too since we’ve been affiliated with the Morningstars.  The guy is a older than I am but he wants a young woman to help him get an heir to carry on the bloodline. She’s a good girl and I’m sure that she won’t fight me on this, unlike her best friend, Faendra.

Fuck it! Why can’t these two girls see that Fnor and I just want to do the best that we can for them? We’ve both raised them the best that we can and it hasn’t been easy on either one of us.  I know that there were times that we both ended up going hungry trying to keep the fees paid for their schooling so that they could do better in life than what we have.  To get them educated and married into the Silvermoon society at a level that should benefit them as well as be a benefit to us as well.  I mean a well placed bride can bring in all kinds of profit for the business too.

I’ve already told Felessa that you don’t have to love someone to sleep with them. You just have to plop down and let the fellow have a go at that thing between her legs to make a baby.  The loving part will come along in time and she has all the time in the world.  Now, this older gent sounds like he knows what he’s doing and he has the finances to take care of her as long as she produces that heir of his within the first two years of their marriage.  That’s the only codicil in the contract that is kind of making me hesitate in agreeing to it.  I mean, what if the old bastard is firing blanks, that would make it tough for her to have a baby. Well, I know there are ways to take care of a situation like that by bringing in another stud to do the job – which kind of makes me want to throw-up to think about. At least this fellow sounds like he would be kind to her. 

Of course, I have to make arrangements for her to be formally presented to him which means a trip to Silvermoon, a party to arrange – which I can leave up to Agatha because she knows how to do these things rather well.  I know that she would be able to throw a grand event just like she did when she was the housekeeper in Dalaran.  Maybe Fnor and I could make arrangements to throw one big party for both girls.

Now, my mind keeps wandering back to Romy.  Neither one of us wants to get married, that’s a known thing between the two of us. We’re just enjoying each other too much to even think remotely of that, not to mention, I think we would both run in the opposite directions.  Besides, Romy is a grown woman and she already has her goals set out for her life and if I am a part of that, it’s all good.

Fucking women!  They do make things complicated for a man.

However, I like what Romy and I have going for us and I don’t think that is going to get changed.  We enjoy each other’s company and we definitely know how to have a great time in the sack.  If we happen to put a baby in her belly, that’s all good – her family line will continue on and if we’re not married, the family name will stay intact.  It’s a great arrangement for both of us. I know that she has lit my fire enough to where I want to be with her every single night, not just a chance meeting for an hour or two – I want that action every single time I see her.  I enjoy the fact that we can talk to each other about things because that fucking makes it even better.  Not just two people going at each other and then dancing off to something else.

Well, I’m going to do some roster juggling and see if I can’t move Romy up the ladder a little bit here.  Sure, it’s going to be a bit dicey and I know that some of the other Rangers here might think that I’m showing her a bit of favoritism, however, if she doesn’t have the skills to match the duty, then she will be sent down again.   I know that I can juggle things to where she and I will have the same schedules at least – these days apart isn’t going to cut it.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria





2 thoughts on “Making Arrangments…

  1. Romy is also getting anxious about being separated from Fnar; he’s the first man in a long while that makes her feel good about herself,and not stressed out for not being something she’s not.She thinks he’s perfect the way he is, the rough edges and all; it’s all part of his charm,and that’s what attracted her to him..Great read as always.. I look forward to seeing what further adventures Fnar and Romy have in the future. :))

  2. Oh, I think it’s going to be a great time in the future because it’s been awesome so far. Oh, he’s just a tad rough around the edges and does try to behave himself in public most of the time – now, he and Romy both are enjoying the time they have together. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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