Where It All Happens

This is my haven and "control room" for WOW playing

This is my haven and “control room” for WOW playing

Just for grins, I thought I’d take a shot of where it all happens. Yep, the hidden area in the loft of my home where I do all of my creative writing, gaming and just kicking back and relaxing. When we originally bought the townhome, something like 30 plus  years ago, it was purchased specifically for this loft – what you can’t see is the plethora of books, drawing table with projects underway.  I still do quite a bit of graphic design and my own quirky artwork – the painting on the wall is an ocean scene as are the computers sporting ocean views.  Yes, I miss the ocean more than people would ever realize because I’m landlocked in a place that has no ocean views – not a lake person at all, give me my seas.

Yep, skylights can be a bit blinding at certain hours of the day but it’s great for drawing.  I think it measures something around 500 square feet and tis my “Woman Cave”  My husband’s “Man Cave is two floors down from the loft, however, we do meet frequently in the middle for some face time and meals.

2 thoughts on “Where It All Happens

    • Thanks a lot – I try to keep this area as organized as possible because you never know how busy you’re going to get in-game and I need to know where everything is that is needed or might need. The computer screens are large enough for some nice box playing now and again.

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