Meandering Thoughts…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

May 3rd

Dear Journal,

I decided to make my way back to the farm last night from camp and I am most certainly happy that I did.  I awakened this morning to the sound of rain falling heavily on the roof of the house and watched the lightning playing amongst the clouds.  What awakened me was the thunder – it made my mind think that it was canon fire for some unknown reason and startled me awake. Ah well, today might be one of those days where I just act lazy and stay in the house, which seems a bit lonely without Amyn here with me – however, I know what we’d be doing which isn’t all that bad.  It’s nice to have your wife to cuddle up next too under the covers when there is a chill in the air.

I know that I am sitting here with my coffee, cigarettes and dressed in my favorite robe – just relaxing for the first time in days.  I haven’t been able to break away from the Krasarang camp for quite a few days – well, not since I spent those glorious days with Amyn at least.  It feels good to be able to sit here without my armor on and my bow close at hand.  A fellow needs some downtime now and again or they start to get too fatigued to even think.

Naturally, I have paperwork here with me and I did pick up my mail before I came in the house last night. I almost wish I had left my mail in the box because that stack is almost as large as the official paperwork stack that I had brought with me from camp.

My personal mail seems to be a bit more interesting than what I have from the camp.  Seems that Faendra is being a headstrong girl again from what Zippie is telling me.  It sounds to me that I need to get her married off a lot faster from what Zippie is telling me.  I guess that one of Zippie’s contacts has let her know that Faendra has been gathering information about potions and has been busy trying to get more information on how to entrap a man.  Well, well, little sister, I know the man that you’re going to try to trap and it won’t work.  I am very happy that Zippie thought it fit to let me know what my sister is doing because I don’t have the control over the girl like I did when I was around her more frequently.

I suppose that I ought to give Dawnglory a head’s up on what is going on with Faendra and to avoid getting into any kind of compromising situation with her.  Besides, I think that he needs to tell Fae about his involvement with this woman here in Pandaria.  Well, not really, what am I thinking?  He hasn’t proposed to Fae and hasn’t really spent any time with her other than a quick trip to Orgrimmar now and again to take care of business.  Her temper tantrum that she pitched after the riots really did kind of put the man off and I can’t blame him because she was just being a child.  I’m sure that this is the first time in her life that she has had her “wants” thwarted by anyone.  I’ve spoiled her and I’m afraid that her attitude of late has gotten a bit out of hand.  I have three more families that I am dealing with to get her married off and I think that the faster I do that, the better for all parties concerned.

Oh, speaking of the “other” woman.  I am still laughing at the fact that Dawnglory’s woman showed up in Pandaria and is assigned to our group in Krasarang.   I am also very thankful that we got some veterans in the group of reinforcements that came in from Orgrimmar as well.  After seeing him at the briefing the other morning, he definitely knows that she’s here in the flesh.  He had some pretty serious love marks on his neck and I could tell by the way that he was moving that she had ridden him pretty hard. I’m sure she isn’t moving with all that much grace either if I know my best friend at all.  I’ll admit that I did chuckle at him when I mentioned the fact that he was walking a bit strange and did he need to go to the smithy to get his armor adjusted.

I really didn’t press the matter too hard either because I know that I had been moving around the camp a bit gingerly myself after those days of being with Amyn.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder, however,  it also makes a man do things that he normally wouldn’t and we pay for it physically afterwards for a few days.  I won’t let my mind linger on that subject for too long because I can already feel my body responding to those memories too.  Damn, I hope that Amyn and I can arrange to be together again soon and I hope that she is doing well with her Sentinels.

I’m a little bit worried about Amyn.  Those days were wonderful and I know that my heart was singing the whole time that we were in each other arms and the conversations that we were able to have about the family.  However, during that whole time I didn’t see Amyn brewing up any of her herbs like she would normally do.  Well, I have to take some responsibility there too because birth control was the furthest thing from my mind during that time too.  I hope to the Light that she isn’t pregnant at this juncture in our lives.  

I know the last time that Amyn got pregnant and she was in the service of her Sentinels, she took a leave of absence – a very long extended leave which eventually ended up in our having two sons almost back to back in Shattrath.  

What do Sentinels do when there is a very heated war going on and one of their number ends up pregnant?  Do they have a special camp -“Camp Preggo” – or something where they send these ladies to have their babies or would they let her take another leave of absence?  It’s something that I haven’t had to think about, however, the next time I see her, I’ll have to ask.  I’ll also have to ask her if she’s pregnant too.  Light, why did I have to get off on that subject? Now, that’s just another thing to add to my list of concerns I suppose.

Oh, I have had a few of the women in our Ranger group end up pregnant and they have either aborted the pregnancies or they have taken a furlough back to Silvermoon until their babies are born. Yes, we’ve had several impromptu weddings since we’ve been here in Pandaria too.

One thing about it, I have one woman that I am going to have to order back to Silvermoon soon because it wouldn’t’ do for her to go into labor while she is out on patrol – her Lt. Commander is a dolt and thought she was just putting on weight.  I never said that being in the Rangers meant you had the intelligence to go along with the responsibilities.  

Some of these women have answered the call to duty when they knew that they were already pregnant too, which is almost mind boggling to me. They are not only risking their lives, the lives of their unborn children, however, they are endangering their fellow Rangers with their lack of mobility and the possibility of having a baby where it isn’t the safest of places.

I got another letter of inquiry from Silvermoon in regard to that kid and Dawnglory.  If anything, the kid is definitely stubborn about getting information about the man.  This time, there is an inquiry in regard to his time of being stationed in Silvermoon, which is rather odd because that was a long time ago.  From the inquiries that I have made back to the Headquarters in Silvermoon, the kid’s age would be about right. Why Dawnglory?  I’ve asked him about his adventures during that time and he said that he was very active before we went off to our next assignment.  We all were for that matter, I even had a few dalliances there as well, however, I’ve not heard anything about any procreation on my part occurring in Silvermoon.  We were all young and our bodies were definitely leading us astray and neither one of us had the brains to do take any precautions. We shall see how all of this works out.  I know that Dawnglory has already told me that he isn’t going to respond to the inquiries and when the kid shows up in Pandaria, he might meet with him then.  Well, I guess that’s one way to avoid things.  I know that I’d laugh my ass off if this kid turns out to be a bastard of Dawnglory’s because he has always given me such a ration of shit about my own children.

I know that I am just sitting here in the comforts of my farmhouse and smelling the odors of the earth and listening to the rain  and even though I have so many other pressing matters that I should be attending too, I think that I will just sit here and enjoy this peaceful time for a while.

Damn it, Pan has decided that if I’m not going to use the bed, he is going too.  There’s another spoiled thing in my life.  He never used to take such liberties before we got to Pandaria, however, I think I’ll just go shove his fuzzy butt over and join him.  A nap may just be what I need right now. It’s terrible when you want to do so many things with your leisure time that the only thing that you seem to get done is getting those few extra winks.

Fnor Morningstar



2 thoughts on “Meandering Thoughts…

  1. HAAHA.. sounds like Faendra is going to have her bubble burst pretty quick.. it doesnt look like Fnor is going to tolerate her shenanigans for much longer..I think once Fnar finds out what she has planned for him, he’s going to be staying far from her as possible.. This is proving to be most entertaining.. lol . Great read, I love getting these little insights on Fnor’s thoughts.

  2. Fnor was charged with raising his sisters as a very young man and he has spoiled his baby sister unmercifully by making sure she had all she needed – now, she is of an age in a society that has given her some idea that she is entitled to things that she really isn’t. She grew up primarily in Silvermoon during her formative years and learned a few of the “ways” of that society makeup. Hehe, Fnor’s no fool and he will stop her from turning into more of a spoiled brat than she already is. I think this is going to get to be rather interesting on a lot of different fronts. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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