What Do You Do When You’re Not Being The Hero?

May 6th

What do you do when you’re not being the “hero” in Pandaria? 

Well, I usually hop on an alt and start doing things that I should have done before, like leveling up all of their professions, as tedious as it sounds, I have found that it’s a nice change of pace for me. These are some of the things that I do when the weekend hits and it’s so crowded in Pandaria that it becomes rather difficult to accomplish anything.

Archeology – Yes, it can be boring as all get-out, however, I’ve leveled up four 90s in the last few months to max level in this profession so they could do this fun thing in Pandaria.  I’ve gotten several trinkets, weapons and assorted other goodies to keep me interested – not to mention, the achievements aren’t all bad either. The majority of the weapons are for level 85 that are BOA, however, my hunters definitely have enjoyed the trinkets and guns that they have picked up for level 90s which are comparable to some of the stuff that you get running dungeons and raids without the stress.

I know that when archeology was first introduced in the game, I was kind of excited until I saw how tedious it was and promptly dropped it like yesterdays wastepaper.  Now, with some of the patches and “fixes” that have been done for this profession, it has gotten to be a lot of fun.  I think that when it first came out, you would be lucky if you were able to get three “digs” per site before you had to move onto the next area.  Now, you get six digs or a few more if you get a bonus dig every now and again.  Of course, flying helps a great deal too.

I have found a few Lore items that were surprising since I’m not an expert, as some would like to believe they are, that has added a great deal to the background for some of the races in the old content.

I’m not one for running a ton of dungeons these days, however, there are other ways to grind the rep on the factions that aren’t all “group” related either.  I’ve leveled up the majority of my plethora of alts just by simple questing and an occasional scenario.  Will I ever really reach end-game in a timely manner?  Oh, probably not because I have found so many other things in the game, since I’ve started taking the time to actually enjoy the little nuances that you find all over the place.

Loremaster still escapes me and I will be grinding that out eventually when the mood strikes.  I actually almost had it on my two oldest characters, however, when Cata dropped – there went the credit that I had started building up.  I thought that when Blizzard said that it would only reset the zones that were not completed, however, much to my dismay, it reset everything in the Old Content.  Well, that’s not entirely true, Northrend seemed to be pretty much intact for the most part.

I’m just reminding myself that it was definitely a good decision for me, as a player, to turn things down a notch as I stated in my post of March 14th.  I was so getting ready to throw in the towel there, however, since I’ve taken another path to enjoy my hobby, it has been fun.  I’ve had time to really enjoy some good RP with people, got my Horde guild, SafeHaven to Level 19 and my Alliance guild Haven to Level 8, plus, made several more characters that I have in another truly active guild.  It’s been awesome.  It’s great when you don’t treat your hobby like a paying job, right?

One other thing that I have done is to upgrade my video cards so that I can truly enjoy all of the content – it’s great when you’re not lagging your brains out and can actually see the surroundings. So many times in the past I’d get messages in raids or dungeons that told me to move out of “stuff”, by the time I got my poor characters out of the stuff, I’m sure the healers were doing \facepalm.  I’d like to thank my son, Bhulzilla, for installing those cards and helping his parents upgrade their computers. You know, you have to let your kids teach you a few things now and again.



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