Thoughts In Pandaria

May 10th

Dear Journal,

Oh, I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with the family, it’s hard to believe that it’s already been a month ago.  A whole month and yet it only seems like yesterday.  It was nice to see my brothers again and especially my Mother, poor Mooma.  She is definitely getting older, although there are times that she still surprises us all with the things that she can do for the tribe. She and the two boys at home will be fine while Naton and I are here in Pandaria, honoring our allegiance to the Horde, although we would both much rather be home.

Naton and I were taking our meal in Honeydew Village when I heard someone calling for “Sadheart” – my brother’s name that was given to him by the Lich King.  The look on poor Naton’s face was indeed a visual display of that name. I sometimes think that he almost forgets his time under the control of that evil monster and almost thinks of himself as just being Naton Cloudhoof, hunter for the tribe and eldest son of Mooma Cloudhoof.  I think he misses being at home almost as much as I do.

I know when we took our time away from Pandaria, he spent most of his time at the forge, helping the small group of people there that sought him out.  You could almost see him smile as he worked and chatted with some of them.  Then, we had to report back to do our duty and he was reminded once again that he is a killing machine, a Death Knight, not of his own choosing. Oh well, we all have burdens to bear and with the blessings of the Earth Mother, we will both survive this too.  At least we have one another here in the Jade Forest.

We were discussing the people that we had met so far since we have been here and how closely the Pandaren philosophy seems to be very similar to our beliefs with the Earth Mother.  If it weren’t for the family back in Thunderbluff, I think that Naton and I would be very happy here.  The land is rich and the game is plentiful.  Naton says that he’s never seen so many rich ore veins to mine and the forges here are always running hot with the work being done day and night.  Good thing that Naton likes his blacksmithing trade as much as he does.  He does say that it’s not nearly as fulfilling here in Pandaria as it was at home because he knew he was helping our tribe and its people.

Yes, there is a war going on, as to why that is, I don’t think that I understand the reasoning behind it much less why our Chief had us come here to help that Orc Warchief, the murderer that he is.  I know I must find it in myself to put those thoughts behind me and do my duty, however, I do question the real reason as to why we are here.

At least the Pandaren are a peace loving group of people that we have met so far.  Yes, they have taken up the fight to protect their homes and families, although they aren’t sure which group is actually here to let them live their lives as they see fit.  They fight for home and family, we fight because our Chief is supporting the Horde as he sees fit.  Oh, I’ll quit grumbling, I just don’t agree with the politics of the Horde.

I have seen many deaths since we have been here in Pandaria, however, the one thing that I have also seen is that our people are returned home for a proper burial in Mulgore.  I would hate to think that our remains would be left here in this strange land and not have the proper mourning and burial when our souls have gone to be with the Earth Mother.  No, at least our dead are given the proper respect.  I did make Naton promise that if something happened to me that I would be given the proper rites and burial amongst our people.

I think I must be feeling sad today because my mind keeps going home to my family and loved ones while my body must be here in this land. I miss the rolling hills of Mulgore, the mountains, the lakes where I once frolicked with my friends.  I miss my friends, the way we would all laugh and try to decide what we were going to wear to our next Story Circle gathering by the fire.  Oh, those were fun times and very much an educational time for us all to remember and learn the traditions of not only the Tauren but the other races as well.  Yes, I remember those times with a certain amount of sadness.

One of the things is that I miss being able to get together with my female friends and we would just laugh and talk about the handsome young bulls and which flowers made the best perfumes.  I may be a huntress by trade, however, I am still very much a female.  I remember our planning a trip, just us girls, going to Un’Goro to take mud baths because we were told that it would make us more beautiful – all I ever found that it did for me was to make my hooves a bit more glossy, however, the smell was unbelievable. Oh, that sulphur smell took days to get out of my coat.  Yes, we were all young then and really didn’t have a care in the world, although there were times that we thought that we had the all of the burdens.  We were young then.  Oh what am I saying, I’m still young, there have not been that many seasons that I have seen pass that I can’t take joy in the changes.

There are many of our people here in Pandaria. We have shown ourselves to be very strong in battle and have also shown some of the other races here that the Tauren have a bond amongst ourselves that will make it very plain to the Leaders of this new Horde that we are a power to be reckoned with.  I have seen so many different races here, however, I feel that we as a people will stand strong for our people and the Tauren will not be forced into being nothing more than cannon fodder for this Warchief.

Ah, well, there is no reason for me to question these things.  The Earth Mother guides my path and if is her will, so be it.








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