A Good Day For A Nap

May 11th

Dear Journal,

Oh, what a wonderful day this started out to be with our breakfast “on the bed” because we were both just sitting on the bed as we ate.  Kal is a passable cook and he enjoys puttering around in the kitchen when we get a chance to be at the farm for a while.  It was enjoyable this morning and quite unexpected, I might add.  I usually make it a point to get up before he does so that I can watch him sleep and I usually make the breakfast.  This morning it was different, I was the one being the lazy bones and staying in bed.

I know that we don’t often get these quiet leisure times and this morning was kind of special in its own way.  Of course, it’s definitely a bit different when you have allowed yourself to start really caring for the person that you’re with, I guess.  I think Kal cares for me in his own way and maybe he will get to the point that he feels more comfortable with how things have changed.  I know I’m completely happy, happier than I have ever been in my life.  At least we are both relaxed a bit more now and there isn’t that underlying tension that always seemed to be in our closeness. 

I know that when we got back to the farm last night, the rain was coming down in torrents, the lightning lit up the sky as if it were day that it was all that we could do to get our gear under the house out of the weather and stagger into bed.  We were both exhausted. The rain hadn’t stopped this morning when I awakened except that it had dwindled down to a light rain, just enough to where you didn’t want to go outside and slog around in the mud in the fields.  Oh, we’re not fair weather farmers, however, we both getting tired of constantly having to clean the mud out of our boots and trying not to track it all in the house.  There have been a few times when I thought that we might as well start planting things in the living room when we had been out in the fields in the muck and mud.

It must be the rainy season here in Halfhill, the last few times that we have been able to get back to the farm, it was raining for most of the time that we were here.  Oh well, that could be part of the reason that they have such huge vegetables, the combination of the rich heavy black soil and the moisture. Oh this is starting to sound like some kind of weather report from our scouting trips.

I don’t know what it was with our trip this time, we’ve usually been going to Kun’lai, however, this time we were tapped to go to the Jade Forest.  It must be some kind of new roster rotation that they are playing with or maybe some of the Commanders have realized that if you’re constantly scouting in the same area over and over, you tend to get complacent and not as observant as you might be in a different area.  Kudos to the person that grew a brain then.

We have always liked the Jade Forest area, not only was it the first place that we encountered for any length of time when we first landed, it was also our introduction to this new land.  It still has that magic and mystery for me every time we go there, even when we go to the Jade Temple, you can feel the stress levels drop a bit.  I think that Kal and I will be a bit more cautious in our trips to the Jade Temple after what we observed on our scouting trip this time.

I’ll be very honest, we were both being very casual in our scouting and almost stumbled into a group of foot soldiers near the Arboretum that were just leisurely strolling the area, or so it seemed.  That’s where we also starting noticing the a buildup of Horde troops.  Strange that they have traveled that far North in that zone, however, they are there.  Maybe it is just a new strategy of theirs, who knows, we’re out there to gather as much information as we can.

I know that Kal and both had to keep ourselves from getting noticed a few times, however, the grunts we were following around for a while were totally oblivious to their surroundings other than to complain about the forestation. Of course, Kal and were definitely making use of the foliage to keep ourselves hidden.  I think what astounded us more than anything was that these soldiers were talking about things as if they were still strolling the streets in Orgrimmar – Kal was able to understand that there were a lot more Orcs about to descend upon our shores, just from listening to these people talking. We actually got closer to a larger encampment and waltzed up very close to what appeared to be their command tent – the Sentries must have been sleeping on the job because it was so easy to get close enough to overhear a lot of things being discussed.

When we arrived back at our own encampment in Krasarang, we spent some time giving our debriefing to the Commander even though there were others in the tent, we were told to speak freely, which we did.  Unfortunately, I think that we drew some attention to ourselves from the people that were visiting from Stormwind.  I mean, it isn’t every Kaldorei that can speak fluent or close to fluent Orcish and Kal was explaining to the Commander what we had overheard.  There are times that I wish that the man wasn’t so honest when he’s asked a question even though he tried to evade it a bit this time.  Oh well, I guess we’ll have to worry about that now.  Yes, he speaks Orcish amongst a smattering of a few other languages, however, that is due to his family and his heritage – he’s not a Horde spy.  Naturally, the Commander made it a point to let them know that Kal was of mixed blood.  Just another worry to add to our already full plate of concerns.

Oh well, the rain is still falling and I am just trying to keep myself occupied until it stops, Kal has the right idea though, he’s gone back to bed to take a nap.   It was nice to have that breakfast together, seemed a bit like old times with an added flair. I think I will go join my man and take a nap too, maybe we can slip out of Halfhill for a while and go out scouting for some new skins – we do still have some more contracts to fill for his Mother’s company and it means more gold for us.




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