Happy Mother’s Day

May 12th

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Today was one of those days when I decided that I just wasn’t going to write anything unless I got inspired.  Well, inspiration took a hike and I did something totally different – I actually logged in on one of my oldest characters on Wrymrest Accord – a little Tauren by the name of Mahamura Cloudhoof.

She’s been languishing in the background quite a bit due to the fact that I was in a hurry to get my mains going in the right direction and she wasn’t one that I had been playing a whole lot.  She’s in Pandaria, however, I know that I am going to be going back and doing some Cata content once she reaches 90 – I hate the idea of leaving a whole lot of stuff incomplete. 

What started out as a sleepy morning for me actually became rather busy  as I started working on my little Tauren and I became extremely focused on getting her as ready as can be for her trip through Pandaria.  Of course, she had already made a quick side trip to pick up the starting armor in Dawn’s Blossom by hitching a ride with one of my mains – it was a nice bonus to be able to fly through the first few quests without dying every two steps.  The majority of her gear was still circa Uldum because that was her last stop when Mist of Pandaria dropped.

Well, I thought, I never did do her Archeology at all when I was leveling her because of the fact that back in the day when she was just little cow – archeology was the bane of everything due to the fact that at level – the dig sites were unreachable.  Now, that has changed quite a bit and I was able to breeze through the whole profession from ground zero to almost max in one day.  It can be done if you’re persistent and very stubborn, which pretty much describes how I can get on things sometimes.  Now, I will have to admit that I was really surprised that I went from level 85 at the halfway point to a level 86 at the half way point just by scooting around Kalimdor and doing the digs there.

Frankly, I had a great time and just decided to call it a day when I realized that it was almost ten o’clock my time.  Stopped and had Mother’s Day dinner with my husband and we chatted for a while but that was the extent of our celebration for the day.

We’re a bit odd at times because we actually had Mother’s Day yesterday with my son and our granddaughter at their house.  It was fun and enjoyable time for the grandparents at least.  Due to the size of the family and other things going on, sometimes we celebrate holidays a day early or a day late depending on the schedules that work out for everyone.

I hope that everyone had a great day with their families and children today. 

I should be back to my normal routine tomorrow morning, if the mood strikes me.  With the weather going from very cold and nasty, it has decided to be actually quite nice and very warm – so, I may not post as frequently as I did in the past because I want to go outside and enjoy some of the sunshine. Yes, yes, I do even take my laptop out on the patio and just enjoy a nice quiet morning sitting there reading, commenting and writing my own blogs.   Hopefully they won’t bore people too much.

One of my goals that I had set for myself was to post a blog every day in regard to my many characters in World of Warcraft. However, there are times that I just don’t have anything interesting going on in the old brainpan to keep that going.  I will usually log in on a character and if they inspire me to write something, that’s the blog for the day, however, today was just a day to throw that out the window and just do what I wanted to do.  So, I’ll give it another go tomorrow. 


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