Still Making Money…

May 13th

Dear Journal,

Well, I haven’t written in quite a while it seems like, however, business has been a bit brisk.  That idea I had to make archeology the “wave” of the future had definitely been making the company money and padding my own bank account for me and the rest of the family.  Silly mooks, I hope they didn’t think that I was going to willingly let all of that gold slide through my hands without taking anything for the family.  Yep, even made sure that I got a substantial bonus this quarter too – well, I can do that since I’m doing the books mostly by myself and unsupervised.

Yep, once I convinced that blonde elf to go out there and give his hand at this archeology thing took off like crazy.  I just had to prove it to the other employees that this was the way to add more income to their income – if goblins don’t know anything else, we know how to make money fast. Uncle Zednick and my sister, Dooddah, have been giving this whole enterprise a good go and we’ve made even more money than I thought possible even with my skimming.

Oh yeah, I can see us moving outta da slums and moving uptown here real soon.  I think we’ll move in with the cows though, even as big as they are they seem to be more peaceful.  The Orcs make me nervous when they come into the warehouse sometimes.   I think they’re all nuts, maybe a bit too touched in the head for even a group of goblins to overlook. 

I know we left Morningstar Enterprises there for a while and tried to make it on our own, however, without that bankroll to start the business, Mr. Morningstar welcomed us back with open arms, that is before he had to go back into the Rangers and go to that new country. We don’t get to see him all that often these days and have to deal with his sister playing “office” or “house” or whatever it is.  She just ought to go back to Silvermoon and leave the business to us because we wouldn’t be constantly trying to make decisions about things that aren’t that profitable – besides, she’s all shot in the butt with romance and adventure in regard to Mr. Dawnglory.

I can tell you right now, after the way that she has treated him in the past, since we’ve been here this last time, she’s lucky that he even comes into the office. We can all see what’s going on too.  That girl has it in her mind that she’s going to snag him off for a husband and, honey, he ain’t the marrying kind, even a girl like me can see that.  Now, I’ve heard all the gossip and stuff and she is going to try to trap him – well, good luck girlie, he isn’t a stupid little boy like you’re used to living around in Silvermoon.

I’m glad I sent that letter to the Boss about her shenanigans here in Orgrimmar because it is getting to be embarrassing.  I’m sure that the whole city knows what she is up too and I’d hate for the Boss to find out from some stranger.  Besides, I’m thinking that he is going to ship her back to Silvermoon pretty soon anyway because she’s of a marriageable age – well, almost too old to sell off like the elves like to do, however, she’s not damaged or anything, she just wouldn’t settle down long enough to get herself a fella because she just seems to be obsessed with Mr. Dawnglory.  Anyway, when she goes away, I’m sure that I will get a promotion and take over the place as the new manager, yep, that’s my plan.

I’m a little bit upset right now because Zednick, Dooddah and I didn’t get to make it to the Faire because Miss “Her-HIghness and I’m-too- important-to-care” decided that we had to stay here in Orgrimmar and do the inventory for her while she took off for wherever she went.  She’s up to something, I just have to figure out what it is.  I hope that Mr. Morningstar comes back soon and kind of unexpected because he can usually catch stuff pretty fast. I sure know she’s not doing all of the paperwork like she should and we’re losing some of our old customers – the mooks want their contracts filled in a timely manner and they don’t want some silly girl telling them that they didn’t have the resources to cover it. 

Oh, we got the resources, we have more people working for this company than I think that she even realizes and they are begging for work.  Well, I’ll have to get with the Boss when he comes in and have a nice long talk with him. Yep, I’m sure that the Princess will be in for a big surprise too.  She’s got an attitude lately that none of us like because she likes to demand and scream – she’s not like she used to be, all nice and respectful.  It’s not nice to make a bunch of goblins upset, it usually costs you money.



2 thoughts on “Still Making Money…

  1. Ooooh boy..things must be getting bad if the goblins are griping about it too.I have a feeling ,Faendra’s going to be knocked from her high horse pretty soon.from the sounds of things. Great read! Looking forward to reading more.!

  2. Nothing like the hired help sending off complaint letters to the Boss, eh? Hehe, yep, decided it was time to hear from some of the other employees – glad you enjoyed the blog and commented. 😀

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