Fun At The Faire

May 14th

Dear Journal,

Well, we, Peiling and I heard about this Faire in Stormwind and we decided between the two of us that we’d go. I hadn’t been in years, not since they used to come about and park their wagons down in that place called Goldshire – should be just called Den of Iniquity now.  I can vaguely recall going there as a young boy with my parents and a group of friends.

I know, I just don’t like how the place has changed all that much, what with the stuff that goes on that Inn.  Of course, when I was there as a boy, I never went in the Inn, my parents didn’t have that kind of money to spend for us to stay in a place like that or maybe it was like it is now and my parents just didn’t want me to see it – that’s probably it.

Oh, Peiling and I just decided that it would be a change of pace and we really haven’t had much time for any fun with the way that we’ve been working our behinds off earning money for our keep.  He does like to eat and drink, so, I’m sure that his expenses are much more than mine when we aren’t able to gather the stuff  while we’re out in the field.  A fellow can only eat so much wild game before you start to twitch.  A good roast now and again is quite good and people keep telling me that variety is the spice of life, no, it’s not, it’s one way to keep the taste buds in your mouth wanting something different.

I didn’t realize how much things with the Faire had changed either.  Used to be that we would trudge down the road from Westfall and there would be this Faire – a few wagons, jugglers, fire-eaters and a few people hawking their wares.  I know that it was an exciting time for me as a boy and sometimes if the crops had been good, I’d even get a sweet if I had behaved myself. Those were amazing times for me as a lad.

Anyway, Peiling and I went to the Faire.  I think we spent the first hour there just walking around and gawking at stuff.  The thing that was amazing to me was that it’s on an island of its own now and the only way that you can get there is by mage portal.  I’m not one that likes to use portals all that much, it always makes me feel a bit jumpy when I come out on the other side miles away from where I entered.  I guess it’s that magic feeling or something. I think this was maybe the second or third time I’ve been in a portal anyway.

Peiling was a little worried about the portal when we got to Goldshire, he was more concerned about someone his size going through one of those things – he wasn’t sure that all of “him” would make it out the other side.  We made the trip okay and we landed with a thud – I guess the mage was a bit tired or something because the portals are usually kind of smooth, from what I heard tales of, and we were good three feet above the ground and landed a bit heavily.  Who knows, maybe the mage that was on duty had been sampling some of the wares.  I’m sure they use apprentices or the washed up mages, not the real professionals that sit around the mage quarter talking about magic all day.

I was really amazed at the animals at the Faire.  Peiling and I figured that one of those big beats would probably have enough in the way of skinning and meat that we’d be able to take a week or two off, at least.  There were some strange looking critters that looked like they might have stepped out of some warlocks closet – yes, I’ve heard tell of the warlocks, can’t say as I’ve ever met one though, they sound scary.  There was a bear there that was probably the size of a small farmhouse – well, at least when he stood on his hind-legs, can’t say as I’d want to run into him in the wild.

I think that Peiling would have still been sitting at the food vendor if I hadn’t of told him that there were other things to see.  Poor fellow was just amazed at all the food, he said he hadn’t seen that much food in one spot like that since he left home – they must have some big markets and places to eat in that Pandaria. I even had to admit that the food was good and cheap too.  Frog legs weren’t something that I had had a hankering for before, however, the ones at the Faire were real delicious, even got enough to bring back to snack on for a couple of days afterwards.

Oh, the games, I’ve never seen the like.  Of course, those weren’t free, however, we had enough money between the two of us that we got to try them all out at least once or twice.  I think the one that was the most fun for the both of us was the canon – it isn’t every day that you risk your neck climbing into a canon and let some little gnome fire you out of it.  I think Peiling had some trouble with the concept of how it was done, however, he did give it a try.

I know we stood there by that canon and watched people get fired out of it for a while before we built up our nerve to give it a go.  At least we both wanted to make sure that there were no fatalities from it and we didn’t hear tell of anyone getting hurt, just soaked from landing in the water. I know that Peiling was standing there with his jaws hanging open watching a huge Tauren being launched out of the canon and we waited to see if the Tauren came back too – seems that Peiling thought that maybe some of the people didn’t make it or something.  The Tauren came back laughing, dripping wet, climbed back in the canon and off he went again.  I guess that must have shot down any of the qualms that Peiling had had in regard to it.

You know, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a Pandaren fly through the air, robes flapping, arms flailing and some real strange language as they go flying across the sky.  It was like watching a canon ball going off through the air that had suddenly developed a language. It took Peiling a couple of tries before he got the target right and collected his prize.  I will admit that I was a bit smug about having gotten mine the first time I went out, however, I was real happy that we were landing in water because no one could see where I’d relieved myself in my pants from the fear.

Tonk driving.  Well, that was an experience that I have never had in my life.  I had no idea how to drive one and here they throw you in there and there are other people trying to shoot you too.  Well, I learned real fast, let me tell you.  One thing that my Mother always told me is that you get out of the way when people are shooting at you.  The only thing that I had ever driven before was the wagon with a couple of horses attached, can’t say as I’ve ever controlled anything mechanical before.  It was fun and I know that if we could have afforded it, I would have been on that ride for a long time.

Oh, the merry-go-round, that was a real hoot.  I know that I’ve killed a few murloc in my time, however, I have never ridden one before.  Peiling was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have a turtle mount on the ride though.  He did admit that he would have liked it a lot more if there had been a turtle, even if it did make him homesick a little bit when he saw one.

Nothing would do that we, we went back to the drink vendor and tried some of the fare there.  Naturally, the fizzy drinks make you sneeze and we won’t discuss the Darkmoon Reserve.   I think that we should have stopped at one of those, however, they are kind of tasty – that’s why we don’t even remember how we made it back to Stormwind afterwards.  I don’t know what it is about Pandaren, they can drink like there is no tomorrow and don’t seem to suffer any ill-effects, however, I was sporting one heck of a hangover – that’s why I’m sitting here writing in this journal.  I needed a day off to recover from the Faire.  




2 thoughts on “Fun At The Faire

  1. HAHA.. the Faire is always an experience no matter how many times you go,and there is always something new to see. Glad to see that Jake is having a good time.

    • Hehe, it was fun taking these two to the Faire together – I think this is going to be a great partnership and they seem to be genuinely good friends. ((the only achievement that they didn’t get was “I Was Promised A Pony”, I think it’s called – guess they had to be high enough in level to have riding.)) Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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