Just A Bit Upset…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

May 15th

Dear Journal,

I will admit that I am sitting at the farm this morning having a cup of coffee and, yes, having a few cigarettes while I sit here.  I’m pondering the events of the last few days and still sit here shaking my head in amazement.

The absolute sheer stupidity of some of my officers just throws me for a loop now and again.  These people are supposed to be somewhat experienced and have enough common sense and knowledge of military tactics that they don’t allow their troops to be in danger through their lack of planning.

Oh yes, I’m a bit furious with one of the latest incidences that happened and it was sheer stupidity on the part of the Lt. Commander which is inexcusable in a person of that rank under my command.  If it weren’t for the experience of Dawnglory’s woman, there would have been some fatalities.  Who knows, maybe that was the plan anyway, you never know.

To send out fairly green recruits without a senior officer is not something that I will not tolerate.  This was exactly what happened. To send out a light patrol, not only in manpower, but to send them in area where we know there are definitely hostiles in a larger number is more than just an error in judgment, it’s truly almost a death sentence for that patrol group.  I don’t care if it’s in Krasarang, it’s still a damned warzone, for that matter, the whole country is still a warzone.

Each faction has gotten small footholds in different regions, however, there isn’t a single area of the continent that I would call “under control” by either group of forces.  However, there are areas that are not as openly hostile as they were when we first got here. Exploratory mission, my ass, which was what we were initially, told when we were shipped here and that’s now changed over to another grab for power by that idiot in Orgrimmar. Oh, I know he puts in his appearances up here in Pandaria periodically to show his fellow Orcs what a hero he is, however, he scurries back to the confines of Orgrimmar as quickly as he can.

Getting back to the incident.  It was apparent from the get go that these people were still green enough to think that they could stand a full on attack whether it was by accident or sheer stupidity, we’ll find out eventually because there is going to be an investigation in some depth about it.  I won’t have my troops risked or sacrificed to satisfy some dilettante’s idea of what he feels is the correct thing to do with unruly troops. The Lt. Commander that sent this group out is going to be in the hot seat for a while and I hope that he enjoys my personal scrutiny – he either makes the grade or he will be sent down and transferred to another battalion, I won’t have incompetent officers under my command.

The report that I read was rather sketchy and the response that I have gotten from the Rangers that were involved is less than satisfactory. We have a few injured people, including Dawnglory’s woman, which will be confined to camp for the next week at least.  All leaves are cancelled for this group until the investigation is complete – if it takes six months to find out what really happened and the reasoning behind it, then they will sit here at the base camp until I’m satisfied that things were done for a good reason and purpose.  By all that is right in the world, these people should have been killed with the type of combat that they were forced into or stumbled into.

Dawnglory and I will be having a discussion about his adjustments to the rosters too.  I changed the roster to keep the two of them separated for a while until they learn how to control their feelings a bit better.  There is nothing more tragic than to have a commander to get his personal feelings involved when he is on a military mission because it usually costs lives and I won’t allow it.  Oh, I’m sure that we are going to have a word about this decision of mine, however, that’s why he is a Lt. Commander, my second and best friend; however, he will have to realize that I am still his senior.  He and I will have a discussion in regard to this matter when he returns from Kun’lai.

It’s all well and good to want a shag frequently; however, your duty has to be first and foremost in your mind when you have Rangers out in the field.  My big question is why was this patrol sixteen members short? Four Rangers on a patrol in a limited area, is fine, however, this was sheer stupidity because they were just damned lucky that there was another patrol in the area with the number of Rangers that could bail them out of their problem – overlapping patrols is a good thing, however, this is not something that we will have the option for in the North, the area is too large and too open in most places to where it would be very obvious.

Mogu are strong, they are vicious and almost mindless when you confront them in a battle.  They have one goal and that is to kill any intruders that they happen upon.   This patrol stumbled into an encampment, a damned encampment!  That shows me that these Rangers shouldn’t have ever been there and in that close to begin with.  They apparently aren’t familiar enough with the type of fighting that we have here in Krasarang and that will be something that they learn very quickly or die.  I am contemplating breaking up that group and placing them with other units – there was a reason their Lt. Commander made this error in judgment.

I’m sure that Dawnglory’s woman did the best that she could under the circumstances, however, her experience lies solely in the fighting that was done in Northrend.  Pandaria is a totally different situation and she shouldn’t have ever been put in the position that she was in on this patrol.  I have a great deal of respect for her as a soldier, however, this was not the time nor the place for her to step to the front and almost get herself killed.  Now, I have to explain some of this to Dawnglory before he goes off the deep-end and let’s that temper of his do his thinking for him.

Enough about work.

Amyn and I have been able to slip away together periodically since her arrival in Pandaria and our long seclusion that we were able to pull off in Halfhill.  I know that these few stolen hours here and there are not exactly what we had in mind, however, it will have to suffice until things settle down a bit more.  I know that we both would like to have it like the old days where we could slip away to a neutral area and spend a few days together.  Stolen moments are better than none, I suppose, however, that will change eventually. No, a little rendezvous in the Jade Forest is not going to make us happy for very long.

I did get another letter from Zippie in regard to Faendra and it appears as though I will be making my decisions about her placement in the very near future.  I thought that possibly a younger man might be the ticket for her, one that would be able to keep up with her energy, however, Dawnglory might have the better idea of placing his sister with the older fellow.  More experience and age might be something that will settle my flighty sister down. I have allowed her infatuation with Dawnglory to go on too long, even if he is my best friend and partner, it is now time to put that silliness away.

I also happened to notice that with this latest group of reinforcements that a couple of my employees from Kalimdor have shown up in Pandaria.  The Cloudhoof group has always been amongst my highest producers for Morningstar Enterprises and I am going to make it a point to find out how they ended up getting drafted into this mess in Pandaria.  The Death Knight I can understand why he’s here, however, the little hunter is the one that I am curious about. I can well imagine that their elderly mother is a bit distraught with the changes.  I will make it a point to find these two and talk to them. Damn, I wish they had been assigned to our battalion; however, I might be able to do some negotiations to get them changed here.  I’ve watched the Death Knight grow into what he is now and I’ve actually watched his sister grow-up.  Damn, this whole thing makes me feel old.  I worry about my own children and now I’m worrying about my employees. Two more Tauren getting fed into the war machine really does make me unhappy; they are just so much fodder like my own people are.

Fnor Morningstar



2 thoughts on “Just A Bit Upset…

  1. If anything , this experience has given Romy the drive to learn all she can about Pandaria, as well as the enemies they are fighting.She doesn’t want to get caught in a situation like that again;as for the adjustments in the roster, as much as she wants to spend more time with Fnar, she would have to agree with Fnor’s decision.Especially since she had been a leader for awhile,herself and had to make similiar decisions in regards to her people .Pandaria is awhole new kettle of fish,and until she is familiar with the area ,and the fighting, she is more than willing to learn from those who are more experienced.LOL, , she may be picking Fnor,and Fnar’s brains about fighting tactics,and tips in Pandaria. Glad to see ,he and Amyn,are managing to steal some time for themselves , they definitely need that time together. Great read as always 🙂

  2. ROTFL, well, Fnor thinks that her past experience has done her well so far in Pandaria. However, he also thinks that she was setup by her commander there too, although he has no proof yet. We shall see – hehe, yep, Fnar and Fnor will be having some rather heated conversations about the roster change again. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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