A Little Homesick

May 18th

Dear Journal,

Oh, that little goblin, Zippie, and I are going to have some words.  Sure, I bought into the extra “new wave of the future” stuff that she was spouting in the office and I tried, I really did.  Well, maybe not that hard, just kind of got tired of the whole thing when I was in Desolace.

I know that I was there to pick up a few skins and a few other things, which we won’t mention. I thought that she said that Desolace was a good place for this archeology nonsense.  She even gave me a name of a place that seemed to be real good – Valley of Bones.  Sounded kind of homey to me and I thought it wouldn’t hurt for me to stop by there. I kind of poked around and found a few fossils which should bring some extra money, I suppose.

The real crux of the matter is that there were these real nice looking guys wandering around.  Well, they were mostly skeletons, which was okay, at least they appeared to be that way.  As far as I could tell, they didn’t have any meat on their bones and they sure didn’t appear to be hiding anything under those boxers they were wearing.  Well, it’s been a while since I’ve spoken to anyone other than my sister and to be honest, she gets rather boring with all of her whining.

So, I waltzed up to this rather tall specimen and said a cheery “hello” – he grunted.  I figured he’s not much of a conversationalist, so, I introduced myself.  Another grunt for my response. Well, I thought I’d go dig a little bit more and maybe find a pot of gold or something.  Well, this fellow kept following me and Blessed was acting kind of skittish – I should have listened to that cat because she sometimes has more sense than I do.  The next thing I know he’s all over me with this axe, that’s not what I would call being sociable at all.  Let’s just say that he had never said a word, just grunted and he didn’t make much more noise when I ended his life either – there wasn’t anything to even throw a munch on.

Now, I know that I’ve heard the Forsaken called a lot of names in my travels. Undead being one of them which to me can cover a whole plethora of things.  Death Knights are kind of “undead” in their own way although the majority of them act like they’re amongst the living still, which they are, kind of.  When I heard the other people talking in the office about this place and they said to watch out for the Undead, I thought that they might be talking about some real brain damaged Forsaken or even a few hostile Death Knights, it was not what I found.  I guess I need to stop taking people so literally.  I also thought that this fellow might have been kind of lonely wandering around there and might want to talk to a nice girl like me.  Nope, he was truly “undead” meaning that there was no real life left in those bones of his.

I did kind of enjoy being in that place called Feralas though.  Nice and green, some places kind of dark that reminded me of home. I haven’t really travelled all that much since we came to Orgrimmar and have kept kind of close to home because I wanted to keep an eye on that idiot sister of mine.  Not that I expected her to get into trouble or anything, just to try to get her interested in doing something other than fishing and talking to the people in the city.   Most of the people are nice to her,  I guess, however, there a few that might want more than a conversation, even with a dead girl.

I passed through Thousand Needles, which is named for all of those bluffs and things, I suppose.  Shame the place was flooded and most of it is covered up with water now.  Okay, don’t tell Bri but I did some fishing while I was there when I could find a place to stand for a while without some silly Naga or scorpid trying to kill me.  Can’t say I was real thrilled with what was going on with the Tauren there though because they seemed to be intent on killing each other off – guess they were warring tribes or something. At least I convinced them that I needed a boat ride and they listened to me.

Oh Light! That barge out there in the middle is full of goblins. Yes, they will give you whatever you want for a price and they even have a bar there.  I stopped in to get a quick drink and tried to relax a bit, it’s been a harrowing day for me.  Naturally, some idiot throws a punch and the whole place ended up in a brawl.  That was just the icing on the cake of my unlife for the day, it seems.

Finally got a lift to Un’Goro and did some real good hunting down there.  Oh yeah, the skins were really great and it wasn’t hard to take down some of the animals.  However, no one mentioned the dinosaurs down there.  Let’s just say that Blessed and I found out exactly how fast we could run more than a few times.  Filled four or five contracts with the hides I gathered and even got a few more of those fossil things too.  I suppose it isn’t all that bad, and the extra money will come in handy for Bri and I.

I guess I miss the Eastern Kingdoms a bit.  At least over there I kind of knew my way around and I knew what to expect.  Here in Kalimdor, I’m not so sure of the country and I sure as I was ever born have never seen some of the creatures that I’ve seen since I’ve been here.  I miss the quiet and the darkness of the Plaguelands, however, I’m sure not going to tell Bri that I’m homesick because I’ll never hear the end of it.

At least I made it back to Orgrimmar and Brianca was at home, although she smelled more of fish than anything, so, I know how she spent her day.  Naturally, we had fish for dinner. I also brought back some of those dino giblets that we kind of snacked on a bit – a bit chewy, but not too bad.

Hazey Smythe

2 thoughts on “A Little Homesick

  1. She sounds delightful,and yes, you really learn to run fast when you see dinosaurs coming , especially the devilsaurs.You would think for something that big, you could hear them coming but they sort sneak up on you.. I don’t know how many times I was surprised by those things.Looking forward to reading more about your Forsaken ladies ,they sound like a blast.

  2. I think those darn things wear “sneakers” or something because they would appear out of nowhere; especially the Elite ones. I have a feeling that I wouldn’t fare very well on a pvp server with my focused attention on the tasks at hand. Oh yes, the two “girls” like to bicker at each other, however, when push comes to shove the two boney girls can sure put up a good fight.

    ((Oh, the two girls have been around for a while and were probably the first “team” that I set up for box leveling. Leveling was great, however, the profs are in need of building up. )) 😀

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