Alone In Stormwind

May 20th

Dear Journal,

Since I’ve never written anything in a journal before I suppose I ought to introduce myself to myself or maybe to the person or persons that may read this in the future.  My name is Vashlan Shadowmoon, most people call me Vash for short.  I was born in Shattrath City, you know the place with all the Draeni and Naaru – it wasn’t my idea that was where my parents happened to be living at the time.

My big success in life so far has been that my Father actually delivered me into the world.  I know that wasn’t his idea, however, the healers arrived shortly thereafter to take over the care of the new baby and my Mom.  I can well imagine that it was a scary time for all parties concerned, especially my Dad and Mom.

I’m not your average Kaldorei.  I’m of mixed heritage, my mother is Kaldorei and my father is Sindorei.  That’s one of the reasons that I was born in Shattrath because it was one of the few places on the planet that would accept my parents’ relationship, I suppose.

I guess what makes it totally odd is the fact that I have an older brother, Kaldor, that has grown up to be rather successful in his own right by being the best of the best of the combination of breeding.  He’s big, strong and a hunter, while I am not as tall as he, is not as strong, I’m decidedly different.  It seems that there must have been some High Born lurking in the family tree somewhere and I was blessed with being a mage.  Kal is a very manly man and I’m just…Vash.  I guess I was even different as a little kid, however, no one realized the real reason why.

Oh, I could take care of myself when we were kids and could kind of throw a punch as good as the next fellow, however, I discovered that sometimes if I was angry enough, I could make things happen.  Oh, I know I’ve probably diminished someone’s life a little bit by making them disappear for a while, however, they always came back and always avoided me after that.  I know that I discovered that if I thought about something for a long time, it would happen – like lighting a man’s pants on fire for calling me a freak of nature.  Yes, it hurt my feelings as a little boy and every time I saw this fellow in the Lower City, I would think about bad things happening to him and it did one day.   I guess that was because I was a “wild” mage as they call it – untrained with some natural skill.

The only reason that I am writing in this book today is because I’m lonely, plain and simple.  I’m in Stormwind going to school and I live in an apartment over my Mother’s business warehouse.  How exciting is that?  My parents and my brother are off in Pandaria and my two younger siblings live with my grandparents in Dolonaar.  So, I’m pretty much on my own and alone.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I go out and I socialize with people, mostly other mages in training and we tend to hang out in the mage quarter and go to the Blue Recluse and we talk about magic a lot.  We talk about some of our instructors from time to time, you know, about how old they are and they all seem to be too old fashioned with the practitioners of magic – you know, follow the rules and don’t step outside the box. Oh, we’ve had a few students that bent the rules a bit too far and they are no longer studying with us.

Well, I think the reason that I feel kind of lonely today is that it’s my birthday and I don’t think that anyone remembered except for me.  If there wasn’t a war going on, I’m sure that we would have had a party of some sort, however, everyone is too busy for that right now.  When we lived in Dalaran, yes, we lived there before the purge, we would have had a party.  Now, it’s just me sitting here looking out the window at the rain and wondering what I am going to do with this “special” day.

I wish I could go to Pandaria with everyone else, however, I’m too young and untrained to go that far away from my instructors.  I’m studying as hard as I can so that I can go where everyone else is, however, it’s going to be a while before I make it. No one wants a young apprentice up there messing things up. So, I’ll just sit here in Stormwind and keep studying.



2 thoughts on “Alone In Stormwind

  1. Awww poor guy. I can totally relate to him being alone in a strange city; its so lonely . I can totally feel for him about being left behind while everyone else is off,I’m sure he will make friends soon. Great read.

  2. Oh, I’m sure he will get to know a few more people in the near future as well as being able to slip into Dolonaar and visit with his grandparents, step-siblings;etc. Well, he normally has his face in a book and I think that he realized that he’s been left behind with his studies while everyone else has taken off to have “fun” in Pandaria. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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