Dealing With Women…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

May 20th

Dear Journal,

Well, it’s time for me to have another look back at what has happened here in Pandaria, I suppose.  I’m feeling a bit nostalgic because it’s my birthday – as it is Vashlan’s and I didn’t even send the kid a present yet – well, it will be late but I did find something for him. I’m a terrible parent, I suppose, however, I didn’t really forget his birthday, the time just crept up on me and the day was here before I even realized it.   I did mail out his gift this morning, however, it will have to go the usual circuitous route due to where he is located at the moment.  It’s a nice staff inlaid with some jade and I’m told that the wood has special properties that only a mage could appreciate – I may have been sold a bill of goods, however, the thought was there when I purchased it. Poor kid probably thinks that we’ve thrown him away, is Mother and I being in Pandaria along with his older brother and we didn’t even think to set up anything for him for his birthday.

I did get to spend a few hours with my wife at the Jade Temple yesterday which was nice.  Oh, I’m still laughing at the fact that she’s not pregnant, which kind of is surprising and disappointing at the same time, however, what made me laugh is that her cat, Lumina, is in the family way.  I guess Lumina and Pan weren’t just watching what was going on with Amyn and I.  I suggested to Amyn that she send Lumina back to Dolonaar to have her kittens and you would have thought that I had said the most blasphemous thing in the world because she actually got angry with me.  Oh well, I guess I would feel the same way if I had a female cat expecting a litter.

At least we got to celebrate my birthday a day early in a very lovely fashion for us both.  Well, I enjoyed it and I think Amyn did as well.  We’ve found a rather lovely little hideaway where there doesn’t seem to be all that much traffic and has most of the comforts of home, a roof over our heads, at least.  Just being able to see Amyn’s lovely face and to hold her in my arms is almost enough comfort for me even if I do wish that we could turn the clock back to the days we were in Dalaran with the kids running through the house, I miss those times.

I’ve finally gotten to the point with Faendra that I put my foot down.  I made a special trip back to Orgrimmar after getting Zippie’s letter to talk to Miss Faendra about her recent actions.  Well, she came by that red hair honestly and she has a temper that I wish I could curb more readily.  Once again, she called me a few names that shall go unmentioned here and I lost my temper and gave her a head rattling slap which seemed to surprise her.  A man can only take so much abuse from a woman before he just loses his temper, which, I unfortunately did.  I think that this is only the second time in my life that I have ever struck a woman in anger, however, she has been pushing my buttons for months and I was tired of it.

Well, now she knows that she’s getting married in Silvermoon and the match has been made.  Her wedding will be at the end of the Summer and I am sure that she will fit in nicely with the family that I picked out for her.  The fellow that she is going to marry is a few years younger than she is and is a second son, however, he stands a good chance of inheriting a certain amount of wealth in the future as well as the social standing.  She’s not too pleased with that whole idea, however, that’s how it is going to be and there is no room for discussion, which I made perfectly clear.  The papers are signed, she will undergo a physical to make sure that things are still intact and that she will make a suitable bride for the young fellow.  I’m sure that she will get used to being in Silvermoon again and being married to a junior magistrate will put her right back in the group that she was used too before I yanked her out of there and sent her to Orgrimmar to run the company for me temporarily. 

I don’t know if it was the idea of getting married or the idea of undergoing an examination to make sure that her virginity was still intact is what set her off, however, she started screaming obscenities at me that I never even thought she knew and throwing things around the office.  I was trying to deal with that and trying to let it slide off my back until she called Amyn a whore – that’s when I slapped her. Amyn has never done anything to the girl, she has done more to try to help her than anyone should have and to have Fae call her something that she definitely isn’t was more than I could stand.

I also let the cat out of the bag about Dawnglory and his woman as a retaliation to her tirade. Well, I knew that Fae had been planning on trying to seduce the fellow and force him into marrying her, I got all the news from Zippie’s letter.  I think her finding out that Dawnglory was already taken just sent her over the edge. She even asked me how much I had paid to have this woman brought to Pandaria and how I had made the arrangements so that the woman would be “close” to Dawnglory.  I told her that she was insane and the whole thing had just happened.

Fae will be back in Silvermoon before the end of the week, I’ve given her that much time to get her things packed an organized to where she can leave Orgrimmar with some dignity left. Zippie will be temporarily in charge of things in Orgrimmar until I can find a suitable replacement.  I will be going back to Orgrimmar at the end of the week to escort my sister back to Silvermoon where she will be introduced to her future husband and will be given over to Agatha for supervision between now and the wedding.  No, I’m not stupid, I’m having Faendra watched while she is still in Orgrimmar to make sure that she doesn’t make a run for it, which she could very well do.  I have no idea where she would go or how she would survive but as headstrong as she is, she might think she can do anything she wants.

I thank the Light and Elune every day that Amyn and I never had any daughters because if my sister is any example on how it is to “raise” a female from the ground up, I don’t know that my head and heart could deal with it.  Faendra has always been rather dutiful and obedient for the most part until she reached her majority and now, there is no controlling her. I almost wish that I left her in Silvermoon and never moved her to Dalaran because all of this nonsense could have been avoided. She would have already been married and probably already had a couple of kids by now.  Oh well, hindsight is always something that you can reflect on and wish that you had done things differently.

Now, today, because it is my birthday, I am going to stay here at the farm or do some more exploring on my own.  This won’t be one of those days that I will remember with fond thoughts either.  No party, no family gathering and definitely not any kind of celebration other than the one that Pan and I might have later on, I do have some good brandy stashed away for special occasions and today, I might think it’s kind of special even if I am alone.

I was waxing nostalgic when I first started writing this entry, remembering the days when we would be able to gather as a family and enjoy the times together. I was also thinking about the times that Amyn and I would slip away to Feralas and camp for a week at a time too.  Oh, those were the days that I miss a lot now.  I miss a lot of things about how we used to live before this latest “war” a whole continent away from the things that I am familiar with. I miss the days that Amyn and I had before we had children underfoot and so damned many responsibilities.

When this war is over, which it will be in a few years, I’m sure that I will step back into my old life again.  Leave the Rangers behind again, find my way back to Shattrath and Nagrand where our houses stand empty – or they are supposed to be empty except for the caretakers. Amyn and I will be able to get ourselves back to what we’re comfortable with and enjoy life with our family.

Fnor Morningstar



2 thoughts on “Dealing With Women…

  1. WOW.. Fae doesn’t seem to realize just how lucky she is to have a brother ,who loves her, and wants only the best for her. Alot of young ladies aren’t so lucky. With the war going on for lord knows how long, anything could happen. and she should be relieved that she has a brother who wants to make sure she is taken care of ,in case something happens to him.
    It was only a matter of time before she found about Romy,I found it hilarious that she thought her brother set up the whole thing,to discourage her planned seduction of Fnar.

    • ROTFL, well, she will always try to blame her older brother for anything that doesn’t go as she planned – it’s his fault. The usual sibling thing going there even if he does have kids almost as old as she is. 😀 Thanks for reading the blog and commenting as always.

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