Pissed Off Is Not Just A Frame Of Mind…

*Mature language – swearing, f-bombs;etc. and just plain blunt – Please do not read if you’re easily offended.*


May 21st

Yo Book!

What the fuck is going on?  I go off on patrol to Kun’lai, come back and find out that my woman has been injured while she is out on a “light” patrol.  Light patrol, my ass!!  I just want to take her commander out and kicks his balls up to his ears, which I may do anyway after a few more drinks.

I realize that Romy is not exactly politically correct around some of this little assholes from Silvermoon, however, neither am I and no one has tried to frag my ass yet. Of course, I’ve been lucky the last few months with the fact that I have been able to pick and choose whom I want to have working with me and the rest of the Rangers in my group.  Oh, I’ve had my share of time with the raw recruits coming in and I have served my time well because I now have a group that I have raised from the ground up and they are damned good, even if I have to say so myself.

Fnor was very discrete when he told me what had happened to Romy and I will admit that I lost my temper and had  a good rant before I went to see her in the medical tent.  I was pissed, there was no reason that any of this bullshit should have happened.

I already knew about the little problem that Romy had with a couple of fellows in her group and the mud bath thing.  Well, they deserved it for laughing at her falling in the mud and if turnabout isn’t fair play then, fuck them.  I could see the humor in it anyway, guess they couldn’t and complained to her Lt. Commander.  Which brought Romy under close scrutiny by this guy since she had insulted his two little toadies – fuck them!

When I went to see her last night at the medical tent, she looked absolutely horrible.  Of course, most of the swelling on her face has gone down, however, the bruising hasn’t faded all that much where the Mogu clouted her upside the head with a mace.  She’s damned lucky that she’s alive and able to function on any level.  Her ribs are still giving her trouble and the healer said that she is on the mend, however, it will take some time.

We sat there and talked for a while before the healer gave her some more medication for the pain, which put her out like a light.  Oh sure, it wasn’t what either one of us had pictured happening when I got back to camp, however, shit happens – this shit should have never happened.

The more I talked with her before she fell asleep the angrier I got.  I was almost beside myself with my concern for her well being and really pissed off with how things were handled with this upstart Lt. Commander.  Let’s just say that I know how to go through he proper channels to make someone’s life a living hell and he’s at the top of my list now if I don’t kill him first.

Now, come to find out, this asshole had been making advances to her while I was gone and she had rejected him.  I guess she was supposed to drop down and spread her legs because that’s what he wanted and she didn’t do it.  He is also doing this sort of thing to the other women under his command and that is so not acceptable.  A senior office is not, I repeat, is not supposed to have any kind of relationship with his subordinates like that if he plans on holding onto that commission. 

Sure, I’m breaking the rules myself with the relationship that I have with Romy, however, I don’t give a rat’s ass about my commission – they can take my commission, shove it and spin on it for all I care.  I have other ways of making a living and I sure as Hell am only honoring my oath to the Horde because I took that stand.

 I enjoy being a Ranger, however, it isn’t my life.  Some of these guys depend on their rank to get them where they want to be in life in regard to social acceptance in Silvermoon.  Well, I’m not fucking acceptable any way you paint it – I don’t know who the hell my parents were and I sure as hell am not sure that my surname is my own – well, it’s not, it’s what the matrons tagged Felessa and I with at the orphanage in Shattrath. It’s costing me a bloody fortune in a dowry to get my sister married off to that mage. I want her to have a better life than I have been able to provide for her. If it takes her marrying an old man and pushing out a couple of kids, then that’s how it’s going to be. She will be acceptable in Silvermoon and amongst our race.

Anyway, this little bastard not only has made advances on Romy and gotten rejected, he’s now making inquiries to her about her Father, where he is stationed and what his political leanings are.  Kiss my ass!! We’re all up here to do a job and that’s all there is to it, we can fight about the fucking politics later.

 I’m not real fond of Garrosh, that’s a known fact, however, I will follow the orders that I am issued even if I think they are moronic.  I make damned sure that my group has the fewest casualties in the battalion and make damned sure that every man or woman is accounted for when we leave an area.  I will never leave a body or a person behind.  I’m the first man in the area and the last to leave, that’s just how it is.

I guess that the healer that has been taking care of Romy has been kind of padding things a little bit to keep Romy off the active duty roster for a long time.  So, she tells me tonight that it will be okay if I can take Romy back to my farm and let her recover there instead of being in the medical tent.  I will definitely do that – Romy needs some rest and she needs to get out of the reach of this little prick from Silvermoon.

I’ll go to the briefing this morning, speak privately to Fnor and let him know what I’ve found out from Romy  about this asshat.  I may not have to do anything to the guy after I tell Fnor because I’ll just be able to sit back and watch the fucking fireworks go off.  Oh, this fellow has never had the Wrath of Morningstar come down on him, not like what I think is going to happen.  Of course, I’m sure that Fnor will want to talk to Romy a bit more to find out the more gruesome details and to find exactly what this fellow has been asking her about her Father’s business.  He can come by the farm and talk to her privately and I know that he won’t pressure her about things due to her medical condition at this point.

I’ve already got the house cleaned up, the sheets changed on the bed, everything looks clean and its proper place.  Honestly, when a guy lives alone, you kind let things slide a bit.  I didn’t realize I had so much crap in here either, which, is now stored under the house for the time being.   I even cleared off my second armor rack so Romy could put hers there and cleared out some of the drawers of the dresser so she can put her girly things in there.

I guess this means that our relationship isn’t going to be that much of a secret anymore.  I also don’t know how this relationship is going to play out either.  We’re not interested in getting married, mated, paired or whatever the fuck you want to call it.  We just like making love to one another and being able to talk to each other as equals.  I enjoy her body a whole lot, however, I enjoy her mind too, she’s not some stupid bimbo and she’s experienced some of the same bullshit that I have too.  I’ve never lived with a full-time woman, so, things ought to be real interesting.  If it means that I have to resign my commission so be it, see ya Rangers.

Oh, I’ve had my fill of this military shit again. I left when Fnor did a few years ago and we’ve made a decent life and have a very successful business together too.  Even with all of his “women” in the past wanting a chunk of the business, it never happened. Now, with Amyn, that’s different, she has her own business that she and Fnor have set up, so, she’s pretty much set for life.

I had another stack of letters from Faendra when I got to the farm too and I just threw the shit in the stove and watched it burn.  Hope she didn’t have anything important to say to me in any of them because they are just ashes now.

At least I don’t have to worry about food here at the farm because the Light Damned chickens are still having those seizures and Jogu is still making chicken and dumplings like a crazy person.  He’s been selling some of the stuff at the market, which is fine by me because I’m starting grow pin feathers on my ass with all of the chicken I’ve eaten.  I’m sure Romy will enjoy the dumplings for a while, however, I’ll make sure that we have some meat and fish in the fridge for her too.   I also seem to have a shitload of cabbage on the place too, I need to talk to Jogu and find out what’s up with that, I thought he was a carrots kind of guy.  Could be part of the “war effort” but I’ll have to ask him about it.

Well, time for me to head out to the briefing, get that shit done and bring my lady back home with me afterwards.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria



2 thoughts on “Pissed Off Is Not Just A Frame Of Mind…

  1. She wasn’t getting much rest with her commanding officer coming in ,to grill her,and getting her stirred up with worry and resentment, which hasn’t been too conducive to her getting better.The healer hasn’t been too far off when she kept Romy out of the active roster, especially since the visits from Romy’s commander have been pretty much putting her patient under too much undue stress,slowing down her recovery rate.
    That was pretty good rp last night, I had a blast with it.

  2. Well, she will have plenty of peace and quiet at the farm with Fnar and I’m sure that things will be even better for her in the near future. Hehe, it was tons of fun.

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