I’m In Soooo Much Trouble!!

May 22nd

Dear Journal,

Oh man! Ohhhh man!!  Ohhhh mannnn!  OH MAN!!

I am in so much trooooobulllle!! The fertilizer is so gonna hit the wind machine!!

Okay, I need to calm down and get my act together before I run screaming down the street. Okay, this is totally not my fault and I am not going to take full responsibility for it – that’s the ticket, that’s what I can say.  That’s a start.  Okay, it’s not my fault and I only did what I was told to do.

Well, with all of the trouble going on with Mr. Morningstar’s sister and her issues with that Ranger, it’s been problematic and a disruption to the business.  Money does come first you know!  Anyway, I wrote to the Boss and told him what was going on and how she was a nut job and just making everyone miserable.

How the heck was I supposed to know that the Boss would show up here in Orgrimmar.  I guess they had a pretty bad fight, Faendra and Mr. Morningstar.  I know I shouldn’t have had my ear against the door listening in but I wanted to find out what was going on to protect the business and…well, yeah, me. Oh, this was much bigger than just a brother and sister having an argument – this was freaking life altering.

Okay, Mr. Morningstar was real angry when he walked in the office to talk to his sister and you could see it in his face and the way he walked.  He normally will stop by my desk and chat with me for a bit, however, this time he walked right by me like I wasn’t even there and into the little Princess’s office and slammed the door.  Damn, that reminds me, I need to have that glass replaced too – yeah, it cracked from top to bottom, not to mention, the name needs to be changed on it. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Well, the gist of the whole thing is that Mr. Morningstar has made arrangements for the Princess to go back to Silvermoon and get married and she’s supposed to stop plotting about Mr. Dawnglory – the blonde Ranger.  I didn’t even know she was seeing anyone – hard to figure.  Anyway, these mooks do strange stuff, Blood Elves make “arrangements” for marriages and such.  It’s real weird, however, it sounds like he’s spent a lot of money putting this thing together and the Princess is going to have to do it whether she likes it or not.

Oh man, I’ve never heard swearing like I heard in that office coming out of Miss Prim and Proper unless I went down to the docks and hung out.  The next thing I hear is someone getting slapped and I don’t think it was the Boss getting hit.  It got real quiet in there and then I heard her crying.  Oh, it got even better, she started begging him not to make her go back to Silvermoon in shame – what’s the difference, she’s gonna be hauling her butt out of here anyway.

I guess the Boss felt bad for making her cry, he didn’t apologize for smacking her upside the head from what I could hear.  He told her that she had until the end of the week to get her stuff packed and he would be back to take her to Silvermoon to meet this fellow that she’s going to marry.  See what I mean, they do weird stuff – I guess this is one of those arranged marriages.  So, that means we’re going to have to deal with her for a few more days at least – oh well.

Anyway, the Boss comes out of the office and tells me that I’m in charge – which really had me almost dancing in my chair with that bit of news.  He tells me that I am supposed to help the Princess get her stuff packed and ready to go because she’s moving back to Silvermoon to get married.  Okay, no big deal, I can handle that.  Then…well, then he tells me that he has already hired a bodyguard to make sure that she is safe here in Orgrimmar and to make sure that she doesn’t take off.  So, he tells me all of this stuff and takes back off to Pandaria. I kind of felt bad for him because you could see that he was still upset with his sister.

Okay, he did all the hiring and the guy he hired looked like he came from the Undercity by some underground passage and he smelled bad too. Wasn’t a real talker either, however, he walked into the office and wouldn’t stay two steps away from the girl.  Okay, that’s being a bodyguard, didn’t think it was that close of a “body” kind of guarding, however, it was okay if that’s how it was supposed to be done.  I’m sure that the Boss had already given him instructions.

Well, Miss Princess comes out of her office and gives me a list of things that she wants put together and goes upstairs to the apartment.  I did what she asked and started boxing her stuff up from the office so I could move in.   Oh yeah, I could see that she’d been crying and a handprint was real clear on the side of her face – not that she didn’t deserve that with the way she was screaming at her brother and some of the things she said. I could hear her throwing stuff around upstairs, however, that’s none of my business because it’s where she lives when she’s here and so do all of the higher ups, I’ll just have to make arrangements to have the place cleaned up once she leaves.

I thought everything was under control and that things were going to be okay and she’d be out of my hair by the end of the week.  I come into the office this morning and the first thing I always do is to check the money box in my desk drawer and it’s gone – not just the money, the whole damned box. Okay, we was robbed, that’s all I can think, so, I go to check the safe  – most of the stuff is still there except for the “reserve” fund that the Boss always leaves in there for emergencies. 

I go upstairs to tell the Princess that we’ve been robbed and the first thing I see on the stair landing is that damned bodyguard.  He smelled like he had been in a brewery vat all night and he sure wasn’t moving real well – seems he got drunk with the Princess and she thumped him on the head.  Red Flag!! Oh Red Flag!!

Yep, she took off, she’s gone and here I sit trying to figure out how I am going to tell the Boss that his sister took off.  Not a real surprise, she was just too darn quiet after that fight, I shoulda known that she was up to something.  I kinda figured she was going along with the marriage deal and that was that.  I wasn’t that lucky.  Well, at least I don’t have to call the guards in for a robbery, I know who took the money.

I’ve got Zednick and Dooddah out scouring Orgrimmar to see if they can see any signs of her and to see if anyone saw her leave the city – oh, you know the drill.  I figure she’s long gone by now and won’t be anywhere near town but I had to make the effort.  I’ll get some of the other employees to look for her too, she shouldn’t be hard to find, right?  I mean that flaming red hair kind of is  a standout thing even for a Blood Elf.  I know that we gotta keep this quiet because the Boss doesn’t like his private business made public and his sister taking off is kinda private.  So, we’ll look for her a bit and then, the Boss will be back in town…I don’t want to write a letter to him about this, I’d feel better if I talked to him in person even if I am shaking in my shoes – the man has a temper.  It’s only a couple of days until he gets back and we might have her back before he even gets here.  Right?

Man, I hope I don’t get fired because this is the best job I’ve had since I got to Orgrimmar.

Zippie Prattfall






2 thoughts on “I’m In Soooo Much Trouble!!

  1. Oh yikes! Poor Zippy!! I can’t imagine being put in that position, no wonder she’s panicking like crazy.Fnor will definitely be mad but I think it would be more at his sister; probably didn’t realize how devious she’s become . Great Read !

  2. Oh yeah, Zippie is kind of worried about how the Boss is going to react, however, she’s hoping that they will be able to find Fae and haul her back before she even has to tell the Big Guy. I think that Fnor didn’t think that his sister had the backbone to take off after he had already given her the orders of the week – he still doesn’t understand women completely, sometimes: especially his baby sister that he’s coddled all of these years. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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