Treasure Hunting With Friends

May 23rd

Dear Journal,

Well, I’ll admit that I am dragging physically this morning after spending a rather pleasant time with some of my old friends from Stormwind.  Oh no, this was not the usual drinking bout and gabfest, however, it was still fun, just to be able to be myself and relax a while away from the Sentinels.  No, Kae didn’t go with me this time, however, I’m sure that she will in the future if she promises to leave her Sentinel hat at home.  Some of these people may not be in the best standing with the laws of the land and it really should be of no concern of hers or theirs.

Anyway, what I thought was going to be just a quick jaunt across the Jade Forest with these people turned into a treasure hunt.  Oh yes, we’re talking real live honest to goodness treasure.  The kind of treasure hunt that you read about in novels and such.  Seems that one person had been left some maps by her Father and we were going to go out and check out the validity of one of them. Turned out to be quite the trek from Paw’don through the wilds of the Jade Forest.

Of course, being the group that we were, we did happen upon some of the Horde and managed to escape without any injuries of merit.   I guess that some of the folks had never seen the Mogu up close and personal, well, they got that wish granted on the trip as well.  I know the one thing that really bothered me the most was having to swim through some of the most turtle infested waters in Pandaria.

Okay, laugh if you want, there is nothing funny about swimming along and having one of these things slam into you without any kind of warning at all.  I think these things must be some kind of reincarnation of all the turtles that you’ve ever killed in Kalimdor and they are out to take revenge on you.  Yeah, sure, they aren’t that difficult to kill, however, they are just bothersome when you’re swimming along in what you think are fresh water and you get tagged by one of them. We were bright enough to rope ourselves together because even in what appears to be tranquil waters, you can still run into some strange undercurrents or these damned turtles that might hit you just right.

Oh yeah, the whole treasure hunting thing was real enjoyable.  The part that wasn’t so enjoyable was going on foot after swimming around in your armor – talk about chaffing and I won’t even mention that we were carrying supplies with us that we might need.  Every step was a constant reminder that none of us had any dry clothes – the squishing in your boots was enough to make you squirm all over. We, being the intelligent beings that we are had left out mounts at Pang’s Stead with the arranged payment of killing off some of the vermin for them. I think that we had planned on staying at the Inn overnight, which was fine with me, however, with Halfhill being so close, there was no real need for me to incur that added expense.

We did find treasure too, which was really kind of surprising considering the maps we had.  Let’s just say that I was kind of happy with the thought that this was something that could be chalked up as a positive adventure for us all.  Not only did we have fun spending some time together, we also could show some profit for the efforts as well.

I know that it does me a great deal of positive energy to get away from the Sentinels every now and again.  The people I was with last night were amongst the very first people that I had met in Stormwind when I arrived.  Yeah, the couple that were up in the hills shooting those sheep to make ends meet.  It’s a memory that will stay with me for a very long time.  First time I’ve ever seen exploding sheep.

When we got back to the Inn at Pang’s Stead, we all just kind of stood around looking like a bunch of drowned rats, however, we had all had a great time with our little adventure.  Sure, there was just enough danger involved to keep the blood up, however, it wasn’t  as mind numbing as some of the things that I have been through since I have been in Pandaria.  I know that we all were tired and it was a kind of satisfied tired of a job well-done.  At least it proved that this particular map was accurate and I couldn’t help but notice that we were all for doing this sort of thing again in the near future.

I definitely didn’t feel like staying at the Inn though, so, I bid my adieus and headed back to Halfhill where I knew I could get a hot bath as well as get into some dry clothes before I started cleaning all of the muck out of my armor. Besides, I knew that Kae would be at the farm too and when we found the treasure, as part of my portion of the loot, I was able to get a small jade pendant, which was definitely earmarked for my lady.

I was expecting to leave on a scouting trip this morning when we got up, however, it seems that it was cancelled or something.  So, I guess Kae and I have gotten a reprieve from trekking up to Kun’lai and doing some more scouting.  We’re planning on doing some more exploring on our own today as well as trying to hit some of the dig sites that we were told about to get some more relics – which has made us some very good money at the market.

I did check the mail this morning, which I seem to forget to do very frequently and it appears as though there is some kind of rebellion going on within the Horde.  That’s not a real surprise considering their Warchief.  I guess Kae and I will go to the Temple and find out what is going on before we take off on our own personal business – it’s not like this letter is a call to duty, I don’t think.


2 thoughts on “Treasure Hunting With Friends

  1. OOo Sounds like Kal had a rip roaring good time; which after his time with the Sentinels is much needed.Treasure hunting sounds like a total blast,and its nice to see him letting loose,and meeting new peoplee. Great read as always.!

  2. Yep, Kal had a great time doing something out of the norm for a change – just kind of roaming about with friends and discovering new “points of interest” so to speak. This was actually an RP treasure hunt with all of the other fun things thrown in – it was awesome fun for all the people that were involved and took some careful planning by the GM and his very great partner in crime for Fools Company. Hehe, you don’t need to run dungeons and raid to have fun – there are the “make your own fun things” times that are great too.

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