A Change In Plans…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author

May 24th,

Dear Journal,

Well, rather than being in route to Orgrimmar this morning as was my intent to attend the meetings in Orgrimmar as well making a trip with my sister, Faendra, to Silvermoon; there is a delay in plans.  What was going to be a very bad three days of meetings in the capital has been cancelled due to the rebellion in progress.  At least this has bought Faendra some time to get her wits together about her impending marriage in Silvermoon as well as keeping her in a military controlled city for a few days might give her some thought as to what actually goes on in a time of war – she should be thankful that she will be going back to Silvermoon.  I’ll make arrangements to get her moved to Silvermoon at the end of next week without fail.  Surely no one in the High Command would object my removing one Blood Elf female from the city for her impending wedding?  Should be interesting to say the least.

I guess that the Trolls have gone and done it.  I, for one, never expected an open rebellion from that particular quarter even after the assassination attempt on Vol’Jin failed. I never would have suspected those particular people to openly thwart the authorities in Orgrimmar.    I guess that Garrosh has decided that he needs to address this current situation and any council meetings involving our involvement in Pandaria can be put on the backburner. 

Pity! It’s a shame that there weren’t any among the rest of the Ambassador’s of the Horde that were willing to give it their all because with the distraction of the Troll rebellion in Orgrimmar,  it would have been an ideal time to finish off that assassination plot on Hellscream himself.  It would have been a perfect opportunity for someone to put him out of our misery and the blame would have been put back onto the Trolls regardless of whom may have actually done it.   Of course, the city is under martial law right now, which means that it is going to be difficult for most of the citizenry to go about their normal lives without being under suspicion of being a rebel.

I’m surprised that this whole thing hasn’t happened long ago.  I know that there aren’t many people amongst the other races that are even as remotely dedicated to Hellscream other than his precious Orcs.  None of the other leaders in the Horde other than the Troll Chieftain have wanted to call the wrath of the Orcs back onto their people and their homelands.  Damn, well, at least it wasn’t a Blood Elf that stepped up to the plate this time to get the blame for all of this latest trouble.  What is rather shocking is that some of the Alliance appears to have joined forces with the Trolls which is a good tactic in some ways, however, that means that they are fighting two wars at once.

I know that this is going to be a strange situation with the war here in Pandaria and then to have the Alliance splitting their forces to fight in Pandaria as well as in Kalimdor is going to be a nightmare logistically for any kind of real success.  Knowing Hellscream, he will go after the most obvious targets available to him and that will be the Darkspears before he starts going after the Night Elves. It’s just a matter of time before war will come to the very streets of Darnassus.

From a military standpoint, this is going to be a war of keeping the supply lines flowing to support the troops.  Should prove to be rather interesting considering that most of the Horde supplies for Kalimdor are coming from Pandaria.  Disrupt the supply lines in Kalimdor and Pandaria long enough, the Orcs will fall like so many leaves from the trees. All I know is that this is what my company has been doing for these last few months without anyone being the wiser.

I’ve never written anything about my involvement in the rebel cause because these are not safe times and someone could actually take it upon themselves to find my journal and sell it to the highest bidder as a form of blackmail.  I know that I’ve already been doing my part through different channels to make sure that the rebels in Kalimdor are well supplied with food and weapons, even if I have had to use some of Amyn’s people from Stormwind in a roundabout way. It’s a dangerous thing that we’re doing, however, it will eventually lead to some kind of peace for all of our people.

I will have to get word to my wife that she needs to start making preparations to have her parents and the boys removed from Dolonaar and head them to Shattrath.  I know the old folks aren’t going to be too pleased, however, we can use the grandchildren as leverage to get them to follow the plan. Oh, we have some time to implement the plan, however, my gut tells me that it is going to get to be rather dangerous to be in Kalimdor with the Orcs going completely berserk.

My big concern right now is going to be whether my battalion will be left here in Pandaria or will we be ordered back to Kalimdor to fight on that front. I think that I would do more than just resign my post if we were ordered back to Kalimdor to fight another war that none of us want any part of.  I’m sure that my group will be left in Pandaria to aid in the raping and pillaging of this land by the Horde to keep the supplies going back to Kalimdor to aid the Horde under Garrosh’s command fight that rebellion there. It is going t be doubtful that we will be getting any new reinforcements in Pandaria for a while, not with the new war breaking out openly in Orgrimmar and the rest of Kalimdor.

I think that I see this whole thing as the beginning of the end of the faction known as the Horde, which, is possibly not a bad thing. By going after the head of the snake as well as keeping the body of the snake starving long enough, it will be destroyed. 

I should just go back to Orgrimmar and get Faendra and take her to Silvermoon as we planned, however, it would make things rather difficult with the orders that I have been sent here in Pandaria to start a more aggressive action in the North.  I hate leaving her there for now though in some ways because the city has got to be seething with all kinds of inner turmoil.  Well, it will be good for her to get a taste of being in a city under siege for a few days – another week at the most and I’ll have a better idea as to what is going on here in Pandaria. It might even give her an idea of what it was like to be living in Silvermoon during the Scourge attacks – she was just a baby back then and shouldn’t have much memory of those times. 

Damn it, Dawnglory and I should be back in Orgrimmar running the company and not here in Pandaria following the orders of that pinheaded idiot. Damn it, I wish we’d get orders from the Regent to fall back to the Eastern Kingdoms at least.  I hate to admit it but we have made a considerable profit with our involvement with the rebels on both sides.  Now is the time that we should be involved in making sure that the supply lines to the rebels aren’t disrupted in order to overthrow what we’ve been living under since Theramore.

I’ll try to put together some kind of timeline for us to turn in our resignations and get out of Pandaria as much as I hate the thought.  Light take it all, Amyn just got to Pandaria, we’ve all started new lives here and the rebellion has decided to come out in the open too soon.  My loyalty to the Horde has always been questionable in my mind, now, I think I know what I need to start planning to do.

What will I do if the resignations are refused again?  Desert?  My loyalty has always fallen with my own race more so than the others.  However, what I am seeing now is that it isn’t just my people at risk, it’s all of Azeroth. Someone needs to take charge of the Horde that has the best interest of all of the races not just the Orcs.  The war in Pandaria has been an Orc war from the very beginning.

It’s not like it was when we were dealing with the Scourge.  At least back then we all had a common enemy that both factions were trying to eradicate. Again, when Deathwing went on his rampage, both factions had a common enemy to eradicate and our petty differences were put aside so that we could join forces in some cases to bring about his demise. Oh yes, we still fought Horde against the Alliance back then, however, there was that one common goal that we were all heading towards.  Now, it’s just the Horde trying to kill off themselves like some kind of cancer growing  from within, throwing the Alliance into the fray as some kind of added disease.

The Pandaren were right!  We’ve awakened the Sha in Pandaria with our warlike hatred and greed.  Now, that greed is killing us all of off whether anyone realizes it or not.  The pillaging of Pandaria may have just brought about the demise of the rest of Azeroth.  Only time will tell.

Oh well, all of this deep philosophical thought going through my mind has almost made me forget that I still have a job to do here in Pandaria.  I need to get dressed and head back the Krasarang for the morning briefings and await further orders from Orgrimmar.

Fnor Morningstar



4 thoughts on “A Change In Plans…

  1. Oh yeah, things definitely hit the fan. Definitely not safe to be in Kalimdor,Now with the urge to attain more resources, the Nightleves are going to be even more desperate to save the forests from the orcs.The Mining in the Vale is an absolute disgrace,and I can see why the lord of the Shado-pan is so upset with the Horde.I hope Faendra got to safety..course her brother is going to be freaking when he discovers she flew the coop.

  2. Fnor is completely clueless about his sister taking off yet. Oh yeah, Fnor is more worried about his wife’s family right now and getting them to safety in Shattrath – poor people should just never unpack after all of the traveling they have done in the last few months. Who knows the battalion might get transferred back to Kalimdor, he’s not sure which way the Warchief is going to swing on this yet. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting, it’s always appreciated.

    • ((No kidding – one thing that I have found disturbing is that I didn’t think that this particular part of 5.3 would be visable to the lowbies I’m running – seems like it just kind of jumps timelines and wham!! Oh golly gee whizz – there’s a war on.))

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