On My Own…

May 25th

Dear Journal,

Well, I gave that bodyguard the slip and a knot on the head for his incompetence.  I knew why he was there.  That damned brother of mine thought that I would take off and this fellow was going to keep me from doing that – he wasn’t here to protect me.  How stupid can a man be?  Well, my brother has got to take the cake on that one.  I was even more disappointed that he didn’t even bring anyone in from our own company to do the honors of keeping me there in Orgrimmar.

It was so easy to get that bodyguard drunk too.  All I did was invite him into the apartment and started making passes at him, taking my clothes off certainly helped that.  My skin absolutely crawled when he started fondling me, however, I just kept plying him with liquor. It kind of reminded me of some of the things that some of my friends and I would do in Silvermoon when we were in school – a little touch me never hurt when you were feeling a bit amorous.  Of course, my brother probably never thought that girls did that sort of thing when I was in school, he’s a bit naive that way.  Anyway, I was very careful not to get the fellow too aroused because I am still saving that treasure for the man that I love, whether he knows it or not – it’s not over yet.

Zippie certainly is to be commended with the way that she got all of my stuff packed and out of the office for me.  At least she wasn’t smart enough to change the combination on the safe while she was at it.  We always kept a substantial amount of money in the safe for “emergencies” and I took it, all of it.  She was a bit trickier with the cash box and I didn’t want to waste time trying to open it while I was in Orgrimmar, so, I just took the whole box and I’m sure that I will be able to find someone to open it for me when the time is right or I need the money for something.  Shouldn’t really need it anytime soon though because Fnor must have just put some money in the safe because there was more in there than when I last looked.  I’m not only free, I’m fairly well off.

Getting my hawkstrider out of the stables was a breeze.  Stableman was sound asleep and my mount is pretty docile until we get outside of Orgrimmar.  Well, it was the wee hours of the morning and it’s rather doubtful that anyone would be roaming around in the stables then, anyway.  I got my mount saddled, got my saddlebags  loaded on and made sure that I didn’t overburden the beast – it was kind of fun, like packing for a real camping trip. 

Got out of Orgrimmar without any trouble at all and headed out across Durator to the Cross Roads where I knew that I could take a flight path to points beyond.  No one is going to remember a female Blood Elf with black hair riding a dark green hawkstrider – we’re a dime a dozen.  Yes, I dyed my hair, it doesn’t look too bad, however, it does make me look more like my sister Felaran before her days as a Death Knight – the family resemblance is very much there.  She’s the only one in the family that might understand and take my side on this mess that my brother has created.

Married?  I don’t think so.  How dare he think that I would even give it a thought to go through with this arranged marriage with this “boy” that I’ve never met.  I’m sure the kid is a nice boy and his family name is known to me, however, I’m not ready to marry someone that I have never met. How would it be if I married this boy and was in love with someone else?  It doesn’t seem fair to me.  No, I’m only going to marry my Ranger and I am going to find a way to get to Pandaria to break him away from this bimbo that he’s involved with right now.  I know he loves me because he’s always said so – I don’t know if it was a kind of brotherly thing, however, I don’t think so.

I’m still in Cross Roads at the moment because there seems to be some kind of trouble going on in Orgrimmar and I can’t get a flight out yet.  Well, naturally, it’s something to do with the Trolls or something.  I don’t know much about Trolls, we’ve never had any working for Morningstar Enterprises for some reason – maybe it’s because they talk funny and run around half naked – who knows?  I don’t or didn’t have much say in whom we hired.  The only orcs we ever hired were strictly for mercenary work and my brother did all that hiring. 

 I’m sitting here looking at maps and writing in my journal while I wait.  I’m sure that I can make it to Feralas overland if I travel the roads, shouldn’t be all that dangerous. I mean, the real war is in Pandaria and I can avoid a lot of places by going overland.  It’s probably smarter if I go the land routes instead of taking a flight out – no one will remember a Blood Elf passing through that way for sure.  I can handle myself pretty well and I think that I’ll be safer. 

Who knows, I might find a caravan going that way.  There are always caravans traveling around the countryside.  Maybe I should have cut my hair while I was at it so that I could pass myself off as a boy or something.  A woman traveling alone has a different kind of danger facing her than a fellow.  Oh well, I don’t want to cut my hair.

I am so angry with Zippie right now because it’s all her fault that all of my plans were spoiled.  I know she’s the one that wrote to my brother, she’s the only one that could have done it, I’m sure.  No wonder she’s been acting so weird around me the last couple of weeks.  Well, I guess she’s really about to pee her pants now when she finds that I’ve taken all of the cash in the office and I’m gone.  I’m also really angry that she got put in charge of things while I was supposed to just sit back and go back to Silvermoon like some little whipped puppy.  Well, little goblin, I hope you get into so much trouble with my brother that you find your little green backside back in the slums again along with your sister and your uncle.  Serves you right for being a little snake.  I thought she was my friend.  Well, this has taught me a lesson, don’t ever trust a goblin if they can turn on you to make a profit in some way.  She’s got my job for now, the little wench.

Oh, how I wish I could be a bug in the office when my precious brother finds out that I’m gone.  I bet the explosion will be big enough to rock Orgrimmar.  What a laugh!!  Oh, he thinks he has everything and everyone under his control – well, I sure showed him didn’t I.  No, I’m not going to be some little girl that goes off to Silvermoon to help your social gains there, buster.  You’re not even really my brother, you ‘re just some whore’s offspring that my parents felt bad for and adopted you, you stuck up Sindorei bastard. I don’t owe him a thing, he’s just someone that happened to share my family name, we’re not even blood related – no one knows who he really is, do they? Oh sure, turns out that his mentor in the Rangers was really his Father, however, the old man didn’t even acknowledge that until he was on his deathbed.  Yeah, you’re some special fellow Fnor Morningstar.

Well, damn, doesn’t look like I am going to catch a flight out of here today at all.  Might as well get back on my mount and start down the Gold Road and see what the next town brings.  Maybe I can catch a flight from some place not so close to Orgrimmar anyway.

It feels good knowing that I don’t have to answer to anyone and I don’t have someone telling me what to do.  For the first time in my life, I’m my own person – free to do what I want when I want.


Faendra Morningstar



2 thoughts on “On My Own…

  1. Ohh boy ,she sure is a vindictive little vixen,and definitely used to having things go her way..she is certainly going to be in for shock of her life when she finds out that ” her Ranger” seems quite be taken with “the bimbo ” as she so quaintly puts it.
    Course, she going to find herself in a whole mess of trouble travelling alone.especially with the rebellion going on. Great Read.. looking forward to see what other little plans she’s got cooking up.

  2. Oh, Faendra is definitely spoiled rotten and that’s her brother’s fault – he wanted to make up for her not having a proper home when she was growing up and a family name that would help her along the social ladders in Silvermoon. She was just a baby when their parents were killed. Little does she know that he brother never considered her anything any different than “family” even if he was adopted before she came along. I’m sure that she will have quite a few adventures and rude awakenings as she goes alone on her adventures in Kalimdor. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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