Meeting Daddy…

*Contains very blunt language and swearing – if this type of thing offends you, please don’t read this.*


May 26th

Yo Book!

Well, I was able to get Romy back to the farm in Halfhill and we were just starting to go in the house when she recognized someone and called out to them.  What the fuck!  Turns out it’s her Father and he’s a Death Knight.  Alrighty then, this should be fucking interesting, yes? I could tell that she was pleasantly surprised to see her parent and I think that he was even more surprised to see her with me. Oh well, not my problem to deal with, I suppose.

Can’t say that I’ve ever met a girl’s Father before that wasn’t holding a gun and threatening to shoot my ass either.  Interesting concept and I am sure that the Dads’ have their reasons that they want to protect their little girls – how do they think they got little girls – the Dragonhawk Fairy dropped them off? Anyway, that’s beside the point.  I met her Father.

I will have to admit that it was rather awkward because there was no denying that his daughter and I were “together” in the true sense from the way our conversation went.  We were more than just acquaintances.  Yo Dude!  I’ve been shagging your daughter for quite a while and we talk to each other!  Anyway, it was real awkward standing there on the porch, so, I introduced myself and invited the fellow into the house.

I will admit that Romy still doesn’t look her best, however, there is a vast improvement already from what I was told that she looked like when she was initially brought into the medical tent for treatment. The swelling and the bruising on her face has gone done considerably, however, she seems a bit addle pated now and again from the concussion.  Her ribs seem to be taking a bit longer to heal than what I would have thought, however, I’m not a fucking healer.  It definitely has put a squelch on our more intimate moments, nothing like having your woman coughing and gasping for air, just kind of spoils the mood, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I think her Father and I have finally agreed that there isn’t going to be a pissing contest between the two of us in regard to Romy.  Sure, he’s a badass in his own way and I’m a badass in mine, however, that’s not the point.  I don’t have to prove to anyone what I’m capable of as a man, much less a dead guy.  Anyway, I basically told him to knock the bullshit off and call it a truce – we’re equals and we were together talking only because of Romy.

After that initial “meeting” of the minds, I did kind of like the guy.  He has his own interests in how he wants things to go for his family line and so on, however, it isn’t going to rain on my parade one iota.  If Romy wants to go along with her Father’s wishes, that’s fine and good, however, I’m there for her…not her family.

Apparently this dude is heavily involved in some of the more dangerous things right now which include as being a somewhat active member with the rebels to overthrow that moron in Orgrimmar.  Now, I was  a bit floored that he started talking about this shit with a perfect stranger. How the fuck was he to know that I’ve been involved in a more clandestine manner and don’t feel the need to shout it from the rooftops?  Morningstar Enterprises has been involved in shipping supplies and other resources to the rebels since the riots in Orgrimmar.  Albeit, we’re keeping a low profile because neither Fnor nor I want to have our damned heads removed from our shoulders and our relatives snuffed the fuck out either.  There is a time to use to be covert and clandestine methodology than to just dance your ass out there going “Hello, Look At Me!  I’m Here to overthrow Garrosh!” kind of thing.  I did explain to the guy that we, meaning the company, have been involved in this shit long before the Trolls decided it was time to make a move – I trust the Troll leader about as much as I trust the Black Prince which means that I’ll keep my fucking low profile and see how this shit works out.

I was kind of shocked that Fnor stopped by the house while Daddy was still there to let Romy and I in on some news – good news if you weren’t the dead guy.  It seems that the Lt. Commander Lightshadow met with an unfortunate accident – a very short rope and a long drop.  Yep, the bastard committed suicide rather than to go before the closed tribunal that had been scheduled to hear the charges brought against him for abusing his female subordinates.  Oh yeah, guy was a real winner.  I had to laugh at Fnor because he said the guy committed suicide and then did the tongue-in-cheek thing that he does occasionally and mentioned that it was either the rope that killed him or the slit throat.  I knew what happened at that point – Fnor didn’t want to sit through a long tribunal just to find the bastard guilty and try to ship his ass back to Orgrimmar.  I would like to say that I was a bit surprised, however, knowing the man as many years as I have, I wasn’t “real” surprised.   Anyway, that’s one less asshole walking around on the planet.

Naturally, we all sat around and talked a little while after that and the topic of the rebellion came up again.  Fnor assured Dad that the company was assisting and had been assisting the rebels for quite some time and that we were definitely involved in things even if we weren’t waving flags around.  Guess they will get together and talk about this shit some more later on.  Frankly, I’m to the point that I just want the war over and done with – I’ve had enough playtime at the direction of Hellscream.

What Romy and her Father didn’t realize is that Fnor is an Ambassador for the Horde and has been involved in privy council meetings for quite a while.  I think that Romy and her Dad were shocked a bit when he said he had to go to Orgrimmar to attend one of those meetings.  Kind of looked like they raised their eyebrows.  I guess they didn’t realize that Fnor has been playing these diplomatic games for quite a few years as well as doing his share of espionage as a mercenary.  We haven’t always been Rangers, you know – there are other profitable ways to make a living.  I hope no one ever questions our loyalty to the Regent Lord because they won’t survive the accusation for very long.  We’re loyal to Silvermoon first and foremost even if we do hate the city, it’s where our seat of government is and the place that assures that our race will continue on in spite of constantly getting sold down the fucking river.

What I had planned on happening when I brought Romy home to the farm was for her to get some rest and to relax.  This first evening was anything but fucking peaceful.  I was happy to have met her Father and was pretty impressed with him regardless of the fact that he’s a Death Knight now.  Shit happens!  I’ve dealt with Death Knights before and have even lived around one, Fnor’s sister Felaran for quite a few years – they are odd ducks, no two fucking ways about it, however, they are just people for the most part.

Our guests finally departed for the evening and I made sure that I got Romy tucked into bed with her meds and was about ready to grab my bedroll and head down under the house to sleep.  I didn’t want to fucking make her uncomfortable with her still aching injuries.  I was pleasantly surprised that she asked me to sleep with her in the bed, so, I did. No, sex was definitely not on the menu with the way that she is banged up.

It was just nice holding her in my arms and falling asleep next to her.  It’s been a while since we’ve just lain in bed together without a good romp before falling asleep, however, that will happen in time – I’ve got plenty of time to get used to having this woman in my house.  Can’t say that I’ve ever lived with a woman before other than my sister and Fnor’s family.   It’s going to be interesting, we can at least find out if we can tolerate each other on a daily basis now.  Oh fuck no! I’m not getting married and I don’t think that’s something that has even entered Romy’s head even if it did make her Father happy.

As for my feelings at this point, I’m not real fucking sure.  I think they’re mixed emotions – I care about Romy more than she even realizes, however, I’m not real sure that one could say that I am in love or not.  Time will tell, however, one thing I do know is that we can have an arrangement of any kind that she wants, however, marriage is still not something in vocabulary.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation

Halfhill, Pandaria

2 thoughts on “Meeting Daddy…

  1. LOl, the two of them had her a mite worried about whether or not they were going to go at each other’s throats but she relaxed once she realized they were going to get along. As for the living together part, that’s going to be interesting to see. Both of them of them are very independant, and strongwilled ,so it will be an eye opening experience for them both.

    • Oh, it’s going to be an interesting turn of events – these two should have some fun together too – you do know that most women don’t expel gas before they get married or start living with someone – Haha – that first six week could be an eye opener in more ways than one. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

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